Stars Can’t Shine Without Darkness. Likewise, Your Life Can’t Shine Without Struggles

Life isn’t a bed of roses. Rather it is like a rose garden filled with thorns along with roses. Our lives too have thorns. Each and every one of us come across various kinds of struggles in life. Most of the time we view these struggles as barriers instead of taking them up as an opportunity for something better. God decided to add struggle in our lives for a reason. If the Almighty wished, our lives could have been made without any problems or struggles but eventually, it will cripple us.

Our life is just like the night sky. We find the night sky the most beautiful because of those beautiful stars shining brightly out there.

Imagine trying to search those stars during the day.

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Will it be possible?

Stars can shine bright because there is darkness around them. This represents our life too.


We want to achieve great heights of success but we fail to reach them because we are not ready to struggle or face failures. Struggles are like the darkness in our lives which are extremely necessary for us to shine.

I had once come across a beautiful story that changed my perspective on struggles. Once a man sat down under a tree after a tiring day. There he saw a cocoon. A caterpillar was trying to break out as a butterfly. It tried hard for a very long time but couldn’t breakthrough.

Eventually, it stopped trying. The man felt pity, took out a pair of scissors from his bag and cut open the cocoon. The butterfly flew out but something didn’t seem right. The butterfly’s body was swollen and small in size and the wings weren’t completely developed. The butterfly couldn’t fly longer and fell down and began to crawl. The man intended to help the butterfly so that it doesn’t have to struggle to get out but it did more harm than good.

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Much as gold passes through, fire and diamond shine under pressure struggles to shape us to face the future and emerge fruitfully. Strength and growth come only through effort and struggles. If there would be no struggle, there would be no progress. A struggle is like a key to a lock.

We come across two types of struggles in our lives: struggles that are in our control and struggles that are beyond our control. When the struggling is within our control, it teaches us to value and be grateful for the things we already have. When the struggle is beyond our control, it shapes our life for the future and brings out our best potential.

Stars Can’t Shine Without Darkness. Likewise, Your Life Can’t Shine Without Struggles

Why is it important to struggle in life?

  1. Struggles to remind us that nothing comes easy and we need to take an effort.
  2. It reminds us to stay humble.
  3. You realize the value of money, people, and things only when you struggle.
  4. It adds sense and worth in your life.
  5. It trains you to survive even in the worst situation.
  6. It teaches us important life lessons.
  7. It helps you have a high value of success.
  8. It boosts our confidence and willpower in life.
  9. The struggles of today develop the strengths of tomorrow.
  10. We understand the efforts and work that goes into creating or accomplishing something.
  11. It shows us our true character and capability.
  12. We also come to know who is on our side and who is not.
  13. It prepares us for opportunities that may come in the future.
  14. We can enjoy the taste of victory.
  15. We learn to appreciate our own self.

Success without struggle is no fun. Struggles create memories and stories that you can share with others. Your struggles can be an inspiration to someone else too. Have a look at the lives of Walt Disney, Oprah Winfrey, Rahul Dravid, Mary Kom, or any other famous personality; their lives are filled with some other struggles.

A struggle is nature’s way of strengthening you. The struggle will only seem hard if you make it hard. Our attitude plays an important part. If we keep thinking about it as a burden, we will only make things hard for ourselves. We will keep delaying tasks that we are supposed to do. A struggle is a part of human existence. The best way to make struggling easier is to break it down and solve it systematically.

I would like to conclude with the quote, “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”

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Felicia is a full-time teacher and a freelancer with an interest in blogging. She is also a die-hard fan of the 'Friends' series.