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Stars Can’t Shine Without Darkness. Likewise, Your Life Can’t Shine Without Struggles

We all have our fair share of struggles. Whether it’s school, work, relationships, health, or finances, we all come across various kinds of struggles, difficulties, and personal challenges in our lives. Unfortunately, we often view these struggles as barriers instead of taking them up as opportunities for something better. Take the night sky, for example. We can see the most beautiful stars shining brightly out there only in the dark. Imagine trying to look at those stars during the day. Won’t they be invisible? Similarly, tasting struggles and challenges is essential to truly understand what you are meant to become and what you are capable of. Well, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. So instead of complaining about the struggles, cultivating determination and staying true to yourself can help you go a long way in your life journey.

Life Struggles As Life Rhythms


An internet-based analysis from Sweden and Norway presented a discourse analysis of 101 responses to 98 questions posted on 14 different Internet-based mental health services in the countries.

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One of the interesting highlights from this study is that life is not black and white. It is important to know that things are either/or but life work in tandem.

Life is not good or bad, both good and bad, both fantastic and horrible, perfect and imperfect at the same time. The research also highlights acknowledging the fact that life can sometimes seem meaningless while it is both meaningful and comprehensive simultaneously.

Yin/Yang Mindset

This approach favors yin/yang thinking, wherein humans seek a balance between joy and struggles. Bringing a good balance between work, life, relationships, and other parts of life is essential.

Imbalances in life between things that bring joy and make you feel happy and stressful things making you sad and worry can lead to frustration and make you feel stuck.

In other words, life struggles are inevitable, flowing in a way that fosters the likelihood of hope. Stars can shine bright when there is darkness around them. This represents our life too.

We want to achieve great heights of success, but some of us fail to reach goals because we are not ready to grind or face failures. Struggles are like the darkness in our lives which are extremely necessary for us to shine.

Story That Can Change Your Perception About Struggles In Life


Once a man sat down under a tree after a tiring day. There he saw a cocoon. A caterpillar was trying to break out as a butterfly. It tried hard for a very long time but couldn’t breakthrough.

Eventually, it stopped trying. The man felt pity, took out a pair of scissors from his bag, and cut open the cocoon. The butterfly flew out, but something didn’t seem right. The butterfly’s body was swollen and small in size, and it didn’t completely develop the wings.

As a result, the butterfly couldn’t fly longer and fell and began to crawl. The man intended to help the butterfly so that it doesn’t have to struggle to get out, but it did more harm than good.

Much as gold passes through, fire and diamond shine under pressure struggles to shape us to face the future and emerge fruitfully. Strength and growth come only through effort and struggles. If there were no struggle, there would be no progress. A struggle is like a key to a lock.

2 Types of Struggles

We come across two types of struggles in our lives:

  • struggles in our control
  • challenges beyond our control

When the struggling is within our control, it teaches us to value and be grateful for what we already have. When the struggle is beyond our control, it shapes our life for the future and brings out our best potential.

Personal Challenges In Life

There is a purpose behind challenges and struggles in our lives. No matter how big the problem may appear to be now, there is light at the end of the tunnel. These difficulties make us better, wiser, and more robust and prepare us for our future.

Life isn’t only about the good!

Like every effect has its causes and consequences similarly, life is a combination of both good and bad. So, never stop looking for ways to keep a positive attitude and overcome struggles or difficulties in life.

How To Overcome Struggles In Life?


With patience and practice, we can overcome difficulties or challenges in life. A few of such techniques are as follows:

1. Never Lose Hope

No matter how difficult and challenging the problems, never lose hope. Hope gives us the strength we need to move forward and never look back.

Have faith that whatever is happening is for your good only. You might not be able to see it at that current moment, but know that after a bad day, there are always good days. 

So, keep moving forward for those good days.

2. Accept Your Feeling

Accepting that you are not doing good doesn’t make you a weak person. 

Sit down with yourself and reflect on your emotions and feelings. Talking to your loved ones also helps in accepting your feelings which might not be the best.

Some people also journal their thoughts and journals down, and that helps them in accepting their feelings. Of course, you can also seek professional help if required.

3. Ask For Help Wherever Required

The idea of asking for might seem a bit uncomfortable for people, but know that there is nothing in asking for help.

You never know you asking for help might motivate the others around you as well. It’s no secret that everyone on this planet has their own set of problems, and many feel uneasy asking for help. But you taking a step forward may give strength and courage to those around you as well.

4. Cultivate A Positive Mindset

We always listen to the phrase “cultivate a positive mindset,” or “think positive,” or “be positive.” But no one explains or talks about the how part of it. So, here are a few things you can do to have a positive mindset instead of a negative one.

  • You may start by focusing on the good things in your life you already have
  • Practice gratitude. Once we start practicing gratitude, we start appreciating things we already have in life. As a result, we focus more on things we own instead of those we don’t. 
  • Keep a gratitude journal. Right all the things you are grateful for in life and read that journal every day. It can be something as small as ” I am grateful to have this notebook in my life” to ” I am grateful for every friend I have.”
  • Surround yourself with positive people. As the quote says, “keep your circle of friends small, tight, and right.” Having the right kind of influence can help you change your mindset.
  • Recognize the negative patterns and thoughts you have. Upon knowing them, you can start your journey on turning them into positive and useful ones.
  • Start your day with a grateful and positive thought.
  • Refrain from comparing your life to the social media stars. There is so much that goes on behind the cameras that we may never know. We see the end result on our phone and TV screens, and they can never show us the real picture. 
  • Mediate whenever possible. Mediation gives you reason and purpose; it helps you find the answers you were seeking externally are actually within you.
  • Affirm every day that you can overcome all the struggles and difficulties in life.

5. Remember That It’s Not Only You

We often forget that the others around us have their own problems and think that the universe and God are punishing us by making our lives difficult. But it is not correct.

Everyone we know of or come across is going through something or the other. Be it your driver or your boss, your mother, your best friend, or anyone else. 

Everyone faces challenges and struggles in life. What is relevant here is that you know you’re not alone. It’s not the problem that matters; how we look at it is does. Talk to your loved one share the concerns you have, and you’ll know just how many people around you go through the same. It will help you realize and remember that it’s not only you.

6. Don’t Give Up

Although giving up seems like the only option in difficult times, instead, push that thought out of your mind and focus on why not to give up and overcome the struggles you face in life.

  • Remember your why? Why did you start? 
  • Change your “I can’t do it” mindset to ” I can do it.”
  • Plan your goals.
  • Ask yourself a question such as how can I do it, how much time will it take.
  • Don’t let fear and fear of failure hold you back. Use it as motivation.

7. Believe In Yourself

Start by establishing healthy habits and changing the old habits with these new ones. You may also surround yourself with people of a similar mindset who wish to achieve great things in life.

Plan your goals out (weekly, monthly, and quarterly) and start by finishing them one by one. Tally your progress and see if and how you’re establishing changes in your life. For completing every new goal, reinforce yourself in any way that may fuel your energy even more.

When we see ourselves progressing in life, little by little small rays of hope shine bright in our lives. These rays show us we are worth it and can have faith in ourselves.

Believe that you have the power within yourself to overcome all the struggles and difficulties that may come across you in your life.

Going Through Tough Times

Sometimes, going through tough and challenging times can drain our energy. They can establish self-doubt and even stop us from moving forward in our lives. But these tough times prepare us for whatever our future holds, including all the good, bad, sad, ugly.

Remember, if anyone can do it, then it’s you!

  • Concentrating on your purpose.
  • Control the things you can and stop paying attention to those which are beyond control.
  • Talk to your loved ones; talk about exactly how you feel. You may also seek the help of a professional at times.
  • Steer clear of people whose vibes you don’t like.
  • Remember, bad time means your good times are near.
  • Concentrate on trying to overcome the struggles and difficulties you face in life.

Challenges and struggles we face can cause a hindrance in our lives. But only we have the power to get through those obstacles and overcome them. So don’t sit back and think someone else will come for you and solve your problem. No, you are your own savior, and only you can resolve your issues.

Stars Can’t Shine Without Darkness. Likewise, Your Life Can’t Shine Without Struggles.

Why Is It Important To Struggle In Life?

Success without struggle is no fun. Struggles create inspiring stories that you can share with others. Struggles keep you determined. The lives of Walt Disney, Oprah Winfrey, Rahul Dravid, Mary Kom, or several other successful personalities are filled with struggles that kept them going.

Life’s struggles are a natural way of strengthening you. It all boils down to attitude and perspective; the struggle will only seem hard if you make it hard. If we keep thinking about it as a burden, we will only make things hard for ourselves. We will keep delaying tasks that we are supposed to do.

Professor Jo Boaler of Stanford Graduate School of Education suggests embracing these struggles instead of fearing struggles and mistakes.

Be it at your job, marriage, relationship, or health, struggles are inevitable. A struggle is a part of human existence. The best way to make struggling easier is to break it down, take baby steps, and solve it systematically.

Concluding thoughts,

Life is more meaningful with struggles in them. It would be boring, and as humans, we’ll complain about it being boring and not entertaining enough. But that is not just what life is about.

Certain things and problems will keep repeating until we learn our lessons, which is exactly what life is about. It isn’t just fun and games; it’s a responsibility, it’s moving forward, it’s helping others, and most importantly, it is about finding your purpose. Beating your demons and find the light present at the end of the tunnel. Remember that we have the power to do so. Never doubt your potential to overcome the struggles and difficulties of life.

Let’s conclude with a quote, “It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.”

What are your thoughts and opinions on the struggles you face in life? Do they fuel you with more energy and determination?

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Key Takeaways On Stars Can’t Shine Without Darkness

  • Struggles remind us that nothing comes easy, and we need to make an effort.
  • It reminds us to stay humble.
  • It adds sense and worth to your life.
  • You realize the value of money, people, and things only when you struggle.
  • It trains you to survive even in the worst situation.
  • We understand the efforts and work that goes into creating or accomplishing something.
  • It teaches us important life lessons.
  • The struggles of today develop the strengths of tomorrow.
  • It helps you have a high value of success.
  • We can enjoy the taste of victory.
  • It boosts our confidence and willpower in life.
  • It shows us our true character and capability.
  • We also come to know who is on our side and who is not.
  • It prepares us for opportunities that may come in the future.
  • We learn to appreciate ourselves.

There Is A Purpose Behind The Challenges We Face In Life

  • Remember that it’s not only you: It isn’t only you who go through challenges in life, and others around us go through obstacles as well. So we need to stop victimizing ourselves and have a more open mindset.
  • Don’t give up: Sometimes, giving up might seem like the solution, but leave that mindset behind and move forward. Instead, look at all the problems you were able to solve, use them as motivation.
  • Believe in yourself: Have faith in yourself, know that if anyone can do it, then it’s you. You wouldn’t be where you are without actually if you didn’t earn it. Stop belittling yourself. Look at the progress you’ve made in the past and take inspiration from that. Remind yourself that it was you who did it.
  • Going through tough times: “Action speaks louder than words,” use this quote to push yourself forward. Don’t sit back and pray for the problem to be solved; instead, take a step forward and do the work no matter how minimal or maximal it may be.

We All Have The Resources And Power Within To Overcome The Struggles We Face In Life

  • Never lose hope: Don’t lose faith. Remind yourselves that you can do it. Understand stand for every problem; there is a solution out there. Please do not dwell on the obstacle and look for their resolution instead.
  • Accept your feelings: Admit the things you feel. It won’t make you look weak. Admitting your feelings shows, in fact, the opposite: how brave you are. Write your thoughts own. Write why you don’t want to admit it. You will find your answer over there itself.
  • Ask for help wherever required: Asking for help sometimes gives us the solution we desperately seek. So never hold yourself back from asking for help.
  • Have a positive mindset: Concentrate on the good in life instead of the bad. Change negative thought patterns to positive ones. Whenever a negative thought strikes, stop yourself right then and there from entertaining the thought. Instead, sit with a relaxed mind and reflect on the negative thoughts that bother you.
  • Always focus on how to overcome struggles and difficulties in life and not just the problems and issues.

Can Light Be Found Light Amid Darkness?

Yes, we can always find the light amid the darkness. It’s all about our perspective. 

For instance, at night, we can see the stars shining bright in the sea of dark clouds. Similarly, we can find the shining star in our life. So we have to look close enough while focusing only on stars and the positivity in our lives.

Do Challenges Make Us Strong?

Yes, challenges make us strong and prepare us for the obstacles we might face in the future.

Can Challenges Harm Our Mental Health?

Challenges do have the power to harm our mental health. Although, we do have the ability to see these changes in bright light and make use of them instead of letting them harm us and our mental health.

How To Focus On The Positive Amidst The Struggles In Life?

We know it is not easy to focus on the positives amid a crisis. But a positive attitude gives us the courage to go through struggles in life instead of holding us back.

Can We Truly Overcome Struggles In Lives?

Yes, with patience, determination, and perseverance, we can overcome all struggles and difficulties we may face in life.

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