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Keep Your Eyes On The Stars And Your Feet On The Ground

“Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground” is a quote from Theodore Roosevelt. There are many quotes about stars and how we must look up to them. When we look at the stars in the sky they present us with numerous possibilities, thoughts, and emotions. The stars in our galaxy may seem far but the hope to reach them keeps us going. The human mind makes it possible. It has the capability to dream big and then work hard towards achieving them.

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What did Theodore Roosevelt mean when he said –

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“Keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground”?

He just meant that our life is a journey; we must dream for more from our life. Unlucky are those who can’t dream or, who can’t work towards achieving their dreams. When we aspire to be someone or achieve something, we must not forget our roots.

Never lose hold of your ground in order to achieve these dreams.

In order to reach for the stars, we must push our boundaries but we must remain humble. You may dream as big as you want but work towards striking a balance between, your high dreams and your reality.

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Keep Your Eyes On The Stars And Your Feet On The Ground

So how can you dream big but stay grounded on the ground? Let’s explore.

1. Dream Big But Be Realistic

We as humans like to dream. In our dream, we can be who so ever we want. Achieve whatever we want. We might not be able to tell how we feel and what we want in life, but our subconscious mind records each and everything.

And during our sleep, through dreams our hopes, aspirations are made evident. Some of them are huge and some are small. Some people dream of name and fame, while others dream of great fortunes.

Never stop dreaming but at the same time, we need to work towards achieving them. Be realistic!

Make a plan on how to achieve them, don’t let it be just a dream make it your life goal. Big dreams need various small steps to reach and small dreams need to be planned accordingly.

No matter whatever the dream may be, a game plan is required. No realistic dream is out of reach. The approaching road may be bumpy but if you make a plan the dream can turn into a reality.

Take the first step, what can be done now! Try to set smaller goals that would let you touch the height of your dreams.

Achieving small goals would help you give the boost you require to be able to reach the dream.

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We require money for everything, thus we need to account for all the investments required. If you do not have much in your pocket, then you need to save. Make a plan on how to save and how to get the remaining. Work out and make each day count.

A small step every day would take you closer to your goal. Every dream realized needs to be realistically planned.

2. Learn To Live In The Moment

Be mindful! Learn to live in the moment. This way we learn to live in the moment and enjoy every moment. The nuances of life are worth living to the fullest. There is a charm in paying attention to everything going around us but not interpreting them.

While going through every day we let our emotions take control of us and impair our judgment. It is difficult at times to keep emotions under wraps. Emotions are hard to be separated from experiences.

Being mindful would help to keep the past in the past and not impair the present with those feelings.

As humans, we can’t be detached. We have to feel but never be misguided by the emotions of the past.

When we become mindful, we keep our feet on the ground. We may be able to think high but we would not flow in the emotions.

Being mindful of our actions we can follow our aspirations without losing sight of who we are. We can stay grounded and think rationally. Being mindful also helps in keeping our aspirations achievable. We can seek it clearly!

3. Never Tame Your Imagination

When we dream big and beyond our reach, we often get frustrated and leave it to only move on to the next dream.

There is very little difference between dreaming to reach the stars and dreaming about things that cannot be achieved.

There are some who would not dream at all because of the fear of never being able to achieve them. We must follow the path in the middle.

Humans, have a tendency to let our imagination run amuck but taking a realistic approach to these dreams makes dreaming all worth.

We all have a person whom we look up to, some celebrity or a business tycoon, or even a brand. They all had a dream once.

What would have happened if they would have let go of their dreams?

They made their dreams come true by being realistic and working hard towards it.

Concluding thoughts,

So what does it mean to keep your eyes on the stars and feet on the ground?

A simple statement that tugs your heartstrings. We can never actually touch the stars but we can always dream to rise high and grow in life.

To be able to look up and grow in life, we need to stand firmly on the ground.

So, what do you think about how difficult is to keep your eyes on the stars and your feet on the ground?

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Preeti Bhandari
Preeti Bhandari
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