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Can You Work Remotely And Travel At The Same Time? Here’s How To Do It Effectively

It’s no wonder that remote work culture has offered myriad opportunities to reclaim the part of our lives we otherwise would have no time to enjoy. While the concept of working from anywhere allows us to focus on trivial things such as personal interests and spending time with family, it also opens the door to travel the world working remotely. Moreover, remote work also benefits companies by saving operating costs due to smaller office spaces. But, becoming a digital nomad or working remotely in another country is not as simple as it looks, and there are several things to consider before booking that one-way flight ticket.

Working remotely while traveling requires good planning, time-management skills, saving money, and maintaining good health. Combining business and leisure travel as a single trip is commonly known as ‘bleisure.’ If you’re someone who loves your job and at the same time, would love to explore the world out there, then integrating these two passion projects can make your life more fulfilled.

A Career That Allows You To Travel

Flexible work is no longer a response to the pandemic and seems to be the modern work culture being gradually adopted worldwide. The latest survey from McKinsey reveals that 65% of employed respondents say they would be willing to work from home all the time, while 58% of respondents say they can work from home at least part of the time.

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It is essential to know that work from home employment is not the same as work that permits travel while working.

For example, many businesses allow employers to work from home but not remote work meaning the ability to be only located in the same country as the employer—this kind of employment limits the ability to travel to different countries while working.

Working in a career that requires you to travel regularly can be a way to tackle this. Business associates, for example, frequently travel to meet new clients, attend conferences, or sign sales contracts.

Who Can Work Remotely While Traveling The World?

There are two fundamentally distinct types of opportunities to travel around the world.

  • The first group of professions is related to travel-related activities. This includes the most popular tourism-related television show hosts, journalists, professional photographers, travel vloggers, etc.
  • In recent years especially after the pandemic, people in traditional office specialties, such as bookkeeping, finance, IT, remote technical support, and customer service, have also found it easier to work from anywhere.

10 TipsTo Work Remotely And Travel Efficiently At The Same Time


Whether you would like to combine business and leisure on the same trip (bleisure) or become a digital nomad traveling from one country to another while working – there are a few things to keep in mind.

These ten tips can help you plan, prepare, and decide if you’d really like to start working remotely and travel at the same time.

1. Before You Decide To Travel, Sort Everything At Work

There are a few practical things to sort out, even before deciding to travel and work remotely.

  • Research how and where you will live, and check the local rules in the destination country.
  • Before you travel, clearly communicate with your manager/boss and conclude with your team regarding your work timings.
  • Bring the necessary travel adapters for your devices.
  • Always have a backup plan in case you want to return.
  • Check out these travel tips to plan a trip around the world.

2. Plan Well Ahead Of Time

Planning things well ahead can save a lot of money and time that will be wasted at a later stage.

  • Sort out your finances and estimate your monthly expenses, including the cost of living while traveling.
  • Save money while you’re at home.
  • Look for new ways to earn money while traveling.
  • Speak to other digital nomads who have done this, learn from their mistakes to spend less time course-correcting.

3. Take Your Health Into Consideration

After all, health is wealth. It is essential to stay healthy while traveling, no matter what.

But working while traveling puts extra emphasis on being fit enough to work. Taking your health into consideration also lets you decide when you can travel. For instance, if you cannot succumb to heat, choosing countries with colder climate conditions is necessary.

For example, consult with your doctor if you’re on medication about the do’s and don’ts while traveling. Also, check if you have any food allergies. This can save time, money, and energy without causing any trouble later.

4. Leverage Remote Work Travel Programs That Suit You

With the help of travel programs, those uncertain about doing this alone can easily be part of a like-minded community that can aid in housing, co-work spaces, etc. Remote travel programs offer support in accommodations, itineraries, social programs, airport pickups, WiFi connections, etc.

For starters, take a look at these remote work travel programs and see which will work best for you. The average monthly fee of these programs is around $2000.

  • Remote Year
  • Hacker Paradise
  • Coworkations
  • Behere
  • Venture with Impact
  • No Desk Project
  • WiFi Tribe
  • Nomad Academy

5. Have A Strategy In Place For WiFi

In case you’re not opting for any remote travel program and venture into embarking on your digital nomad journey all by yourself, it’s best to have a good strategy for WiFi connection to stay connected at work. Let’s not assume every city in the world has a cafe culture that conforms to the hourly shopping paradigm in most western countries.

Before you arrive, consider getting an internet SIM card. Try connecting to a WiFi hotspot or reserving a spot in the collaboration area.

6. Invest In A Good Pair Of Noise-Canceling Headphones

You’ll need it.

While ordinary Apple in-ear headphones or generic equivalents are adequate for packing, they are not the finest noise-blocking headphones. Even with the volume turned up, Apple headphones don’t make an excellent job filtering background noise. Bose is the most well-known noise-canceling headphones and performs admirably with any level of noise distractions around.

7. Don’t Forget Socket Adapters

The Apple World Traveler Kit is a smart buy if you use Mac products. Corks are sent to the following places for roughly $30 each. It provides a safer power supply and reduces the chance of harming the gadget. Instead of connecting it to the inverter, you just disconnect the plug from an existing laptop or iPhone charger.

8. Staying Connected Via Communication Channels

Setting up communication channels is especially important if you intend to work online or use video platforms like Microsoft Teams, WhatsApp, Google Hangouts, Zoom, Slack, and Skype.

If you choose an international phone plan, carefully consider the alternatives available, so you don’t wind up paying a fortune to cover your phone bills.

Most remote workers can get by without paying for an international phone package, thanks to several online messaging services available. In addition, you may use your Skype account to buy Skype Credits to call mobile phones and landlines all around the globe.

If you’re well connected with the tools and technology required to do your job while remote working, even conducting video interviews can be a piece of cake.

9. Be Adaptable And Transparent At Work

Be aware of the difference in time zone and how it can impact your work and maintain dialogue with your colleagues so all are on the same page.

Maintain transparency and inform your teammates ahead of time if you’ll have trouble connecting to the internet from a certain location or if you’ll be traveling for a few days.

You can also devise a strategy to make the time difference work in your favor once you better understand it.

10. Determine When And How You Are Most Productive

Knowing what factors make you the most productive is crucial as it can help you complete your work effectively and enjoy the rest of the time visiting places or enjoying new experiences. Of course, there can be days when you feel off and are not motivated to work. But a good playlist can come in handy to kick off your day and get the most out of it.

Concluding Thoughts

Remote work does benefit us as it enables us to travel the world. It also boosts flexibility, allowing us to do the job we like from the place we like, which can be anywhere.

Even though there are millions of digital nomads, remote work and travel may not be for everyone as it requires a lot of work beforehand and open-mindedness to accept daily life as it flows.

What are your thoughts on travel while working remotely? Is it something you would enjoy and like to pursue? Subscribe today and share your thoughts with us.

Key Takeaways On How To Work Remotely And Travel At The Same Time

  • Working from home remotely has offered people the opportunity to reclaim the time they used to spend traveling.
  • There are two different types of opportunities to travel around the world. 
  • First is travel-related activities.
  • The second is working remotely and traveling at the same time.
  • What You Should Know About Remote Working: Determine if the present operation is consistent with the potential of remote problem solutions in the first stage.
  • Capacity To Concentrate: Despite the distractions, do not lose your focus and focus on the task at hand.
  • A Career That Allows You To Travel: There are plenty of jobs that need you to travel while working.
  • You can go for careers such as a tour guide or a blogger to become a full-time traveler. It will allow you to work side-by-side remotely and travel simultaneously.
  • Combining Work And Travel Isn’t For Everyone: Before choosing to travel and working remotely, a person should consider factors such as expenses, food, accommodation, etc.

How To Work Remotely And Travel Efficiently

  • Plan Ahead Of Time: Planning finances and work beforehand allows you to thoroughly review things and make the most out of your remote work travel.
  • Make Sure To Have A Strategy In Place For Internet Connection: Having a good internet connection is a basic necessity these days. Before making a plan to travel and work remotely, make sure you find yourself a good internet connection.
  • Determine When And How You Are Most Productive: Learn when your mind is the most refreshed and allows you to be productive.
  • Invest In A Good Pair Of Headphones: A good pair of headphones not only allows us to listen to music with good quality but also has other features such as noise cancellation. 
  • Before You Travel, Get Foreign Socket Adapters: Different countries have different socket adapters, so make sure you get yourself a pair of sockets such as universal sockets or something similar.

A Few More Things to Keep In Mind

  • Communication Channels: Before traveling, do not forget to make the necessary changes to your communication channels.
  • Prepare For Meetings or Job Interviews Ahead Of Time: Prepare beforehand for tasks such as important meetings or calls.
  • Be Adaptable: Becoming flexible to the time difference and weather can help you move flexibly to different countries and time zones.

How To Work Remotely In Another Country?

To work remotely, you need to apply for remote job opportunities in companies based in your destination country. Make sure you match all the requirements and eligibility criteria before applying for the job. If you’re planning to move to another country for work, here’s our complete guide about moving abroad. Have a read: Things To Know Before Moving Abroad.

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