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11 Signs That Confirm You Love What You Do

Do what you love, and you’ll never work another day in your life! We’ve all heard this quote! But do you know if you’re really delighted at work? Do you feel passionate about your current job? If you answered positively, you’re one lucky fellow! Indeed, when your work is something meaningful, it merely doesn’t feel like a job. In fact, it is the exact opposite of it. Every morning you wake up with an incredible pull towards getting your job done, and with a happy heart, you look forward to your day. Your work is also fun for you!

Of course, sometimes, even your dream job/career can make you tired and stressed out.

Every career has its ups and downs, and when the going gets tough, the only thing that can drive you is the passion for your work. Pursuing a career, you genuinely love keeps you motivated in the long run and helps you climb the success ladder.

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We, humans, spend 90,000 hours of our lifetime at work; hence doing what you like is also essential for your well-being. Here are telltale signs that confirm you love your job, no matter what!

Why Loving Your Job Even Matters?

i love my job-signs that confirm you love what you do-alignthoughts

  • Your job is the primary source of livelihood, and the more you love it, the more it presents you with rewards.
  • Loving your job motivates you to achieve your goals: personal and professional.
  • And most importantly, it helps you start your day with a sense of purpose and motivation within you.

So how do you know if you’re passionate about what you’re doing? Many people work at places with a good paycheck and social benefits. But, how do you know you LOVE what you do?

Let’s look at the criteria for loving what you do.

Signs That Confirm You Are Doing What You Love


A survey from Korn Ferrya global organizational consulting firm, revealed that most working professionals aren’t content with “passionless jobs.” And other statistics show that only 13% love their work.

So how to determine if you belong to the 13% of people or the rest? Well, these are some common signs that signify that you’re in love with your work.

1. You Don’t Dread Mondays

  • As the sun sets on a Sunday evening, you feel anxious about the coming week.
  • You feel anxious and find a hard time hitting the bed before the work week begins.

Do these things ring a bell?

These are called Sunday scaries, aka Sunday blues. This signals that you’re probably not entirely in love with your work and might be overwhelmed by factors surrounding your work life.

Those of you who haven’t experienced Sunday scaries first hand, you’re genuinely in love with your work and look forward to Mondays, voila!

2. You Don’t Think About Retiring

signs you love your work-alignthoughts

A study from CareerBuilder found that 20% of respondents accepted they don’t want to retire because they enjoy their work.

Therefore, it’s evident that people who love their job prefer to work even after retirement. Quitting isn’t even a consideration when you get to wake up every day and have the fulfillment of doing work you enjoy.

3. You Get Excited When Talking About It To Other People

Have you ever looked at someone talk about their dreams? Have you ever noticed how their face lights up? Well, it’s the joy that reflects on their face when they talk about their goals, similar to when we can’t stop talking about our first love.

The sign of excitement of talking about your aspirations and dreams shows that you’re in love with your current work. If you weren’t, you’d probably feel frustration and dread instead.

4. You Work Efficiently

Instead of working late hours, people who genuinely love their job complete their work efficiently and in less time. They are aware that unnecessarily spending time at work during the late hours could cost their health in the long run.

In fact, research also concludes that people working over 50hours a week are more prone to cardiovascular disease and witness a decline in their cognitive performance.

5. You’d Do It For Free

This is one of the most significant signs to spot that you love your work. If money weren’t an issue, you’d do it for free.

According to a research study, 9 out of 10 employees are willing to trade their lifetime earnings to do meaningful work.

The above study signifies that people are more driven to work for a cause with true purpose and meaning attached to it than the monetary benefits.

For instance, if writing is your mojo, you wouldn’t hesitate to help someone with blogs, and social media accounts for free at first. You’d do it because you love it and genuinely have a passion for writing.

6. You Overcome Perfectionism 

Taking that first step towards your dreams is the most challenging aspect, even more when the fear of being perfect stalls you.

However, those who direly want to pursue their ambition won’t hesitate to take the first step, even if they commit mistakes initially.

7. When You Love What You Do Time Flies By

Have you ever been at work and found yourself counting the hours before you get to leave? If you did, chances are you don’t like your job.

When you’re working a job that you aren’t crazy about or isn’t your passion, at one point or another, you find yourself looking at the clock, waiting for the moment you want to hit the bed at night.

Time flies by when you engage in works that you love doing from the core of your heart.

For example, if you love painting, you wouldn’t even be aware of the time you commit to creating that beautiful masterpiece.

8. You Are Excited About Work

When you enjoy your work, you’ll leave the office or your workspace excited about the next day’s work. You go home and already feel excited about what you get to do tomorrow.

For people who don’t like their job, thinking about the next day at work might be exhausting them. However, if you like your job, it won’t be a stressful thought but an energetic one.

9. You Feel Energetic While Working

Your body vibrates with intense energy when you work on your passion.

Harvard Health even claims the risk for a heart attack increases on Mondays. But those who love your job are on the other side of the table. Instead of dreading the Monday mornings, you look forward to the coming week with a fresh boost of energy and motivation.

10. You Embrace Your Authentic Self

Portraying an impression that is not you, in reality, drains so much energy when you don’t like your job. Your passion allows you to embrace your authentic self without fear and pushes you to become a better version of yourself at work.

11. You Show Up Every Day

Procrastination is the last thing that comes to your mind when you love your job. For passionate people, they show up every day, even when there are challenges. They are always ready to face tough days head-on.

A Word From AlignThoughts,

Doing something you love is indeed a blessing. Not everyone gets to do it, and it isn’t always comfortable getting to work doing what you love every day. However, there are still some signs which could help you discover if you’re in love with your work.

If you still feel dissatisfied with your current job, maybe it’s time you find the right career. What are some things you’re passionate about? Comment below.

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Key Takeaways On Signs You Can See When You Love What You Do

  • Certain signs help you discover if you love your work. For instance, when you’re genuinely in love with your work, you look forward to Mondays without feeling Sunday blues.
  • Someone who loves their job doesn’t hesitate to do it for free because they are all about providing value.
  • People who are deeply immersed in their work lose track of their time and work way past their working hours.
  • Your eyes and face lit up with excitement when talking about your aspirations with other people.
  • Taking the first step is a piece of cake for you to go after your dreams.
  • When you enjoy your work, you’ll leave the office or your workspace excited about the next day’s work.
  • People who love their work can’t even think of retiring. Instead, they find joy and fulfillment in their job.
  • And most importantly, you are never afraid to show up, embrace your authentic self, and always vibrate with energy.

How do you know if you love your job?

These are the few signs people who love their job exude:

  • They wake up every day with a smile.
  • These job lovers are always pumped to get things done.
  • They lose track of time.
  • They inspire and motivate others to follow their dreams.

How to know if you’re good at a job?

When you’re good at a job, you:

  • Show up to meetings.
  • Are punctual and discipline.
  • Complete vital projects within deadline.
  • Embrace lifelong learning.

Why am I supposed to love my job?

Your job occupies a significant part of your life. Loving your job not only allows you to pay your bills but also live the life of your dreams with satisfaction, fulfillment, and happiness.

Rikki Parker
Rikki Parker
Rikki is a blogger and writer who is all about self-empowerment, positivity, and growth. She loves writing and inspiring people. She also writes on her personal blog and runs a YouTube channel. Helping other people drives her, and Rikki loves doing it full-time!

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