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Ditch These Everyday Habits That Drain Your Energy

Have you ever felt so exhausted in the afternoon that you can hardly concentrate on your work? I have gone through this a lot. I am a morning person, and I used to get up in a great mood with a smile but by around 3 pm I would be sleepy and grumpy because all of my energy has left my spirit. However, I’ve discovered that simple changes can help you keep energized throughout the day. You’d be surprised at how the simplest things or shifts in your habits can affect how you feel throughout the day. So here are some everyday habits that drain your energy.

Ditch These Everyday Habits That Drain Your Energy

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1. Lack of morning routine

How you start your day sets the tone for how the day goes. I never realized it until I experimented with how I start my morning affected how I start my day.

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When you start your day off with continuously snooze your alarm eight times in a row and then when you finally do get up, you’re scrambling around trying to get ready in your crunch time you’ve created during the snooze.

Then, you don’t know what you’re going to wear that day, and you have to get all of your things together for work or school. It starts your day off in a confused state, and all of that rushing is more draining than you may realize. My suggestion?

Try NOT pressing the snooze button and set yourself up a morning routine. If you eliminate your decision-making in the morning, you take away a lot of stress and draining activity.

2. Not eating breakfast

This habit is directly related to the morning routine. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day (Spongebob taught us that), and you can feel the difference between waking up in the morning and having a good breakfast and starting your day off hungry.

Who is ever happy when they are hungry?

You then don’t have proper nourishment up until lunch, and when you overstuff your face at lunchtime, you suddenly feel tired as many people do after a big meal.

3. Bad relationship with sleep

I used to have the worst sleeping habit all over the world. When I listened to a few motivational YouTube videos, they made it seem like sleeping two hours a day was a big part of having success.

So I would go to sleep late and wake up early working on things that I am passionate about. However, I also started to find that every single day I would get utterly exhausted in the afternoons, and my ability to focus faltered.

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You can want something with all of your heart, but your body was not meant to run on no sleep.

When you have not had proper rest:

  • you lose your ability to concentrate
  • your energy drains FAST because you didn’t reboot enough to retain the power in the first place
  • It merely gets in the way of productivity.

Everyone has a different number of hours of sleep that they need to be rested. Figure out how many hours of sleep you need and practice getting yourself to bed on time so that when you wake up, you have the proper amount of rest which also will help you not press the snooze button for your morning routine. Don’t overwork yourself and neglect your well-being.

4. Complaining (trust me, negative thoughts are exhausting)

The more you focus on negative things and situations throughout the day, the faster your mind will be over it. Negativity does affect you both mentally and physically. Whenever I have had a bad day, I reflect and always tend to notice that I did a lot of complaining about every single thing that went wrong which every only time will make you feel worse about it.

So when something throws a monkey wrench in your day, immediately let it go. Don’t complain about it. Accept that it has happened and asked yourself how you can make the situation better. Nothing good can come of complaining the whole day.

5. Bad Eating Habits

Just like how you start your day and end your day affects your energy levels, so does what you consume throughout the day. Do you ever notice how those super happy people that wake up at five in the morning also exercise regularly and eat as healthy as possible?

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It’s amazing how different I feel when I am daily trying to eat right then when I eat whatever and whenever.

Those people who eat terrible foods tend to:

  • sleep more
  • be less productive
  • and get angry easily.

So try eating three square meals a day that has nutritional value. I’m not saying become a vegan that never has a bag of chips, but pay more attention to what you’re eating throughout the day and make sure you’re giving your body what it needs.

6. Indulging in drama

Just like when you complain, when you participate in drama you are promoting negative energy, and it drains you to the core and keeps you away from focusing on what matters. Someone talking about you on social media is irrelevant and your response won’t help move you forward in your goals.

All it does is drain you of your energy and rob you of your time to be productive and concentrate on things that matter.

When you allow others to get to you, it tired you faster than keeping your mind clear of the unnecessary drama. Have you ever noticed that those days you indulge in drama you come home sighing with frustration because other people’s foolishness exhausted you?

So if there is drama trying to be pushed into your life, ignore it. Avoid such toxic people in life. Don’t let it affect you. You can’t control what happens to you or what other people say, but you can control how you react to it.

So hopefully you can make some of these small changes in your daily life. Once you do, you can then experience the fantastic energy boost that you end up with by the end of the day.

Please let us know if any of these things resonate with you and if you make the change and experience that energy boost, come back and share your comments with us! We love to hear from you!

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Rikki Parker
Rikki Parker
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