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Preeti Bhandari

Is Vegan Diet Really Good For Your Health?

Vegan diets have caught a lot of attention recently. But is switching to a vegan diet a really healthy choice we can make? Vegan diets have lower saturated fat and cholesterol levels, as well as greater nutritional fiber. As...

Happiness Looks Good On You – Can Happiness Make You More Beautiful?

"Happiness looks good on you"— we all have come across this phrase, sometimes from our friends or sometimes a stranger who later becomes a dear one. Nonetheless, happiness seems to remain one area that every one of us wishes...

7 Easy Ways to Deal With Aging & Come To Terms With Losing Your Looks

As we grow older, our body goes through many changes. We no longer can run as fast as we did as a child; going on a trek feels impossible and whatnot. It almost feels as if, with the aging...

Here’s Why You Must Stop Snoozing Your Alarm?

Like every other night before going to bed, you decide to wake up early in the morning, be productive, and complete more than half of your work by noon. However, not only did you end up staying late, endlessly...

Can You Really Tell If Your Kid Is Lying?

Cognitive psychologists say that lying is a social behavioral pattern. Not only children but we adults also lie every single day, sometimes unconsciously. What's interesting is that liars leave non-verbal cues that can easily help you determine that a...

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