You Can’t Be 100% Motivated All The Time, So Stop Trying To Be

How to stay motivated and inspired to be successful is a hot topic. You will be able to find a plethora of articles about it if you type the words motivated in google.

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The Truth Is Nobody is 100% Motivated Every Day

I’ve gone through a period of life recently where I have had zero motivation. I tried everything that google told me to get my motivation back or keep me motivated. I’ve attempted to do the podcasts, YouTube videos, blog posts. I’ve tried exercising and taking myself a nice walk in the park. I still didn’t feel any motivation to continue to do certain things in my life like blog writing, etc.

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As you can imagine, this was frustrating as a motivation and inspiration Influencer. I stand for positivity and productivity and yet I couldn’t get myself to turn on a laptop to put in any work or to post a single motivating post on social media. I thought I was being a hypocrite because nothing I’ve told my supporters to do was working for me.

The thing is the mindset that we have to stay motivated for our goals all of the time is unhealthy and ultimately hurts our dreams. NOBODY is 100% motivated every second of every day. It’s just not heard of.

Things get in the way sometimes such as:

  • Family problems
  • Illness
  • Stress
  • Simple human nature

Feeling unmotivated is normal. Don’t let social media fool you.

Jennifer Hudson is someone many women look up to. She has a beautiful voice and is extremely talented. Years ago while in the prime of her fame she lost three close members of her family in less than a week. Afterward, she took time away from all of her big goals and dreams to take care of herself.

She got her mind right, and when she was ready, she came back and redirected her passions. She started a foundation in honor of her fallen nephew and spoke on forgiveness and love. She spoke about how unmotivated she was to do music for a long time, but she didn’t force it.

Some celebrities feel their influence or position means they have to stay motivated even when life hits them hard. In the end, eventually, you WILL stop overworking yourself instead that is by choice or your body shutting down on you. We’re all just people.

You’re allowed to not be on it and loving every second of every day. I’ve gone days and every now and again weeks without actually WANTING to do anything. Having periods of feeling unmotivated is normal. Don’t let social media fool you. All of those people you see posting every day, all year are not feeling that happy all day, every day.

Why Teach Girls Bravery, Not Perfection?

The biggest mistake influencers and other content creators make is giving the illusion they’re always motivated and positive.

That’s not reality, and it’s not genuine. As an influencer, people are looking at you as an example. That means that there should be a certain level of transparency.

If you’re not feeling motivated, let them know. Be honest. You don’t want to set some impossible standard that you’re not reaching yourself. That was the issue I found myself facing until I realized just how silly it was to think I would feel motivated all the time.

So, What to do when you have no motivation?

Listen to your brain while not motivated

Lack of motivation is usually your brain’s way of telling you something:

You need to make a change.

You may need to switch something up in your life. If you’re working from home, maybe you need to go somewhere else and do some work. Perhaps you need to re-evaluate where your focus is on your goals.

You need to take a break.

Sometimes we wear ourselves out trying to be the best at everything. I can say that I, myself, have overworked myself, and spent more time working than taking care of myself. After a while, your body WILL shut down on you and put you in a position where your only option is to take a well-needed break.

It’s in those states where you lack the motivation that you do your most growing. You learn discipline because you’re forced to do things DESPITE how you may feel. It puts you in fight or flight mode and teaches you how to fight when your body wants to retreat.

You also learn about what makes you tick. Some of us aren’t aware of what our limits are, and so we push and push until our bodies let us know. That gives you perimeters to work within the future. It’ll keep you from overworking yourself because you’ll know when you need to take a minute to make sure that you’re right.

Selena Gomez, after her big tour around the world in 2016, took a break to make sure she was checking in with herself.

She knew her limits after years of being in the industry and going through specific struggles. Now, she makes sure that her cup isn’t empty so she can continue to give to her fans.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am a huge fan of motivational and inspirational things. I still listen to my podcasts and watch the videos that remind me what being a lady boss is all about. However, I’m not a fan of trying to force motivation down your throat when your body and brain are begging you just to slow down and take a breath.

Some feelings of sloth are normal. We’re all human, and we weren’t meant to work ourselves to death. If you find yourself unmotivated and the regular boost isn’t working, stop for a second. Take some time to look into yourself and do some checking to make sure you’re good.

Life is about balance

Life is about balance. Christina Aguilera talks about this when she spoke on how much she needed breaks away from filming the favorite show The Voice. Life is more than work or goals chasing. There’s family, friends, and just enjoying life in general. So if you’re losing motivation for one thing, maybe that means you’re in need to reconnect with something else.

At the end of the day, we have to take care of ourselves. Being an entrepreneur is not an excuse to neglect physical and mental health. So don’t expect to feel motivated 24/7. You won’t, and that’s okay.

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