Tuesday, October 19, 2021
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9 Ways How To Stop Doubting And Start Believing In Yourself

Like most of you, I have struggled my whole life with self-confidence and belief. I realized that self-doubt is the deadliest poison that takes you down and you have no one to blame but yourself.

We all dream, we all want to achieve that dream and to be able to work towards achieving that dream you need to throw away doubt and believe in yourself. Whatever we have in life and wherever we stand, it is because we never let go of the faith we have in ourselves.

Lack of belief limits you, even if you have a great opportunity or a great idea, your choice to doubt will lead to vulnerability and lack of self-confidence. Having faith in yourself and being determined to make any situation work in your favor is the art you need to master. Firstly, you have to stop victimizing yourself and blaming the situation. Instead, choose courage as your weapon. Don’t lose faith in yourself, do not doubt yourself or a doubt created by others affect your action. We hope this article will tell you how to grow self-confidence. Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

9 ways how to stop doubting and start believing in yourself


1. Identify Your Doubt

Identify what and where your doubt lies. And what are your fears, as in losing your job or not getting through an exam. Find out what is the the grey area where you do not feel sure about yourself. This is the first step! Identifying the problem lets you know what to work upon. Try to eliminate the factor and change your doubt into hope by strengthening and improving your skills.

2. Get Rid Of The Factor That Brings You Down

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Alienate yourself from all the people who express doubt. Surround yourself with positive vibes and positive thinkers. People who are supportive of your dream and those who can inspire you will help you believe in yourself. great minds think alike, hence the passionate ambiance will definitely bring out the best in you. Let the negative thoughts fade away.

3. If You Don’t, Nobody Will

If you do not believe in yourself to succeed, how would anyone else be able to believe in you? let’s say, if you need to convince an investor in buying a particular product of yours’, but if you do not believe in your product how do you expect your investors to invest? So you need to believe in your idea first.

4. Believe That Failure Is Just A Phase

If you have not failed once in your life, you have never tried anything. In order to succeed in life you need to taste failure too. The silver lining is that it is just a phase, it is temporary. Once this phase passes you would taste the sweet success. Believe and try and try again. Never ever lose hope.

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5. Keep The Negatives At Bay

Learn to sift. Negativity does more damage than we can imagine. We are exposed to so much of media, where one might read or listen to negative imaging. One content may not do any harm but over the time a single negative comment affects and makes you doubt yourself. Make sure to keep all the garbage out of your mind be it negative comments or damaging people in order to reclaim your belief in yourself.

6. Identify and Prioritize your values

Knowing what you want is essential in order to believe in yourself. Find out the purpose of your actions. Before you find out where you are going, you need to find out who you are. Create a map, chalk out a plan. It helps you to start believing in your own self.

7. Focus On Affirmations

Some people have this innate self confidence, others have to teach themselves. Use affirmations like “I am confident”, “even if I can’t do it, I will try”. Such affirmations help to get into the right mindset. It will help gain your confidence back.

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8. Know That You Are Not The Only One

It is somewhat human nature; it makes things easier to bear if you know that you are not the only one in a particular situation. Many people around the world are clouded by self doubt. Most of us struggle with it daily. “No” might have its impact on many people, but time, patience and confidence will turn every ‘No’ into a ‘Yes’. Your disbelief will turn into self belief.

9. Never Give Up

Do not surrender! Think about the single point only. Have faith, even if you cannot see the whole path. Speak confidently and assertively, even if you do not feel so inside. Pretend till you actually start believing in yourself.

Never let your doubts pull you down. Age or situations can’t keep you buried, break free of all the barriers and start believing in yourself. It will open many doors to you and you would learn to be confident and assertive. In conclusion: Believe in your dreams and your own ability to achieve; your dreams will come true.

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Preeti Bhandari
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