8 Surprisingly Effective Hacks For Getting That Negative Voice Out

We all have goals and dreams we want to accomplish. Sometimes dreams and goals come with a certain amount of risk and what stops us all from taking those risks is that negative voice. Hearing that negative voice in your head can be one of the worst things ever when you’re out here trying to be great and live your life. It can also tear away your confidence and self-esteem which can cause an entirely new and worse problem. So how do you get the negative voice out of your head? Well, I have eight surprisingly useful hacks for getting the negative voice out of your head.

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8 Surprisingly Effective Hacks For Getting That Negative Voice Out

1. Talk Back

When that negative voice is in your head, one of the best things to help quiet it is to question it. When you hear that voice trying to bum you out, ask yourself these questions: Is this information valid? Is this relevant? Is this based on facts or based on my own emotion? Does retaining this information help me succeed in any way? Can I trust this voice?

Once you ask those questions it kind of takes away the credibility of the voice because you’re able to poke holes in their negative words.

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2. Write it down

Do you ever hear about that anger control mechanism where you write a letter to whoever upset you and then never send it? Well, something that helps with combating negative voices is writing it out on paper. I have a journal that I spill out all of my emotions and feelings onto to get them out. Once you vomit all that negative energy on to the page, it’s a freeing feeling, and you know longer hear the voice. It’s like it has said all that it needed to say and you just left it on the page.


Once it’s in the journal, you close it and walk away leaving any negative energy expressed inside. You’d be surprised how relieving it feels.

3. Positive Affirmations

When the negative words stay spouting its venom, start speaking positivity over yourself. Affirmations of self-love and encouragement can completely change your life. Once you begin overdosing yourself on positive affirmations, the negative voice will sound distant and irrelevant.

It will eventually become more natural to believe how lit you are and how things will work out instead of whatever the negative voice is attempting to throw at you. You can write positive affirmations on your bathroom mirror or in your car so that no matter where you are when that voice hits, you have something as backup ready to snap you out of it.

4. Acknowledge the voice and its source

Trying to ignore the negative voice entirely usually just makes negativity louder and more persistent. So before you try and pretend there are no ill thoughts, accept it. Accept that at the moment you hear something that doesn’t make you feel very positive.

Acknowledge how you’re feeling and maybe even try to figure out why you’re feeling that way. Negative voices a lot of the time have a source and sometimes recognizing that source helps kill it at the root.

5. Visualize the most favorable outcome and then tell your negative voice that’s what’s going to happen

It seems too simple, but honestly, this has worked with me more than anything else. I will be afraid of doing something because my negative voice is telling me I’ll fail and then I will imagine what it is I’d like to happen, and I make the conscious decision to recognize my voice that I’m going to get what I visualized and that’s it.

6. Humanize it

This is probably my favorite one.

One of my best friends gave her negative voice a name, and whenever she is feeling down, she will say “Annie won’t shut up today.”

When you give your negative voice a name and a personality, it detaches you from it. It puts you in the perspective of that negative voice not being a part of you. Now it goes from battling yourself to battling someone completely different who don’t want you to feel good about yourself. That makes the battle more comfortable because you’re prepared to take the gloves off.

The way I humanize my voice is by imagining someone I hate rather than be someone famous or someone whom I don’t like in my everyday life, and I believe the voice in them and everything being said is coming out of their mouth. Hearing it from them either agitates me enough to where I mentally flip them off and move on, or it motivates me to prove them wrong and drives forward. Either way, you’re not likely to listen to that one guy who is a jerk in your life.

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7. Talk to a trusted friend

I have a group of friends that I turn to when I am starting to hear that voice. I will spill my negative thoughts out to them, and they will shut it DOWN. I could say I don’t feel physically attractive and they will overload me with compliments or curse out the negative voice in my head and tell it to go away because it’s full of it. They excite me up and remind me of all the positive things about myself, and it tends to drown out the negative voice.

8. Take risks

The more risks you take, the more you realize that your negative voice is a liar. When you go for things you want despite that voice, you’ll keep proving it wrong, and it will end up, once again, being discredited and will no longer sustain validly. Hopefully, these things will work for you. I know that having a negative voice continuously trying to knock your hustle or block your shine it’s frustrating and disheartening. These tips, however, give you some good ammo to fight it and get it to keep quiet.

What do you do to keep the negative voice out of your head? Have you tried any of these tips before? Did it work? Comment below! We love to hear from you!

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