Why Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable To Shine In Life


I am always seeing the posts and videos about getting out of your comfort zone. I love those videos because I know how important it is to get out of that zone, but one thing I don’t think I’ve come across is why. Why get out of your comfort zone? I mean, it is comfortable right?

Why Get Out of Your Comfort Zone?

What benefits do you get from forcing yourself out of your element? Well, I have done some pondering and researching on this topic and have come up with some answers. A lot of these come from personal experience so I can attest myself to its validity. So here are the reasons why you should start getting comfortable being uncomfortable.

Why Get Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable?

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1. Being Comfortable Holds You Back

The truth of the matter is that you aren’t going anywhere sitting in stagnancy just because you’re too afraid to be uncomfortable. It is one thing to be grateful, but how are you going to get better if you don’t push yourself? I knew I loved to write, and I also am a fan of social media. I even knew it would take discipline to get up in the morning, start working towards those goals and attempting to make a career out of it.

But until I got myself into high gear and did what I needed to do, I was in the same position. Nothing changed in my behavior, and I never got anywhere with my goals. To get different results, you have to exhibit unique behavior. That requires you get out of the comfort zone.

Einstein Quoted aptly, “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.

2. Being Uncomfortable Helps You Grow

Have you ever had or witnessed someone else have back pain when going through a growth spurt? Maybe it isn’t even pain. Perhaps it’s just a little bit of discomfort in the spine. Then, you begin to get taller. Well, the same principle is how it works in life.

For you to grow, you have to experience a little discomfort.

If you want to become a better person, the old habit has to die, and that’s never comfortable for anyone. Once I started my blog and creating more content, my knowledge of blog writing grew. I began to pick up more skills along the way because I allowed myself the chance to learn something new.

3. It Helps to Promote Self-Confidence

The more you push your limits and reach past your self-placed boundaries, the more you realize how much you’re capable. A lot of times it is our fear of not being able to achieve that next step or hit that new level of success.

However, when we reach it, we see just how much we’ve been selling ourselves short, and it gives us the motivation and strength to keep going. It also allows us to see ourselves in a more positive light and before you know it you’re doing things with confidence because you’ve proven to yourself to be able to do great things!

4. Nobody in The History of Greatness Became Great by Being Comfortable

Think about all of the people you look up to and aspire to be like. When you hear about successful people and listen to their story, you find out they went through a LOT to get to where they were.

They didn’t coast on by being comfortable. They had to push themselves past their limits and fight through their own insecurities.

Steve Harvey, for example, was homeless for YEARS. Do you think that was comfortable?

I spent a few months living in a car and thinking about doing it for years is something I am not sure I could do, but he did. Now, look at him. The man is sitting pretty because he was willing to do things other people aren’t and be uncomfortable.

5. It’s What Separates You From The Rest of The World

There a lot of people out there who talk about how they always wanted to do this or that and you can tell just by how they sound that they’ve accepted that it will never happen. Why? It isn’t because they aren’t talented enough or because they aren’t capable. It’s because they are comfortable.

As I said before, people who are the most successful do things others won’t. That means for you to work harder than the next person, you have to be willing to be more uncomfortable. You have to be willing to sacrifice that snug position you’re in where it’s safe, and nothing can go wrong.

One of the things my best friend and I always say to each other for inspiration when we’re feeling lazy or unmotivated, or don’t want to take a risk is

“You gotta risk it all to have it all”.

That means you have to put yourself all the way out there past all of the limits because the truth is most of the restrictions you think you have made up yourself.

6. People Are Doing What You Want To Do With Half of Your Skill

Before I decided to create a blog, YouTube Channel, etc. I used to watch other people do it, and I remember thinking I would be so good at that. Why aren’t I doing it? It may even sound arrogant, but I saw some people who were successful at things they were only okay at that I knew I could do better.

So why are they successful in my dreams, but I’m not?

They weren’t afraid of discomfort. If you know, you’re amazing at something, why sit back in your comfort zone bubble and let someone else be ‘the best’ at something and you haven’t so much as shown people what you can do?

So, are you convinced yet? The truth is that allowing yourself to go through life living in a comfort zone is just doing yourself a disservice. You cannot do the things you want to do in life without pushing for it. You never take steps forward when you’re sitting in a rocking chair knitting the mundane life you don’t even want to live.

So, get comfortable with being uncomfortable. You won’t regret it. What reasons can you think of that I didn’t mention? What are some of the things you’ve done that was a step forward that caused you to have to step outside your area of comfort?

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