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16 Crazy Festivals In The World That Will Thrill You

Festivals are by far one of the very few things that bring out common traits across many people. Be it winter, summer, or fall, festivals make the seasons even more delightful and colorful. When travel mixes with such experiences, then the result is incredible. Double the fun and happy memories are what you take home along with your bags. So why wait to pack your bags. These crazy festivals in the world are what you must experience. These festivals will bring out the insanity within you. Enjoy your travel by participating in these world festivals. With no further adieu, explore the list of the world’s most crazy and fun festivals.

16 Crazy Festivals Across The World That Will Make You Pack Your Bags


1. La Tomatina – Bunol, Spain – August

The festival was born when few teenagers started a street fight with tomatoes available in the nearby vegetable market. Since then, the town Bunol is painted red with tomatoes every single year.

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Approximately over 130,000 kg of juicy tomatoes are rolled into the town by trucks. The people get drenched fighting and playing around with these juicy tomatoes. Who wouldn’t like to get some tomato mask in the Spanish summer? Here is a heads-up, this is not a free event, and you need to have your booking in place.

2. Boryeong Mud Festival, South Korea – July

Right from mud race, mud sliding, mud fight, this crazy festival in South Korea is all about mud. Back then, it was started by cosmetic companies as a technique to demonstrate the mud usage in their products.

From then on, this festival has drawn a lot of followers worldwide. If you get lucky, you could also catch lessons on soap making.

3. Wife Carrying, Finland – July

This festival is indeed one of a kind. It is majorly a competition for couples. Wherein the husbands are supposed to carry their wives on the back and race against other men. While you would be guessing, the couple with the lightest wife would easily win the competition.

There is a twist to it. The reward for the winner is “beer” amounting to the winning wives’ weight. So before you participate, make sure your wife is not a diet?

4. Hadaka Matsuri – Nara, Japan – February

Japan is a country known for its unique culture. Celebrated every year on the third Saturday of February, this “naked festival” is uncanny in its way. Around 10, 000 or more men get naked on the streets of this city to get hold of the sacred stick dropped by the priest.

Rewind to the days, when diseases and misfortune were overruling the region, the belief of touching a naked man begun.

The Japanese believed that rubbing a naked man will remove evil and bad luck from one’s life. The man who gets hold of the stick and stems it over a heap of rice is blessed with happiness for the whole year.

5. Ati-Atihan – Kalibo, Philippines – January

Constant nine days of feasts, drums and dance are what puts together this festival, named Ati-Atihan. The roots of this festival majorly lie on the religious believes of the birthplace of Jesus.

The series of events for this festival is kick-started, just after Epiphany. The festival welcomes both religious and non-religious followers to indulge in the culture and get your feet to play around with the drum beats.

Colorful and full of energy, this festival must be on your bucket list if you are one who wishes to explore varied cultures. The Filipino version of this festival sets its start every third week of January.

6. Battle Of The Oranges – Ivrea, Italy – February

Similar to the Spanish celebrations of La Tomatina, the Italians celebrate a festival full of oranges.

Though the latter is more painful, the festival highlights and celebrates the freedom of the ancient town, Ivrea.

The Italians go crazy this street fight full of oranges pummelling each other with 500,000 kilograms of the fruit.

7. Beyond Wonderland – California, Us – March

This festival takes its cues from the fantasy novel and movie, Alice in the Wonderland. The festival aims to continue the fantasy into a real-world scene.

The festival embedded with the participants’ creative outfits, bright face glitters, and the musical beats make this festival an imaginary realm on its own.

Consisting of several music forms like hardstyle, rock, drum, bass, and dubstep, this festival can quickly take you to the best of the moods.

8. Carnevale Di Venezia – Venice, Italy – January To February

The Carnival of Venice is a festival Venice that soaks in with beautiful masks and typical Venetian costumes outsets the ambiance in a spectacular way.

Undoubtedly, Carnevale di Venezia is one of the most famous carnivals across Europe. Behind the masks are citizens who go wild without the fear of social norms. This festival is a day when people live as they wanted to live.

Every year this festival attracts approximately 3 million visitors. The festival runs from the 27th of January until 13th of February. Isn’t it a right way to unfold Valentine’s day with loads of carnival celebration.

9. Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling – Brockworth, England – May

Imagine yourself getting drunk, and are running down a hill chasing for food. That is pretty much this festival. A group of spirited people fighting for a wheel of cheese on a downhill of approx. 300 foot, alongside the English countryside.

The country has been celebrating this fun festival for more than 200 years during May. And now it’s more of a tradition in England.

Spectators from far across the world come to visit these men in action on Cooper’s hill. Jack and Jill went up to the hill, to chase a wheel of cheese? How can this not be entertaining?

The festival was canceled in 2010, fearing the risks of accidents. Since then the celebration is unofficially conducted due to high demands.

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10. Holi, India – March

Colors, colors, and more colors!! That’s the real essence of this Indian festival. This joyous festival is also known as the “festival of colors.” People celebrate Holi as a symbol of the triumph of “good over the evil.”

Another prominent reason behind the festival of Holi is to witness the end of winter and the embark of spring. Although the Hindu lunar month Phalguna determines the exact date of the festival, usually the festival falls in March.

Celebrate Holi by burning evil, or just having a bonfire. It involves no rituals. It is just a way to gather and get prepared for the festive spirit. The following day people dress in white clothes when in the morning and by the end of the day they are thoroughly soaked in colors.

Dancing, feasting, and madness are what rejoices this festival with family and friends.

11. Ibiza Closing Parties – Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza is one of the most renowned festivals in the world known for its awestruck parties. This Spanish festival is a celebration of sunrise until sunset and back again.

Prominent closing parties of all time mark the end of the season, which leaves the visitors thrilled and fascinated. One last goodbye kiss for summer, before winter sets in.

These Ibiza events appear around several months of the year. But typically the months of summer, June, July, and August catch the most attractions.

Electric Daisy Carnival celebrated in Las Vegas is popularly known as the “American Ibiza.” It draws as much as 400,000 attendees at its dance and music festival.

12. Kanamara Matsuri – Kawasaki, Japan – April

While most of the people in the world, tend not to reveal their fertile bits, Japan worships them. For the Japanese, fertility is a serious thing. And they worship it by putting the penis on parade. The ‘Penis Festival‘ in Japan is no less weird as the ‘Naked Men’ festival also celebrated in Japan.

Nonetheless, the festival by itself sounds weird. It does have substantial reasons behind this tradition. After the parade, the locals go to pray for fertility, good childbirth, and happy marriage.

13. Songkran – Chiang Mai, Thailand – April

The Thai New Year is a massive countrywide water fight. The whole country spends an insane amount of water, fighting and pouring rain over each other for three brutal days. It is the most significant party of the year for Thais.

14. Battle Of Wine – Haro, Spain – June

Every year in the town of Haro, north of Spain, the festival ‘Battle of Wine’ takes place. Right from wine drinking competitions, buckets of wine pouring on each other, everything around this festival is wine. A budget-saving trip for all those wine lovers.

15. Fiesta De San Fermín – Pamplona, Spain – July

With a dozen bulls in every run and a million visitors from all over the world, the streets of Pamplona provide the backdrop for a festival with a mythical reputation. On the very same streets of Pamplona, a saint named Fermín was said to have been dragged to death by bulls. Be careful not to end up being like the saint!

This crazy festival takes place every July and to be a part of it you must be over 18 years of age.

16. Rio Carnival – Rio De Janeiro, Brazil – February Or March

This list of crazy festivals in the world will make no justice if Rio Carnival is not mentioned. One of the most exciting, joyful, colorful, fabulous and crowded street festivals in the world attracting several million people to create the hottest party of the year is – The Rio Carnival. This festival deserves to be on your bucket list.

So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags to get yourself immersed in a world full of colors, bliss, and fun. Create the life you want!

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