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Kanika Gautam

How Quitting Drugs Will Change Your Life For The Better?

Since 1990, deaths due to drug addiction have tripled and poses a significant problem encountered worldwide, especially among the young generation. Research suggests that addiction hits faster to teenagers than adults, and about 5 million people in America alone...

Candid Reasons Why Meditation Is A ‘Must’ These Days?

Fast cars, fast food, fast communication, fast computers - we want everything to be fast and more efficient in today's life. Or is it? Is the Smartphone generation blessed because of the ease of life due to technology? Our...

Do You Really Need A College Degree To Succeed In Life?

For many, a college degree or formal education can open closed doors. However, it may not be the only door leading to success and a fulfilling career. BillGates, MarkZuckerberg, Steve Jobs, Lady Gaga, Oprah Winfrey, Steven Spielberg, and the...

21 Signs That Prove You Are a Badass Woman Who Doesn’t Give a Damn

Do you think you are a powerful badass woman? This one is for all those lovely women who don’t give a DAMN, the ones who aren’t afraid to take the plunge and howl at the moon, the crazy, outrageous...

Why Is It More Than Important To Take Care Of Your Parents?

Did you know that in some states, it is a legal requirement to financially support your aging parents if they are not able to take care of themselves? This might differ in other parts of the world, for instance...

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