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Happiness Looks Good On You – Can Happiness Make You More Beautiful?

“Happiness looks good on you” we all have come across this phrase, sometimes from our friends or sometimes a stranger who later becomes a dear one. Nonetheless, happiness seems to remain one area that every one of us wishes for in our life. Such is the power of joy even a smiling face succeeds in attracting others, we can’t help but get enticed by a beautiful smile. Happiness draws you in and makes you look beautiful inside out! On top of that, there’s a great impact of happiness on health and wellbeing, and the benefits it bestows upon us is nothing short of a pure miracle! Let’s scoop out the fact of how happiness bolsters our overall well-being and how to look lively and cheerful for our own good.

Is Beautiful Face A Happy Mind?


We are conditioned to believe the notion set by the beauty industry that models with perfect bodies and airbrushed makeup are the happiest. While it’s true that a beautiful person will have all the means to be happy, it is the other way round in reality.

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Natural beauty is not skin deep, and you can’t dress it up to be happy. Remember, happiness makes you look pretty. A person who is glad is like a mirror. They reflect happiness.

No doubt those who are beautiful have many advantages in life. They also attract people and have all the means to get what they want. It makes them popular.

But what would happen when this beauty fades with age? Because, in the end, personality is what helps you.

Most of the time, we might feel attracted to a face, but it turns out very differently once we get to know that person. Additionally, a great personality is any day better than perfect pout and a great smile.

People want to build relationships with you not because of how you look but also how genuinely you present yourself. After all, the crux of the conversation was not about how you look but how you make the other person feel positive about themselves.

A beautiful personality radiates, making even the most unattractive person look gorgeous. It’s the personality that makes people stay together even after the image of the perfect body is long gone.

Happiness spreads; it’s contagious and leaves the other person infected too. The world responds to the kind of energy you give out. Moreover, The vibes you send out will also come back to you multi-fold. Hence, if you are happy, you would see happiness all around.

How Does Happiness Benefit Our Health?


The sheer benefits of happiness on our health are nothing but commendable, to say the least. There’s a growing body of scientific research that also backs the evidence and facts on happiness and how it supports one to prosper mentally and physically in life.

1. A Boon For Heart Disease

It’s disheartening to witness that death due to heart disease remains one of the major concerns today.

As per the American Heart Association statistics, one person dies of cardiovascular diseases every 36 seconds in the US. In addition, 47% of US adults struggle with hypertension, exposing them to the risks of developing heart disease.

Happiness is a boon for your heart health, and this is proven by multiple scientific research.

A study published in Psychosomatic Medicine tested the role of positive emotions on blood pressure in adults. Later, it was discovered that positive well-being declined high blood pressure by 9%.

Furthermore, another study cites optimism as a contributing factor in improving the risks of heart failure.

So, we can vouch that a happy soul makes a happy heart!

2. Cut Down Stress Levels

The fact that stress is so prevalent in today’s society makes it really impossible to foster happiness in one’s self.

This stress could further manifest itself into a multitude of health diseases like:

  • Poor sleep.
  • Obesity
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • High Blood Pressure

Staying happy helps you slash those unwanted stress that does nothing productive except accumulating into a disease.

In fact, one study showed that the stress hormone, i.e., cortisol, was found to be 32% lower in people exhibiting a happy vibe compared to unhappy people.

3. Nurtures The Immune System

Sure, eating healthy and immune-boosting foods is excellent for cultivating a strong physical body. However, if you look and feel negative round the clock, you won’t derive the same benefits of happiness.

As a matter of fact, our body is exceptionally intelligent, and anything that bothers you mentally, our body will pick that up and react on it physically.

As a result, this burdens our immune system and weakens our abilities to fight any foreign pathogens.

A study published in The Journal of Gerontology indicates that mild to moderate mood disturbance is linked to weakening the cellular response to influenza viruses and vaccines.

So, if you want to keep diseases at bay, make happiness your priority.

4. Soothes Body Pain

Another health benefit of happiness is it subdues any signs of body pain.

You must have noticed that your body constricts when you experience negative emotions, and you feel tense. These tensions can then build into a pain in different parts of the body.

On the other hand, researchers suggest that positive well-being comforts the pain and stiffness of arthritis.

When you feel positive, it is believed this helps you cope better with body pain or any physical ailments.

How Can Happiness Make You More Beautiful?

Benefits & Effects of Happiness-alignthoughts

1. Smiling Face Attracts

If you frown, you develop wrinkles more quickly.  On the contrary, a smile that touches your lips and reaches your eyes makes you look beautiful.

Have you ever noticed any sparkle in the eyes of a cover model? Therefore, smile from within, and you would become happier. Happiness looks good on you and makes you look beautiful.

2. You Face Reflects Contentment

There is no need to search for satisfaction outside because you are satisfied when you are happy within. You also have very little to worry about trivial things.

Thus, do not search elsewhere for happiness because content people embrace themselves as they are. Moreover, never let other’s opinions define you.

3. No Bitterness And No Resentment

Good thoughts and good vibes make you genuinely happy about others, and that is a beautiful feeling to experience as a human being.

There is no time for jealousy or malign thoughts; you know maliciousness and envy only hurt you, and never the other person. Therefore, stay happy and let go of jealousy and resentment.

4. Age Is Just A Number

A person who exudes happiness and contentment ages gracefully because, for them, age is a mere number of candles that you put on the birthday cake.

If you don’t believe it, look into your happy-go-lucky grandma’s eyes. You’ll know she let go of attachment to age or anything that bothers her zest to live a beautiful life.

5. People Who Are Happy Remain Healthy

Happiness not only looks good on you but also keeps you healthy, as we already discussed before. The more you laugh, the more RBCs (Red Blood Cells) are released into your bloodstream.

This is why you’ll barely notice a happy person falling sick. Instead, you’ll always see them on their toes doing something or the other. They have this natural energy to remain active. They eat right and enjoy life to its fullest.

6. Happy People Are Kind 

It’s not shocking to witness happy people spreading the beauty of kindness among others. You’ll find them either feeding the animals or volunteering for a cause they deeply believe in.

This is because happy people accept their vulnerabilities and don’t shy away from their emotions. This makes them sensitive and kind to anyone who’s going through the same. Because of their empathetic nature, they have so much love to gift to others.

7. Happy People Are Optimistic 

Happy people always look at the positive side of things even when adversities struck.

They look at problems as “challenges” and believe those challenges will only help them become better people.

You’ll hardly hear happy people complaining because they are always busy finding the solutions instead of being whinny. And this one trait makes them even more magnificent.

8. Happy People Stay In The Present 

We know that worrying about the future does nothing good except ruining our present moment. And most people are so occupied with imagining their future that they lose track of crucial moments in the “now.”

Besides that, they look old and are rarely happy. But, on the other hand, happy people realize that what is gone is gone, and you can not worry about what the future will bring as it cannot be defined!  So why worry about them?

Concluding Thoughts,

Beauty fades away. The glow washes out, but the soul remains beautiful throughout; it does not fade over time. Additionally, you grow and number your age, but the wisdom adds to your personality.

Your level of happiness makes your soul sparkle. Thus, it makes you beautiful inside and out. So, be happy and remain beautiful inside out!

Key Takeaways Why Happiness Looks Good On You

  • The immense power of happiness makes a smiling face succeeds in attracting others, that we can’t help but be enticed with the smile and not the beauty of the face.
  • Furthermore, apart from the looks, there’s a great sign of happiness on health and our overall wellbeing.
  • Studies show that staying happy and positive declines blood pressure by 9%.
  • Moreover, optimism is a contributing factor in decreasing the risks of heart failure.
  • Another benefit of happiness is it helps cut down stress levels and nurtures the immune system to fight disease.
  • Lastly, studies suggest that positive well-being comforts the pain and stiffness that occurred due to arthritis.
  • When you’re happy, you worry little about the tiny things. Instead, you have a deep sense of contentment within you.
  • A happy person will always exhibit good thoughts and good vibes. They don’t feel any negative emotions like jealousy or envy towards others.
  • Also, when you meet a happy person, you’ll find them embracing their flaws with love and care instead of dwelling on aging.
  • In short, age is just a number for them!
  • Happy people love spreading kindness. You’ll either find them feeding animals or volunteering for a noble cause that benefits everyone.
  • Lastly, happy people are optimistic and remain in the present instead of stressing about the future.

What are the benefits of being happy?

  • Happiness prevents heart disease.
  • It also reduces stress and chronic pain.
  • Happiness nurtures your immune system.
  • Happiness turns you into a positive person.

Why should I be happy?

You must have seen that happy people are better in terms of physical and mental health. This is because their overall approach to life is always on a positive note. So, being happy ensures you develop the same attitude and remain healthy overall.

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Preeti Bhandari
Preeti Bhandari
Preeti B lives in Canada with her two boys, who keep her on her toes. Content writing and paper quilling are two art forms that she is passionate about. She loves to express herself through these two mediums. Apart from these, listening to music and reading books are the hobbies that take her to a different zone.

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