How Christmas Is Celebrated Across Various Countries In The World?


Christmas is the festival to spread joy and cheer. There are different ways people celebrate Christmas in different countries. Let’s go around the world and read about the different types of Christmas celebrations with

Another year is ending. However, the best part of the last month of the year is the magic that comes with Christmas. The whole world lights up in bright light and colors of hope and happiness. Though Christmas is the birth of Jesus, it is the symbol of a new beginning.

Did You Know: In Greek, Christ begins with the letter X. So, Xmas simply means Christmas.

Christmas is a festival of Christians. However, it is no longer limited to them. Many non-Christians celebrate it across the world in their way. This festival around the world is the reflection of local culture and traditions.  Hop on the bandwagon to explore how different countries celebrate the magic of Christmas.

How Christmas Is Celebrated Across The World?

Have a look at Christmas celebrations around the world:


  • United Kingdom

Christmas eve and celebrations in the UK are a typical white holiday with an X-Mass tree decorated and surrounded by gifts and snow. Since England is wet and cold during winter season people love to stay indoors. However, they make the day special by wrapping the purchased gifts in beautiful sheets.

They bake cookies and cakes. Hanging stocking above the fireplace for Santa to drop gifts and singing carols are some of the things that make the day special. The following day – 26th December is celebrated as Boxing Day when all the families meet and have a hearty meal together.


  • China

The Christian population in China is little. However, they celebrate Sheng Dan Jieh. This is another term for Christmas and all its frivolities. Sheng Dan Jieh loosely translates to Holy Birth Festival.

The people decorate the tree of light, that is, Christmas tree with paper chains and posters along with paper lanterns. The red paper chains are a symbol of happiness. Moreover, people exchange gifts and celebrate it together on the eve of Christmas.

traditions of christmas around the world


  • Australia

Since Christmas falls during the summer season in Australia, festivities take place outdoors. There are carols by candlelight where the family gets together and light the candles and sing carols. Additionally, there are a sight and sound concert outdoor with fireworks and the usual exchange of gifts.

Did You Know: Santa Claus initially wore clothes that were in green, purple, or blue. However, Coca Cola decided to dress him up in colors that match their brand and that stuck. 

  • France

Celebrations start on St. Nicholas Day- 6th December until 25th December. Children keep boots near the chimney for ‘ Pere Noel’ (Father Christmas). They get also sweets and small gifts.

The X-Mass tree is beautifully decorated and lit up with twinkling lights. Additionally, Eifel Tower and other monuments are wrapped in Christmas festivities with lights and sound shows.

  • Germany

In Germany, like France, December 6th is Nikolustag St. Claus Day. Germany celebrates Christmas on this day. On the eve of Christmas, the children leave out their shoes for their Christmas gifts. All those kids who have been good, they get small gifts and a lot of candies.

All these kids who have been a little naughty get a golden birch apart from some candies. The Golden birch is a symbol of punishment for their bad behavior.

  • Russia and Ukraine

Christmas comes a little late (or early) in these countries. This is because the Orthodox Church uses the old Julian calendar for religious celebrations. As a result, they celebrate Christmas on 7th January.

People sometimes fast for 39 days and organize special prayers. On January 6th when the evening star appears, the people serve a 12-course meal to depict the 12 apostles of Jesus Christ.

Did You Know: The Christmas wreath is representative of the crown of thorns that Jesus wore

  • Ireland

Ireland does not celebrate the occasion any different than England. However, their specialty is that they keep mince pies and a bottle of Guinness in front of their house as a snack for Santa when it comes visiting. The Christmas eve celebrations are similar to England.

  • Spain, Portugal, and Italy

The citizens recreate the Nativity scene. The people create a model village of Bethlehem. It includes Mary, Joseph, and baby Jesus. Moreover, they place a figurine of ‘Shitter’ in the scene.

  • Caracas, Venezuela

IThe authorities block the city roads in Caracas. Moreover, they do not allow cars. This is so that people of Venezuela can roller skate to the mass held on the eve of Christmas.

Final Thoughts

Each country and each region celebrate Christmas in their special way. Over time non-Christians have also started participating in the spirit of Christmas. The festival signifying the symbol of love, compassion, and happiness. This festival season has a Merry Christmas and a great year ahead.

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