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10 Hacks To Book the Cheapest Flights And Travel Wisely

For someone who travels multiple times a year, flight fares can be an expensive affair. And amidst the pandemic crisis and uncertain travel conditions, it isn’t easy to find affordable flight rates. Even the not-so-popular airlines are charging a hefty amount for their flight tickets. Well, not anymore! Want to know how to book last-minute cheap flights? Here are some of the best tips and travel hacks for booking the cheapest flight tickets beyond Google flights.

Nowadays, it seems like airlines are getting more expensive and less comfortable, charging for everything from meals to legroom and baggage to in-flight entertainment. However, we still have places to go and people to see that require the speed only airplanes can accommodate. Without further ado, let’s jump on to find the hacks to booking cheap flights for your next travels.

How To Book Last Minute Cheap Flights?


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1. Sky Scanner To Book Cheap Flights

If you’re looking for a cheap flight, it might be worth looking into Skyscanner for some good deals. It’s a meta-search engine, which means that it takes the flight prices from other search engines and presents you with a collective result.

According to its website, it doesn’t use cookies, so you won’t have to worry about your flight searches being recorded and the price going up, which is presumably the case on many websites.

Other Top Websites & Mobile Apps To Book Cheap Flights

  1. Momondo
  2. Google Flights
  3. Kiwi
  4. Hopper
  5. Kayak
  6. Hitlist
  7. Jetradar

2. Leverage Longer Layovers

If your itinerary involves traveling to multiple cities, then using longer hops can be a golden choice. You can even explicitly choose to fly with more extended layovers to get a shorter side trip alongside enjoying your primary destination. Usually, flights that have longer hops are way cheaper than flights with less hopping time.

For example, let’s say you’re traveling to Seattle from Washington DC. You may opt for a flight that has one stop. This way, you’ll get to save around $50 bucks.

3. Search for Error Fares

To book cheap flights, search for error fares. Whether it’s due to human error, technical error, or currency conversion miscalculations on the airline’s part, there can be online error fares up for grabs.

Some websites gather all flights with such pricing mistakes in one spot and hence these flights are at significantly discounted prices. Such cheap flight tickets can be found on sites such as:

  • SecretFlying
  • Watchdog

4. Use Flight Points

Take advantage of your flight points whenever possible. Apply for airline memberships and get cozy with those companies you frequently fly with. In addition to booking flights, there are many ways to build up your miles.

Some credit cards even allow you to trade cash rewards for flight points or gift cards. The more you build up your miles, the more you’ll save. Often they’ll have specials for frequent fliers, which brings me to my next point.

5. Follow Social Media And Apply for Airline’s Newsletters

I know it’s a hassle to get promotional mail in your inbox, but it could be the key to paying less the next time you plan to fly. Signing up for airline newsletters can grant you up-to-date access to discounted prices and limited-time specials.

Check to see if your target airline has a Facebook or Twitter page; they often post reduced cut-rate ticket sales, but it’s sometimes only valid in the time scale of a few hours, so it would help if you get notifications on any updates they may post.

6. Consider Budget And Local Airlines To Fly Cheap

Budget airlines are low-cost airlines that take out most of the traditional services that would otherwise make the price higher. They are much cheaper than full-service flights, but a word of advice:

To book cheap flights, check the fine print when buying tickets from these airliners. You may have to pay additional costs such as checked baggage and meals. If your luggage is over the weight limit, there can be substantial fees.

Local airlines are smaller in size and can offer a considerable price difference compared to major airlines. This is a good option if your departure and arrival locations are in the same country or region.

Major search engines might not include these airliners, so it’s worth doing your research for them. Also, look on their official websites; there may be periodic discounts that could easily be overlooked!

7. Be Flexible When Choosing Your Flight Times And Dates

Usually, unsociable times are known to be the best times to buy flight tickets. This is because early morning tickets are lower in price than other parts of the day.

In general, Wednesdays are the best time to leave for your destination if you’re looking to save a few bucks if you’re flying in the United States and Canada.

For example:

The Best Flight From New York To London On A Friday Costs $525


The Best Flight From New York To London On A Wednesday Costs $438

It all comes down to supply and demand. Most people don’t fly out on Wednesday, leading to more empty seats and more discounts to get those seats filled.


8. Don’t Procrastinate When Booking For A Trip

If you know when you want to book your trip, don’t wait for some unknown, mystery sale to show up. Instead, book it as soon as possible. Chances are, the prices will keep increasing as more people buy the available seats.

The fewer seats available, the higher the price will likely be.

On a similar note, don’t show up to an airport expecting available seats to be on sale at cut-rate prices. Again, there’s a high probability there will be no such thing available.

9. Look Into Smaller, Nearby Airports To Fly Cheap

Another tip for booking cheap flight tickets is to look into smaller nearby airports. Often, the airport you depart from makes a difference in how much you’ll end up paying. So instead of heading straight to those major airports, it’s worth looking into other smaller, nearby airports for your travels.

10. Use The Incognito Mode To Fly Cheap

While searching for flight fares on Google, always ensure that you’re in the Incognito mode. This is because when you repeatedly search flight tickets on Google, the fare spikes up because of the cookies in your browser.

However, in incognito mode, you restrict the search engine from tracking your activity, and you may find the same flight available for booking at a much cheaper price.

Travel Hacks For Flying During The Pandemic


As much as traveling can be daunting, it’s more intimidating during the Pandemic time. However, with the constant need to follow the social distancing rules, there are a few travel hacks that can ease your flying experience during the pandemic.

1. Double Check On Restrictions And Requirements

It’s always practical to check on the restrictions and requirements applying to where you’re traveling. For example, several countries have stopped international flights from Covid prone countries.

On the other hand, there are countries where travelers have to remain quarantined for a specific time. So while you plan your travel, checking up on the requirements should be your top priority.

2. Carry Covid-19 Tests Report

Although a covid-19 negative test report isn’t always a requirement whenever you’re traveling, always check the tests you need to take and carry beforehand. This saves you from the last-minute hassle of searching through protocols and rules followed by the destination you’re traveling to.

3. Carry The Essentials

With the new “normal,” it has become a mandatory rule to cover the face with a proper face mask and sanitize your hands every once in a while whenever traveling.

We can’t see the virus with naked eyes, but we can definitely adhere to the safety protocols.

And to do that, the next travel hack for flying during the pandemic is to carry essentials like face masks, hand sanitizers, toilet paper, your own utensils if you’re eating while traveling. You can also carry a surface disinfectant every time you use public property.

4. Have A Covid-19 Travel Insurance

Since many countries restrict international flights to continue their operation, travelers might have to postpone or cancel their planned trips. As a result, people lose out on money which could have been avoided if they applied for travel insurance.

Therefore, having Coronavirus travel insurance prevents any possible loss while traveling.

Google Hacks To Book Cheap Flights

Apart from the above tips, another hack to book cheap flights is to search on Google. Here’s how to do that.

  • On the Google search bar, write the destination you’re traveling to. E.g., Seattle to Washington DC flights.
  • Now, select the departure date and the return date. Finally, you’ll be presented with the flights operating during the given time.
  • Select the price graph, and you’ll see when the prices are the lowest.
  • You may also select the “Date” grid to check cheaper flights and more expensive flight tickets.

Final Thoughts,

These days, it’s rare to get a flight upgrade, but if you plan when you’re booking your flight right, you can fly in business and first-class at discounted rates! Holidays are infamous for their high economy seat prices, but the opposite is true for business class seating because their demand is lower than usual.

The key to timing your flights right to get a cheaper rate is to go for the times that other people would seem undesirable.

Key Takeaways On Tips To Book Cheap Flight Tickets

  • Flight fares can be an expensive affair for frequent travelers.
  • However, there are some hacks one can always take help while booking last-minute cheap flights.
  • Start your search by looking for good deals at the Sky Scanner website. This website doesn’t use cookies. Hence, the chances of flight fares surging up every time you search are minimum.
  • Also, flights with more extended layovers are comparatively cheaper than flights with no stops.
  • One of the major perks of longer layover flights is exploring the destination during the layover time.
  • Furthermore, search for error fares for booking cheap flights.
  • Make use of flight points by applying for airline memberships. If your credit card allows cash rewards for flight points, opt for that.
  • Signup for airline’s newsletters to stay up to date with the discounts offered for a limited time.
  • You can also follow the social media handles of airlines to keep a tab on their cut-rate ticket sales.
  • Consider booking for domestic flights if your travel destination is within the same country. Domestic or local airlines offer a considerable price difference compared to airlines that operate outside the country too.
  • Book flight tickets when the demand for seats is lower. In short, don’t procrastinate in booking flight tickets as last-minute booking may result in an increased rate.
  • If you want to fly cheaply, don’t forget to check out smaller airports.
  • Be flexible in choosing flight times and dates. For example, select a date when people are less likely to travel.
  • Avoid booking flights during the weekend as people tend to travel more that time.
  • Lastly, whenever you search for flight details on Google, switch to Incognito mode.

How To Book Cheap Flights?

  • Look at Sky Scanner for some deals.
  • Go for flights that have long layovers.
  • Search for error fares to gather pricing mistakes.
  • Trade your cash rewards for flight points.
  • Stay up to date with airlines on social media.
  • Consider budget and local-friendly airlines.
  • Book your flight tickets when a large number of seats are available.
  • Always use the Incognito mode to book flight tickets.

What are the cheapest last-minute flight apps?

These were the hacks to book last-minute cheap flights. Leave behind your comments if you liked this article. And subscribe with us to not miss our new content. Follow us on our socials for a daily dose.

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