Saturday, July 13, 2024

Courtney Mellina

10 Hacks To Book the Cheapest Flights And Travel Wisely

For someone who travels multiple times a year, flight fares can be an expensive affair. And amidst the pandemic crisis and uncertain travel conditions, it isn't easy to find affordable flight rates. Even the not-so-popular airlines are charging a...

Seven Technologies That Are Approaching To Transform The World Completely!

Today technology is on its way to transform fiction into existent. Have you ever imagined a robot building a bridge, have you given a thought about driverless cars, a personal assistant who is smarter than you? All this is...

12 Ways How Travel Changes Your Life For The Better

I remember the first time I packed my bags and headed to Costa Rica to study for a semester when I was a Freshman in university. My thoughts kept switching from, “What the heck am I doing?” to “Oh...

It’s Important To Know That Jobs Fill Your Pocket But Adventures Fill Your Soul

Jaime Lyn Beatty quoted, "Jobs fill your pocket adventures fill your soul." But what did he mean? The idea of going on an adventure has been present in fantasy and folklore for thousands of years. From the chronicles of...

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Courtney-Lynn Mellina is an International Studies degree holder from Long Island University's Global College. She lives in New York City and has spent her academic career traveling to various countries in order to deepen her understanding of international politics, culture, and language, It was during this time, she developed a passion for international journalism.
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