Should You Hire an Attorney for a Worker’s Compensation Case?

Getting hurt on the job seems like a cut-and-dry case, right? You were injured; the company’s insurance and your own will take care of your needs in the meantime while you get back on your feet. While it sounds simple in theory, things are never that easy in a worker’s compensation case.

There are times when representing yourself is the way to go; other situations may require professional help. Here’s how to know when you need an attorney to help with your case.

When Do You Need an Attorney for Your Worker’s Compensation Case?

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1. Representing Yourself

You might not need a disability lawyer in many cases. Perhaps the injury was minor, or maybe your employer already admitted fault and is willing to pay for your recovery. The amount of work you missed might be insignificant as well, in which case you wouldn’t need compensation to help pay the bills.

Those without pre-existing conditions that are not severely injured might also choose to represent themselves. These situations are uncomplicated, and your employer will give you the help you deserve since the case is black and white. However, a majority of the work-related injuries aren’t so simple.

2. Hiring a Lawyer

The number one reason that so many individuals require attorney firms like Holtz Law is that their employer denies their claim. Companies remain confident that employees will not file an appeal, and they are right nine times out of ten. The process is complicated, time-consuming, and exhausting, making hiring a lawyer your best bet at winning the case.

You might find that your employer offers a settlement that doesn’t cover all of your medical bills or lost wages, or even that refuse to pay your benefits promptly.

In both cases, a lawyer can get you the money you deserve while taking the burden off of your shoulders.

If you plan to apply for Social Security disability benefits or suffer permanent disability, you will need to ensure that your settlement is structured correctly. For Social Security benefits, a lawyer can help draft your agreement to include a higher monthly sum. For permanent injuries, a lawyer is often required to force insurance companies to pay for the entirety of your lost wages.

Finally, you may experience discrimination from your employer. Many who file workers’ comp claims find that their hours are cut, their employer has demoted or fired them, or their pay has been reduced. A lawyer can fight for your legal rights against even the largest of corporations.

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What Do Attorneys do?

Your attorney will help you file the necessary paperwork, gather supporting evidence, and negotiate effectively with the teams of lawyers often employed by companies. They will help you reach a settlement agreement that works in your favor while avoiding unlawful consequences or retaliation from your employer. They can also represent you in the event of severe injury.

Having a seasoned workers’ comp lawyer on your side helps to tilt the scales in your favor.

Even better, they offer their services at a fraction of what other types of legal aides do, based on the way compensation cases work. It’s never a bad idea to have a healthy, knowledgeable, fighting force on your side.

Do you have any experience with worker compensation case? Share your comments below. We love to hear from you.

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