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Why Is It Important To Consider Purpose In Your Essay?

Essay writing is a typical task for higher education students, but this is not an area you can master in several hours or even several days. However, practice makes perfect, and everyone can write custom essays in English after a good portion of the exercise. Academic writing professionals apply several tricks to facilitate the writing process, and one of them is the formulation of the essay’s purpose in advance. Although this step is free and easy to follow, it is beneficial for future essay quality. Thus, the purpose is necessary to consider as it organizes the writer’s thoughts, improves the essay structure, and gives primary benchmarks for future sources search.

Purpose Helps Keep The Essay Structure Clear


The vital part of the essay is its structure, and purpose can significantly improve it, while the absence of purpose can contribute to lower clarity. Thus, it is helpful to formulate the statement about the essay purpose in advance, for example:

  • My essay should persuade the reader that this statement is true
  • My essay should inform the reader about the situation in the particular area
  • I want to discuss existing arguments for and against the topic in this essay

Obviously, there could be more variations of purpose statements depending on the assignment requirements, but they should shortly explain why you write it. Then, the writer should apply this statement to the paper structure. For example, it would be useful to think about arguments’ placement in the persuasive essay. They need to come consecutively one after the other, and you can choose the most persuasive or the most important ones for the start of the essay. At the same time, you can discuss less essential aspects of the topic at the end of the essay. 

In the essay that focuses on discussion, it is necessary to introduce at least one counter-argument to arguments you place in your paper. Moreover, it is better not to disprove it, as this would make the writer look subjective, while academic essays need to demonstrate an objective approach to the topic.

Besides, the final paragraph of the discussion essay should summarize the information provided by previous arguments and counterarguments and return to its central thesis. Of course, the final essay check should also consider its purpose to evaluate the essay’s persuasiveness and compliance with the instructor’s initial requirements. Hence, the purpose formulation is helpful to establish the essay structure and keep it understandable.

Purpose Facilitates Arguments Finding

Once you have created the essay structure, it is necessary to fill it with content. However, this task is even more time-consuming than establishing the structure itself. In the UK and the USA, topics for papers proposed to students are usually relatively broad, and they cover several aspects of the issue.

For example, topics like “global warming” or “work ethics” include numerous subtopics and perspectives. Still, to avoid writing a generic work without a clear statement and explanation of one’s position, writers need to focus on the specific aspect of a general topic. The purpose statement formulated before can help to choose the subtopic in which the student has the most interest.

However, students who lack experience in essay writing may need assistance and explanation from an expert. The academic essay writing service helps customers buy cheap works written from scratch.

The customer can order additional explanations on essay structure, purpose, and referencing style and review them to understand essay writing tricks and techniques better. Contact the service and it helps you understand how to write original and personalized essays and improve your chances for top performance.

As soon as you have formulated the exact topic, it is useful to think about applicable arguments from the viewpoint established by the essay purpose. In this case, it would be helpful to create a short outline or a table that will include your topic, arguments, and points for their development.

For example, if you need to write an essay about global warming, you can mention several arguments that demonstrate its existence, like sea-level rise or annual temperature increase. Then, you have to mention and discuss the arguments of people who do not believe it exists.

However, you have to remain objective and discuss their arguments in the same calm manner you have discussed yours. Factual information has to be the basis for the persuasive and well-arguments essay, while one’s emotions or personal perception can negatively influence objectivity. The purpose reminds the writer about his initial aim and helps stick to this recommendation and improve your essay quality. 

The Purpose Is useful For Sources Selection

One of the essential aspects of essay writing, particularly for students, is finding sources. As most college and university students are not independent researchers yet, they have to refer to other’s works. Moreover, even professional scientists rarely avoid the necessity of looking for sources. Thus, usually, they develop the topic previously researched by other people and need to mark information they obtained from their works. Credibility is a necessary value for the source that you can apply in the academic writing:

  • Peer-reviewed academic journals (published by companies like Elsevier, John Wiley & Sons, or Taylor & Francis). You can find them using search services like Google Scholar or Web of Science.
  • Publications (paper-based or online) in any credible mass media with a high reputation, like The New York Times, The Economist, or The Wall Street Journal. If the essay focuses on local issues (for example, in the urban studies area), you can also use the local press services. 
  • Information from reputable companies in the field of research. For example, an economics or business studies essay can reference a company report or other information from their website.  

At first glance, the academic credibility of the sources mentioned above does not connect directly with the essay’s purpose. Still, the specific purpose helps to find the best sources quicker. The world-known academic companies publish tens and hundreds of journals with researches and reviews in various areas of knowledge.

Thus, an academic search service can flood students with an extensive amount of information available. This could easily happen with less experienced students who do not have extensive experience in essay writing and only practice their skills in this area. The purpose is useful to remember what sources do you want to find for your essay and avoid distractions.

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