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12 Coolest And Incredible Jobs In The World That Will Make You Quit

Living to work vs working to live, where do you stand? Working at one of the cool companies/jobs in the world is everyone’s dream. As Steve Jobs said, your job is going to take a vital part of your life. If you take the regular norm, a person starts working at the age of 25 and retires at the age of 65.

Similarly, if the average lifespan of a person is 75 years, then every individual spends close to 50% of this life at the job. So before you take up a job seriously, analyze if you like it.

You need to observe if you naturally feel good going to the job. Doing what you love puts your job at ease. You seldom feel burdened and enjoy what you do to the fullest. Sadly, this is not the case if you do not love your job.

Every person has his/her strengths, likes, and dislikes. Not all of us love to travel all the time. Some just like being home. Additionally, not everyone is intrigued by programming and computers. So you just have to find your cup of tea. Moreover, to find your cup of tea, you have to taste a lot of teas. Isn’t it?

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It is good if you start pursuing summer jobs right from your school. You could also take internships and find out something that thrills you as well as that you enjoy doing naturally.

Since your job plays a vital role in mental satisfaction and the ability to grow yourself as a person, it is recommended to seek jobs that challenge you.

Those jobs where you feel safe may be suitable for some time. However, these are the ones that make you feel regret when you are old. There are two ways to look into it – Do what you love, or love what you do. Hence, the choice is yours.

Here are some of the cool and incredible jobs in the world that you must try to find your cup of tea. Additionally, the good news is that these jobs pay you significantly higher than the regular 9 to 5 jobs. Read on to know the ways to earn money without having a 9-5 job.

12 Cool Jobs In The World That Will Make You Go For It

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1. Travel Writer

Travel to the most amazing places in the world, share your experiences through the internet and get paid for it. Now, who wouldn’t want to be a part of such a cool job?

Moreover, some travel bloggers even make six figures a year. These travel bloggers or authors have various sponsored packages that you can barely afford with a regular 9 to 5 job. With the massive growth of Instagram, these bloggers are nowadays blessed more than before.

Average Salary for Travel Writer

Each Instagram travel account with over a million followers can easily make zillion dollars a month. The average salary in the US is $71787 a year.

2. Photographer

Photography is in itself a vast genre and another cool job in the world. It has room for a lot of creativity and bringing out your thoughts in frames. It’s similar to how an artist brings out his message in the form of painting or art piece.

For some, travel and photography go hand in hand. Thus, if you are a traveling bee, you must take advantage of it and give a shot to photography. These days there are several people pursuing photography as a job. Additionally, you can look out for some professional photographers and seek knowledge to be an expert.

Whatever profession you may do, until and unless you do not out-stand, you don’t the fruitful benefits.

Average Salary for Photographer

The salary of a photographer depends on the experience. The average salary in the US is between $43265 to $64863 a year.

3. Movie Critic

To be a critic is one kind of a job that you can envy at. In mean terms, you are paid for criticizing others’ work. Wow, how difficult could that be? If you are a movie freak, then you must have an eye to make this hobby pay for you.

Average Salary for Movie Critic

According to the job website Indeed, the average annual salary for a movie critic was $82,000 as of 2013.

For a regular movie critic with a decent following, the expected pay can be around ‎$42876/year.

4. Disc Jockey

This is one of the cool jobs in the world. For all party lovers out there, this job is something you must give a try. Getting paid for the best music beats sounds cool. Along with it, you can also experiment new mix and match.

Average Salary for Disc Jockey

Being a DJ brings fun, creativity, and music all in a single plate. The average salary in the US is $58614 a year.

5. Scuba Diving Instructor

This is an adventure seeker job. It involves a lot of responsibility for training people to dive underwater. You need to be patient enough with all kinds of tourists whom you teach. Moreover, in return what you get is wholesome amounts of visits to the beautiful ocean life of this planet.

Over there is no chaos, no noise, no worries. Only the beauty and abundance of nature. It’s not less than meditating. Great job to discover the real you. Moreover, it is indeed for those who love nature and also who love sharing knowledge with other fellows.

Average Salary for Scuba Diving Instructor

The average salary in the US is $42211 a year.

6. Gamer

These are jobs that pay you for clearing levels on a game. The idea behind it is to make the game more difficult by setting complex stages that people naturally tend to fail.

Average Salary for Gamer

Additionally, you also get paid to find bugs in games, to ensure quality. Gamers can make a salary of around $50,000. Try to find bugs in the favorite game you play and report it. Moreover, you may end up being an intern or even get employed by the gaming company.  Isn’t this a cool job in the world?

Did You Know?

N0tail, real name Johan Sundstein, at the age of 26 is the highest-earning gamer in the world. He is a professional Dota 2 player. He has won a total of $6,889,592 from 108 tournaments – making an average prize value of $64 thousand.

7. Beer Taster

While the brewing industry has been one of the oldest industries, humans invented. Beer tasting is known to be a serious job, in the sense that not everyone can easily claim to be a beer taster.

To be a professional beer taster, you need to know subtle differences in the ingredients and the amount in which they have been used. In short, you need to tell the pros, cons and all ingredients used in the beer-making in just one sip.

Average Salary for Beer Taster

It is also said that beer tasting jobs in the UK pay more than that of the US. In Us, the average annual salary is $45,000. Jane Peyton from the UK earns 52 British grand yearly by tasting the beer.

8. Salsa Dancer

Dance is an excellent form of exercise and proven very good for mental happiness. Salsa dancers are also hired to perform for festivals, events or stage performances. Moreover, you will end by traveling the world, eating festive food and presenting your favorite dance form.

Average Salary for Salsa Dancers

There are different forms of Salsa; the most popular ones are Miami style Casino and Rueda de Casino. Salsa instructors can make around $28K-$53K working for one of the cool jobs in the world. 

9. Private Island Caretaker

People who love solitude must be the best candidates for this job. Being a private island caretaker your significant roles would be to make sure that there are no damages caused to the island and also its belongings like the private bungalow, boat, yacht, etc. on the island.

Average Salary for Island Caretaker

Are you the one who looks forward to more solitude time? Do you enjoy being in the sun? Do you love beaches or islands? If you are a person who likes all of these, then being a private island caretaker would be your dream come true. Additionally, the average annual pay is $42954.

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10. Car Tester

This job is quite similar to the one like a beer tasting. They sound easy. However, it needs great heights of professionalism to be one. Guys and girls who love luxury cars can take a ride, not just in one or two, but plenty of luxury cars.

Average Salary for Car Tester

Moreover, giant car companies like Mercedes, Ford, and Volkswagen, all have a professional car tester before releasing their new models into the market. The average salary in the US is $54440 a year.

11. Chocolate Taster

All the ones with the sweet tooth, this is the perfect job for you. The best thing about this job is that it takes minimal analytical or physical effort in what you are doing.

Average Salary for Chocolate Tester

The average annual salary is $21,000.

Moreover, you have to taste new varieties of chocolates and make sure everyone loves it. Nonetheless, you have to keep an eye on your weighing machine.

12. Cyclist at Google

Like Paris and Cycling? Then there is a job for you. Google hired two young cyclists to across all the streets in Paris, so that the high tech digital cameras equipped with the cycles captured the street view photos. These photos are used for Google maps. Keep looking if Google wants more pictures of some other city you love.

Key Takeaways On Cool Jobs In The World

  1. Many cool jobs in the world pay handsomely and even a good paycheck than white collar jobs or 9-5 jobs.
  2. There are many jobs that do not trade time for money and are also fun. For instance, you can travel to your favorite places and make six figures a year by becoming a travel blogger or an influencer.
  3. Similarly, enjoy the solitude of life by the beach and manage a private island.
  4. Other cool jobs like being a DJ brings fun, creativity, and music all in a single plate.
  5. Becoming a salsa instructor can help you make around $28K-$53K. Many such unconventional jobs are pay you good enough to stick from paycheck to paycheck yet live a free life. 
  6. You can work as a professional photographer and earn through your passion.
  7. Similarly, you can also become a beer, chocolate or a car tester depending upon your interest.
  8. Yet another cool jobs you must try is to become a game tester. Try to find bugs in the favorite game you play, report it and earn money.
  9. Enjoy movies and music? Look for career options as a critic, and share your reviews.
  10. Thus, these unconventional and fun jobs can make your life seem less mundane and more interesting.

Your Thoughts On Cool Jobs In The World

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