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How To Cure PCOS Naturally? Is There Even A Natural Core For PCOS?

Millions of women around the globe are living with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) or PCOD (Poly Cystic Ovarian Disorder). There are yet millions who are not aware that they are suffering from this problem. Do these women really understand the causes and symptoms of PCOS? Before we explore how to cure PCOS naturally and the symptoms of PCOS in females let’s find out a little bit about this medical condition. How does PCOS make way into the human body and what kind of discomfort it creates? What is PCOD after all? Read on to also find out the foods to avoid with PCOS syndrome.

What is PCOD Problem?

PCOS stands for polycystic ovarian syndrome so in simple terms it means the ovaries are not functioning to their best. The female sex organs estrogen and progesterone are entirely dependent on ovaries. The ovaries also contain the male sex organ called androgen is also present, but, only in a minimal amount.

During the menstrual cycle, these hormones play a significant role in the development of eggs in the ovaries which get stored in a sac-like structure called follicles. When there is an imbalance amongst these sex hormones resulting in more secretion of male sex hormones and less secretion of female sex hormones then these hormones do not allow the eggs stored in the follicles to fully mature and because of this they don’t get released from the ovaries compared to what happens in a healthy menstrual cycle. These eggs then start forming small cysts in the ovaries giving rise to the condition called PCOS.

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Here’s the graphical representation below related to affected ovaries.

symptoms of pcos in female

Common Symptoms of PCOS

There are several common symptoms of pcos in females who suffer from PCOS. Below are some of the symptoms:

  • irregular menstrual cycle
  • heavy bleeding while menstruating
  • pain in the pelvis area
  • difficulty in conception
  • type 2 diabetes
  • weight gain
  • difficulty in getting sound sleep
  • heart-related problems
  • and mood swings

PCOS – Is It Some New Trend Among Millenials?

How To Cure PCOS Naturally-AlignThoughts

Ever wondered how this new kid in the block arrived suddenly, well it’s due to our unhealthy lifestyle. Our bodies never act against us and try to protect us all the time unless we do something which is against nature or something we do which our natural being is not designed to handle, then we face this kind of medical condition.

Did we hear about medical conditions like PCOS 30 years back?

Not much the reason being women in those days were more physically active. There was not much of technology back then to ease out things, so they did everything on their own be it household work, washing clothes, taking care of the kids, etc.

Physical labor was in the forefront unlike the current generation where everything is automated; hence now every other woman walking on the street is familiar with PCOS and are getting used to living with it.

But if we explore on how to cure PCOS naturally, then there are many ways to do it which we will discuss as we go ahead but before that let us find out what are the other factors responsible for PCOS.

3 Common Factors Causing PCOS

1. Hereditary

Genetics could be one of the potential reasons for the symptoms of PCOS in females.

In certain families, most of the women suffer from this disorder, and then they pass this to the next generation making it a vicious cycle till the time someone in the family takes the initiative to follow a healthy lifestyle.

Though PCOS was not prevalent some 20 to 30 years ago, this disorder has grown multi fold among the millennials due to their erratic schedules and haphazard daily routine.

2. Hormonal Imbalance And Obesity

Polycystic ovaries cause mainly due to hormonal imbalance. One of the significant symptoms of pcos in females is obesity.

Obese women having a high-fat percentage of more than 25 are more prone to hormonal imbalances making the body less receptive to the hormones.

Women with obesity have a high chances of getting PCOS than those women who have a healthy weight.

Some women also suffer from an overactive adrenal gland which means they produce excess male hormones contributing to PCOS.

Studies report that obesity in women with PCOS in the United States is as high as 80%.

3. Lifestyle

Women suffering from PCOS have less resistance towards insulin hence making them less tolerant of carbohydrates due to which they gain weight faster.

A sedentary lifestyle adds up to this condition more. Eating junk and processed food aggravates the situation further.

Is There Any Natural Cure For PCOS?

Well, yes definitely and let’s discuss how to cure PCOS naturally. Women suffering from PCOS usually increase their visits to the doctor thinking that is the only solution they have and thus most of the doctors prescribe them medications like metformin to reduce the hormonal imbalance in the body.

Some doctors also suggest surgeries if it is a severe case but end of the day even doctors swear by workout and weight loss strategies.

1. Low Carb Diet

A low carbohydrate, protein-rich and healthy fat diet is an excellent combination to be followed as a first step towards the cure of PCOS. Eating a lesser number of calories in a day than they would burn is a critical factor and is a proven way to stay healthy.

As insulin malfunctions in PCOS, so a nutritious, low carbohydrate diet puts less stress on the insulin’s normal functioning.

This kind of diet strategy will also help women to lose weight; which would help them win half the battle against PCOS and the possibility of reversing this condition becomes high.

Women should avoid refined sugars, oils containing more number of omega 6 than omega 3 and avoid foods which are high on trans fat.

By avoiding such type of foods can act as a miracle and prevent this condition from evolving. Also opting for low glycemic index carbohydrates like oats, muesli, sweet potatoes, and green leafy vegetables will play a significant role as they also contain a lot of fiber this way it will be easy to maintain healthy body weight.

Keeping a check on vitamin D and B12 levels through regular blood tests is an excellent idea in maintaining good health.

Avoiding trans-fat in the diet and consuming more fiber-rich foods can be a good option to prevent PCOS naturally.

2. Exercise

With regular exercises and physical activities like cardiovascular and strength training workouts, women can achieve a tremendous level of fitness, and they act as a big savior in getting rid of PCOS.

Moreover, these activities will keep them healthy along with an active mind improving the overall quality of life. Regular workouts would also help them to carry out their daily activities with ease.

Strength training exercises also improve overall muscle quality and would make them look more toned improving total body composition which means more muscles and less body fat.

To add to this women shouldn’t be worried about looking like men if they strength train merely because they do not have the male hormone testosterone in abundance which is a significant contributor for those big muscles, so women folks go ahead and move some iron in the gym.

Foods To Avoid With PCOS

PCOS nutritionists say that these are some of the worst foods for PCOS.

  1. Sugary drinks such as juice or soda
  2. Sugary foods such as candies, cakes, and cookies
  3. Unhealthy snacks such as potato chips, and tortilla chips
  4. Going gluten-free is one of the best way to beat PCOS naturally
  5. White bread, white pasta, bagels, etc
  6. Potatoes, corn, peas, and other vegetables that are high in starch
  7. Sauces that are sweetened are some of the foods to avoid for PCOS

Concluding Thoughts – The Cure For PCOS/PCOD,

If women have persistence, grit and a significant amount of dedication to take care of their lives with the right kind of lifestyle, then medical disorders like PCOS and other similar ailments would fail to hinder their quality of life. This way they can easily beat PCOS naturally without relying on any medication.

By following a healthy lifestyle, they can also minimize the chances of passing PCOS to the next generation and become a good role model for them thereby stopping the vicious cycle. All these efforts put together can help you cure PCOS permanently.

Do you know any other ways to cure PCOS naturally? What are the foods you avoid with PCOS syndrome? Do you know any other symptoms of PCOS in females? Share your thoughts in the comments below. If you liked this article, don’t forget to hit the like and subscribe with us for more updates.

Shekhar Bali
Shekhar Bali
Shekhar Bali works in the health and wellness domain for the past ten years. Currently working as a freelance wellness coach, he helps his clients with their fitness goals by improving their lifestyle and enhancing their self-esteem. Shekhar loves to educate people about health and wellness by writing articles as it gives him an outlet to share his thoughts on the subject.

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