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Good Sleeping Habits For Adults

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Good Sleeping Habits

The world now has been completely taken over by technology.  The gadgets are occupying human space.  It is becoming tough for people to develop good sleeping habits.  There is so much distraction around. Bedtime routine for adults can fulfill a sound and fruitful sleep and so does bedtime rituals.

But smartphones are all over the place, and everybody owns a smartphone as data has become so cheap. The applications running on these phones keep people busy.  Some of them are Netflix, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram and these are quite entertaining yet addicting to most of us.

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These apps are a hindrance in developing good sleeping habits or even maintaining a bedtime routine for adults. The ideal way to get quality sleep is to stay away from that mighty phone at least one hour before sleep time. Your body cannot distinguish based on the light which emits from the phones. The human body identifies this light as daylight and will not allow you to get into sleep mode.  Sometimes people do take melatonin supplementation, which is fine as long as they use it under medical supervision.

Bedtime Routine for Adults

The ideal bedtime routine for adults is to sleep daily at the same time and get up at the same time.

A childhood quote “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise” makes complete sense and to the point. 

This early bedtime routine will balance the body’s biological clock maintaining the circadian rhythm. Circadian rhythm is a natural phenomenon which regulates the sleep-wake cycle.  If you can get up without an alarm clock, you have hit the nail on the head.  It is a sign of full recovery from fatigue and prepares you to tackle the challenges head-on.

It looks easy to follow such a bedtime routine, but it is tough looking at the usage of phones nowadays.  We carry phones with us to bed, messing up the natural sleep pattern, but it is not impossible to do.

Picking up a self-help book is a healthy bedtime ritual before hitting the sack, and it is the best bedtime routine one can practice.

Moreover, in the morning, you are in a peaceful state of mind as the subconscious mind is full of positivity.

10 Reasons Why You Should Read Every Day

Bedtime Rituals

Here we need a time machine to travel back to our ancestor’s lifestyles and follow them. A few decades ago, bedtime rituals were more positive and holistic.  Those days a grandparent used to narrate a story to their grandchildren and make them sleep on their lap. Nowadays, this type of ritual is hardly visible.

Most of the elderly population stay separate. Married couples live with their kids, and they have no time to read a storybook or narrate a story to the child. Many working couples get their office work to bedrooms. The kids have no option but to pick up iPads, watch cartoons, listen to songs and hamper their sleep.  As a bedtime ritual, do read a book, chat with loved ones and tell them about the whole day’s activity.

Things to Do Before Going to Bed

bedtime routine for adults

Let’s discuss below some of the good sleeping habits and significant things to do before going to bed.

  1. Stay away from all type of gadgets
  2. Television should not be present in the bedroom. Keep yourself away from watching TV even if it is in the living room.  Your favorite program will be streaming the next day anyway, so it is not important than your sleep.
  3. Read a self-help book or any book which gives you peace of mind and puts you at ease. Dale Carnegie, Tony Robbins, and Napoleon Hill are the best authors to follow for reading.  After reading their books, you will be on your way toward joy and happiness.
  4. Try to avoid reading novels, sad stories or something which might force you to think a lot. The practice of meditation has a calming effect on the mind before sleeping.
  5. Prayers are excellent bedtime ritual before sleeping.
  6. Even talking to someone with whom you share a good rapport or someone you look up to is also a good sleeping habit to cultivate.

Phone Addiction

While walking on the streets take a look at people around you.  You will see that everybody you come across is busy looking at their smartphones. Don’t you think this is such a small device yet so powerful which can keep you engaged for hours and hours? There were many instances where people have lost their lives.  Either while talking on the phone or watching videos making it a life-threatening addiction.

In one of the incident, a person lost his life while clicking a selfie.  He was standing on a railway track and got crushed by the train. He was so engrossed in clicking the pictures that he couldn’t hear the train’s honking.

There are also instances where parents forget their children to feed.

Parents avoid spending quality time with their kids due to continuous phone and social media usage. 

There are households which look more like a cybercafé.  The family members are either glued to their smartphones or working on their laptops. No wonder we are witnessing so many disturbed personalities and couples breaking up at the drop of a hat.

Indeed, we cannot avoid using phones as there are also many useful things which we can do.  One of them is banking transactions; they are now so comfortable with the help of smartphones.  All the activities are a click away, making our lives easy. The whole idea is to be aware of the usage on the phone.  We can also keep a reminder and limit ourselves on the usage.

There are apps available which remind us of the phone usage. We are not aware of people around with whom we are traveling.  We avoid a one-on-one conversation with people around us due to phone usage.  Now whatever we have to say we send a message through WhatsApp. Communicating in person has become so rare and hard to see.

What are the Ways to Cure Cell Phone Addiction?

The awareness about excessive phone usage is essential to check where we are going wrong.  As discussed above, using reminder apps or using an inbuilt reminder on our phones can be very helpful.

Another way is to strike a conversation with someone while we are on a bus ride or a train.  This way we can avoid the urgency to check phone very often.  While talking to a stranger, we never know that a person can become a friend for a lifetime.

Carry a book along with you whenever traveling.  Open the book and start reading.  There are so many benefits like you can avoid the phone for some time.  Knowledge gaining happens on the go.  There is Amazon Kindle available for book reading if you do not wish to carry a physical book.

Switching off the phone often can help you unwind from all the clutter around.  Doing deep breathing meditation or going for a brisk walk can be an excellent bedtime ritual. Spending time with kids, playing with them quite often can be a high activity.  Kids are always full of energy.  We need to match their energy levels, and that will exactly force us to come out of our comfort zones.  Also, while playing with kids, you will not have the urge to check the phone.


Good night sleep is like therapy; all the repair work and rejuvenation takes place while we are asleep. Nighttime sleep is far beneficial than daytime rest. We often think that somehow we will compensate for the lost sleep time in the night by sleeping in the day.

Unfortunately, that is not a healthy way.  The daytime sleep will only make you more restless and less focused.  Sleeping in the night is nowhere comparable with sleeping in the daytime.  A nap of 15 to 20 mins is fine and advisable. Therefore, we highly recommend you to have a bedtime ritual and embrace good sleeping habits.

What are the things you do before going to bed? Share your comments below!

Shekhar Bali
Shekhar Bali
Shekhar Bali works in the health and wellness domain for the past ten years. Currently working as a freelance wellness coach, he helps his clients with their fitness goals by improving their lifestyle and enhancing their self-esteem. Shekhar loves to educate people about health and wellness by writing articles as it gives him an outlet to share his thoughts on the subject.

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