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Proven Ideas To Lose Weight Without Hitting The Gym

Workouts now have become a part of everybody’s life.  Every nook and corner has a gymnasium. This is a good sign that now people are more concerned about their health and fitness. Hence, gyms now are in huge demand.  But there lies a population who somewhat fears to go to the gym. They are little intimidated with people around in the gym making them conscious about their self-image. Home workouts are something best suited for them. Moreover, they are as effective as any other gym workouts, and one can certainly lose weight without hitting the gym.  The most important factor to be considered is not getting obsessed to lose weight; on the contrary, working towards improving the body composition should be the goal which means more muscle and less of body fat percentage.

Proven Ideas To Lose Weight Without Hitting The Gym

Proven Ideas To Lose Weight Without Hitting The Gym-alignthoughts

Aim To Lose Fat Not Weight

Do you know what the fastest way to lose weight is? Fall sick for at least a week, and you will notice that you have lost a lot of weight and along with it there will be a considerable muscle loss as well. But do you want to lose weight this way I am sure not? So what is the correct way to lose weight without hitting the gym?

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Let’s dig deep into this topic.

Our aim should be to lose fat and not weight because when we stand on the weighing scale, it will take into consideration the overall weight consisting of many things like bone weight, muscle weight, organ weight, and fat.  So this is not the right way to measure someone’s fitness level; instead of body composition is the right measure to check how healthy a person is.

Now coming to the weight loss which took place due to sickness or through extreme dieting, in this scenario you will lose a lot of muscle which is like gold very precious, along with it you will also lose bone mineral density which is again not good for overall fitness.

This way if the weight is lost then it is not sustainable, and it is going to come back with a bang, and this time it will be more than what you have weighed earlier.

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So the improvement in overall fitness with gain in lean muscle along with improvement in cardiorespiratory endurance is what total fitness is, and everybody should aim for this which can be achieved easily by devoting some time for exercises done at home.

For losing weight in the right way, one has to eat in a deficit meaning consume less amount of calories than what you burn, this is also a major deciding factor for weight loss journey.

Excuses Are Energy Sappers

There are many ways to work out at the comfort of your home.  Let us discuss different types of exercises which can be done quickly at home.  These exercises will save you a lot of time and are effective as well so say goodbye to those long queues of treadmill users in the gym.

People who fear to go to the gym also tend to make a lot of excuses maybe to hide their insecurities.  Below are some of the common examples.

  • I hardly have any time for physical activities.
  • I cannot afford a gym membership; it is out of my budget.
  • I live near the countryside, and I do not have any gyms around.
  • I feel embarrassed to work out in a crowded gym.
  • Working out in a commercial gym set up is intimidating.
  • I am not comfortable using those exercise machines.

Well few of them can be true but surely cannot be an excuse to skip the workouts.

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Home Workouts Will Set You Free

Good news is you do not need that expensive gym membership.  The time it will take for you to reach the gym that itself is enough for you to finish your workout at home, but there should be an initiative and strong will to workout.

Sparing some 30 to 45 minutes a day is not a big deal if in the bargain you can achieve a state of well being.  No need to worry that only morning workouts are effective.  Even evening workouts are equally good.

The most crucial part is not about the workout timings, but it is about adherence towards the workouts and following a strict schedule.

Below is the type of home-based exercises for which there is no need for any fancy equipment.  They are all bodyweight exercises:

  • Squats
  • Lunges
  • Push-ups
  • Burpees

These exercises are also more functional which means the movements we perform almost every day like bending, climbing stairs, lifting something from the floor; hence these exercises will make those movements better and effortless.

Core exercises like planks, bird-dog is very beneficial and are easy to perform.  If you get bored with these bodyweight exercises, then you can move to more muscle building workouts like dumbbell curls, chest presses for which you need to invest in a pair of dumbbells or resistance tube.

These equipment are not expensive, and the workouts become enjoyable and fun, they also provide a lot of variation.  Below are a few images for reference:








You only need 30 to 45 mins from your daily schedule for these workouts, and it is not that hard to take this much time out maybe you can skip your favorite soap on television.  So with these exercises, you can achieve a fit body with a decent level of fitness, but as mentioned above adherence is paramount with regards to workouts.

A dedicated 3-day week schedule is all you need to start with; then, of course, you can make it a 5- or 6-day routine.

If we talk about the benefits of these exercises then there a many below are few of them:

  • Positive growth in lean muscle mass.
  • Joints function to their best which in turn helps the muscles to grow as there will be a better range of motion while performing exercises.
  • Tendons and ligaments gain strength and become thick.
  • The quality of sleep improves, hormones function better.
  • Improvement in Insulin sensitivity.

Home workouts like these can be very beneficial even for people with medical conditions like hyperthyroid/hypothyroid, diabetes, heart diseases.  Dependency on medicine comes down drastically.  People who are insulin-dependent and trying to control diabetes have been off insulin shots due to regular workouts with a healthy lifestyle.


So if you have read through carefully you will find that it is not a difficult task to stay fit, all you need is a mental drive to get into the exercise mode.

As we have discussed earlier, it is easy to perform these home-based exercises without investing in expensive equipment, no need to take that pain on reaching the gym.

Only with these few exercises and being on a calorie deficit, you can keep up your metabolism revving whole day which will make your body a calorie-burning machine even at rest which is like an incentive for you and that is what everyone is aiming.

So without any further delay as you finish reading this article jump on to pick up your shoes and get into the exercise mode to witness the changes and lose weight without hitting the gym.

What are your thoughts on losing weight without hitting the gym? Have you tried this way to lose weight? Share your thoughts with us. You can stay subscribed for more updates.

Shekhar Bali
Shekhar Bali
Shekhar Bali works in the health and wellness domain for the past ten years. Currently working as a freelance wellness coach, he helps his clients with their fitness goals by improving their lifestyle and enhancing their self-esteem. Shekhar loves to educate people about health and wellness by writing articles as it gives him an outlet to share his thoughts on the subject.

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