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10 Signs You’re Not Drinking Enough Water

Are you drinking enough water everyday? “Water is life!” This is the most relatable phrase you will hear a person say. In fact, the average adult human body consists of almost 60% of water, an indication as to just how essential it is to replenish these vital stores. It, therefore, makes all the sense that when you don’t drink enough water, there are clear warning signs that your body displays as a manifestation of your dehydrated state. It is essential that you do everything possible to boost your body fluid levels when this happens. The following are ten common signs you’re not drinking enough water which are also signs of dehydration in adults.

10 Signs You’re Not Drinking Enough Water

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1. You Have A Constant Headache

Constant headache is one of the primary signs of dehydration in adults.

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If you are experiencing a headache or minor migraines on a regular, chances are you are not drinking enough water. According to VerywellHealth, one common effect of dehydration is a headache.

Although the link between the two hasn’t fully been established, biologists suggest that the volume of blood in your body drops when you are dehydrated.

The implication is a reduction in the supply of blood to the brain due to insufficient blood reaching your head leading to dilation of blood vessels.

2. Your Breath Is Kicking

If you get a stinky breath after eating a garlic-based dish, you may want to gulp one or two glasses of water to increase the amount of saliva in your mouth and for fresher breath.

Dr. Harold Katz, a bacteriologist/dentist known as ‘Bad Breath Guru’ is the founder of The Breath Company. He reveals that dehydration can lead to stress related halitosis.

This is because bacteria that dwell in your mouth happens to multiply as your mouth dries out.

Drinking some water after eating does an excellent job of washing off the food particles that remain lodged between your teeth while maintaining adequate levels of saliva required in your mouth.

Failure to drink water slows down saliva production, a process with antibacterial properties, making bacteria to multiply faster in your mouth.

3. You Are Adding Weight

As surprising as it may sound, gaining more pounds may also be a sign of not drinking enough sign.

Research has shown that consuming a 500ml water bottle can enhance your rate of metabolism by almost 30%.

This is even why most health experts advise their followers to increase the daily water intake during their weight loss journey.

In the same way, experts further suggest that mild dehydration is enough to mislead the brain into concluding you are feeling hungry when you are really just thirsty. Drinking a glass or more of water before eating will ensure that this doesn’t happen to you.

4. You Are Moody And Irritable

A small glass of water may be all that is needed to turn that frown on your face into a smile!

According to research, dehydration can end up causing neurological changes in your body that in turn affect your ability to focus. This can also make you irritable and moody.

What’s more shocking is that being just 1% below your ideal level of dehydration is sufficient to make you experience these adverse effects.

So if you are wondering why you are always cranky, try pouring yourself a glass of water and see if it boosts your mood.

5. You Are Constantly Thirsty

It goes without saying that the first symptom you’ll feel when your body is dehydrated is thirst. However, feeling thirsty is not a conclusive indicator that you need to rehydrate your body. Sometimes, thirst could be as a result of conditions like anemia or diabetes.

Another way you can tell if you are dehydrated is by counting the number of times you go to the bathroom.

According to Medical News Today, the average person visits the bathroom around 4-10 times a day. So if you are spending the whole day locked in the office without feeling like going; your body may be dehydrated.

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6. You Are Hungry And Always Craving Sugar

Just because you can’t keep your hand off the cookie jar doesn’t always mean you are hungry; interestingly, you might actually be dehydrated.

Craving for food constantly can be a sign that you’re not drinking enough water throughout the day.

When you have less than enough fluids in the body, your hypothalamus sometimes fails to differentiate between the two states since it’s responsible for regulating both cues for appetite and thirst.

This can trick your mind into thinking that you want another dinner plate or something sweet. Before you go for that second round of dinner, try drinking a glass of water instead and see if the hunger subsides. If it doesn’t; you could just indeed be hungry!

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7. You Are Feeling Confused And Can’t Concentrate

Did you know that being dehydrated, just like not getting enough sleep, can make you lose concentration?

As earlier mentioned, inadequate water in the body can result in the reduction of blood flow to your brain which in turns limits it from getting the required amount of nutrients and oxygen.

Extended deficiency in these critical resources causes your brain to function below its full potential and confusion, or lack of concentration is a possible consequence.

8. You Have Low Energy Levels

Do you sometimes feel out of sorts, constantly tired and would gladly take a nap if given a chance? Drinking more water in your daily routine may just help to suppress these feelings.

Fitness Magazine advocates that dehydration decreases the circulation of blood, which prompts your body to find ways of conserving energy.

If your muscles fail to receive sufficient oxygenated blood, it is likely for them to get cramped when you are working out. If you keep on feeling fatigued while exercising, you might want to take a short rest and grab a bottle of water.

9. You Are Constipated

Another sign of dehydration in adults is constipation. Low levels of water in the body might end giving you a hard time when you visit the bathroom.

Biologically speaking, water is an essential resource in the digestive system that lubricates the digestive tract, as well as carries small solid particles through the gut.

Without enough fluids, it means things are going to get stacked up and prevent your body from processing food properly.

This will make your droppings dry, lumpy, and possibly irregular. If you didn’t know, dehydration is among the leading causes of severe constipation.

10. You Have A Dry And Sticky Mouth

If you go long enough without taking in water, your mouth, tongue, and lips tend to get very dry and sticky. Some individuals may fail to notice this sign of dehydration.

Dry mouth is a common symptom for people living in arid-like conditions. Especially where the sun is too hot with no water source in sight.

If you are running out of saliva in your mouth, make a point of drinking a few bottles of water to replenish the low fluid levels.

It’s, however, worth mentioning that dry lips and mouth may be a sign of a more serious condition. In case you notice no improvement after days of re-hydration, be sure to book an appointment with your physician.

Do you observe any of these signs of not drinking enough water? Did you experience any other signs of dehydration in adults? If so, then start drinking water more frequently during the day. Share with friends and family and hit the like button if you liked the article.

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