Friday, June 21, 2024

Dr. Tahura Khwaja

Why India Is Worth Visiting At least Once? Tips To Prepare Your First Trip To India

Are you preparing to travel to India soon? It’s funny how tourists and travelers have such varying opinions on India, both good and bad. People may share loads of information from their personal experiences. But you can never truly...

Why Keep Your Mind Busy And The Benefits of Staying Busy

It is okay to be idle at times. Having your own personal space or just spending time the way you like it. We all need a break and a time-out to relax. Though overdoing it might not be my...

Does Gender Really Impact The Way We Function?

In a perfectly ideal world, men and women share equal strength, capabilities, and efficiency. In the real world, not so much. Men and women show obvious dissimilar conduct which, as per universal notion, could be ascribed to society and...

It Okay To Say No! How To Say No Without Feeling Guilty or Being Rude To Others?

It is only human to agree to allies, in the quest to put them at ease, commonly causing discomfort to oneself. More often than not, you may be caught up in sticky situations where saying no and standing in...

About Me

Dr. Tahura Khwaja is an academic with MDS (Master of Dental Surgery) living in Germany. Her scientific work has been published in peer-reviewed National and International Journals. Dr.Khwaja also actively participates in scientific seminars and conferences. She is a self-motivated, meticulous, enthusiastic professional with a keen interest in writing.
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