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Why Keep Your Mind Busy And The Benefits of Staying Busy

It is okay to be idle at times. Having your own personal space or just spending time the way you like it. We all need a break and a time-out to relax. Though overdoing it might not be my personal way of living, it is a conscious choice that I have made or rather, that’s the way I am. On the other hand, I see nothing palpably wrong in following an unhurried chilled-out routine. But if time, thought and life, on the whole, are gonna be an insensibly-placed drag, that’s where the problem would begin. Now see, there is this fine line between being languid and being hollow. So, in principle what sits at the other end of being active is being empty. It’s like switching your life on to the flight mode. Existing, but not really living.

Who says it is a must to be highly ambitious or industrious slogging its outcome each day? You could be doing great as an offhand worker, a 9 to 5 office-goer, a homemaker or a business person. Doing something; keeping yourself busy, fits right for just about everyone. Remember, small activities count as much as the larger ones do.

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Why Keep Your Mind Busy And Benefits of Staying Busy

So, scroll down to acquaint yourself with some of the benefits and bonuses you might receive by virtue of keeping yourself engaged!

1) Rational, Reasonable, Right-Minded

‘Idle Mind Is The Devil’s Workshop’ – Oh, so clichéd, yet so fitting! The human mind is like a machine. You ought to utilize it time and again in order to keep it up and running. Beyond a certain breather, it is bound to catch up dust and corrode.

When the mind is not fed with positive coherent thoughts, it becomes an uncontrollable factory of redundant thought processes.

Keeping yourself occupied, ensures that your mind itself is busy meeting targets.

When you have things of greater importance happening in your life, it is obvious you would not choose to indulge in trivial matters. Or at least filtering out the petty issues becomes an easier task on account of lack of time. So much for your sane mental configuration!

2) Fertile Life Than A Futile Existence

Nobody wants to be treated like an outdated cushion. It is only human to want attention, acknowledgement, and appreciation. And being invisible, borderline non-existent, will not escalate this craving. Contributing, in whatever little way, helps leave an imprint even after you go down the crypt.

Engage yourself in something that will speak of you after you are gone. Every job, however menial it might appear, requires a certain skill set.

It isn’t easy to run a business without perseverance or home without endurance.

Identify what you are made up of and give it a shot. Trust the good heavens, a sense of merit settles in when you are able to contribute, and possibly make a difference.

3) A Push To Progress

When you get down to the field and do your bit, you see newer doors opening to fresher prospects. You become more aware and realistic when you break away from the cocoon around you.

No doubt, it is much easier to motivate a person who is out there already than to fuel an idle soul.

So, before doing nothing and getting bored becomes a way of life, explore simple opportunities and experience newer things along the way.

4) The Perks Of Social Soundness And Physical Well-Being

There’s so much you can learn from another’s experiences. The small activities you do could be a gateway to social bonding – online or physically. Of course, we are all different and not everyone likes too much company. But becoming downright isolated and inaccessible is an assured way to shun the medium of growth.

Besides, a healthy mind is the key to being in fine fettle.

And a little bit of movement around only heightens the odds, just like an energising class of Zumba or an invigorating session of Yoga.

Alternatively, who knows, you could be a positive influence to people around in ways that you are unaware of.

One can very well live oblivious of the world. But an unproductive life is life wasted. One needn’t be a weekend warrior. A little time for any activity after a hard day of work could suffice. Find small ways to keep yourself physically and mentally well-oiled.

Pick up your racquets and try your hands at a game of ping pong – it does your reflexes a world of good, throw in a few hours towards learning a new language for cognitive uplift or alternatively take music lessons to free your spirit. For some, a silent prayer could be their source of inner peace and fulfilment.

Final Thoughts,

Small measures add value to your being and unknowingly keep you connected to the world. It might be comforting to live in your own bubble. But it sure shields you from innovation and warrants stagnation in all fields of life. So, go ahead and do something! Just break the monotony and dullness. Chip in. Small actions do count.

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Dr. Tahura Khwaja
Dr. Tahura Khwaja
Dr. Tahura Khwaja is an academic with MDS (Master of Dental Surgery) living in Germany. Her scientific work has been published in peer-reviewed National and International Journals. Dr.Khwaja also actively participates in scientific seminars and conferences. She is a self-motivated, meticulous, enthusiastic professional with a keen interest in writing.

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