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Your Life Deserves More Than Just Breakups and Patch-ups. Here’s Why!

Being single can be a real heart-breaker, especially if the breakup was not your idea! It is quite easy to get carried away with the ‘what ifs’ and ‘I should have.’ On the other hand, a patch-up with a long-desired crush or the ex you are completely obsessed with can make flowers bloom. Everything seems happy and complete. But is life all about this? Definitely not! Life is valuable enough, not to be based solely on relationships. Of course, they are a necessary element, but life deserves much more!

Do you question why? After all, we’ve spent so long in the little happy or unhappy bubbles of patch-ups and breakups that we have completely neglected the fact that life needs to be honored.

Here’s why Your Life Deserves More Than Just Breakups and Patch-ups

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1. The Sun Shines Bright Each Day!

Every end is just yet another beginning. The end of the day brings, however, another new day for you to live life to the fullest. Learn, have fun, explore yourselves, and the world. There is more to life than just fighting for someone who doesn’t value you enough. Be thankful that you had a breakup. Maybe, a new adventure of life has just begun!

2. Total People On Earth Count To ~7 Billion!

And ONE person isn’t really worth spoiling your day, your mood and your life! There are so many others who will come and go, affecting you in different ways, changing your life in ways you have never even imagined.

Focus on the good things and be grateful for what you have. Bring a smile on your face and gradually everything will be just fine.

3. You Still Haven’t Traveled The World

And the possibilities are endless! Believe me; there is so much to see and do. So many wonders that you would love to experience!

The universe and the earth have so much more to offer than to sit back and cry for the past. There are many experiences to taste and to live your life. Learn to fly as far as you could and unleash the world.

Go someplace you’ve never been, solo or with friends. Even if you are in a relationship, toss the couple vacations aside. After all, that’s what honeymoons are for!


4. Spending Time With Those Who Matter Is More Important

To be in a relationship or not is merely not in your control. Sending time with family and friends who love and accept you for who is is way more important. Sometimes we take our parents for granted while being in a relationship. Try to show equal love for those who love you the most. Don’t miss the opportunity of spending some quality time with them. You will only regret it later.

5. There Is So Much To Read

You could get lost in the world of books. It really is that vast! Feel like the protagonist in some or feel more inclined towards the antagonist in others. You’ll be fascinated by how words can weave webs around you and engulf you into a magical world. They can make you live a life that’s not your own, and that dear friends are the power of reading!

6. Talking About Career Highs, The Sky Is The Limit!

How about focusing on your career?

Becoming successful doesn’t happen overnight. It calls for sleepless nights and endless toil. But the sweet result is surely going to be worth it. Why not spend time and energy focusing on what’s more constructive and real? Your lows and highs will always stay with you, no matter what.

7. You Are Bigger Than All Of It

You must have so much more going on. Focus on things and people who encourage you to be better than yesterday.

Reach your goals and fill your life with all the positive energy and encouragement there can be. Everything is okay and will always be!

8. Stay Out Or Sleep In – All Up To Your Will

Nobody is questioning you all the time about your plans signifies that you can make decisions without the fear of judgment. You can party or sit by the seaside all night, watching the waves splashing at the sand and rocks, washing over a wave of calmness within you. Or else, you may sleep in like lazybones.

Basically, you make your own calls without any influence.

9. Lastly, You Don’t Even Know Yourself Completely!

Have you ever had time to reflect upon yourself on who you are, really? Is there room for improvement?

No! We’ve been so involved in the relationship stuff that we’ve totally forgotten that individuality is a thing beyond the ‘two bodies, one soul’ thought. Give yourself some time. You have all but one life!

Concluding thoughts,

Stay happy, and remember, there’s the sky to conquer! Because whether or not it was meant to be, whether or not it worked out, whether or not you have a clear head about where you are supposed to be at the moment, in the end, all I know is that everything will be fine and you will be okay!

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Kanika Gautam
Kanika Gautam
Kanika is an enthusiastic writer and blogger. She shares her thoughts mainly about positive parenting and workplace trends. She is also a technologist, speaker, educator, writer, and online entrepreneur.

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