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World’s 10 Most Incredible Motorcycle Rides

A motorcycle has always been a dream for everyone, and you can feel the thrill by motorcycle riders. Motorcycle riders have always been a combination of emotions, relaxation, fear, exhilaration, anxiety and a fascination fulfilled. Balancing is all that is needed to ride a motorbike. There are many places where bike racing is a culture and is also a popular free time activity.

A person should also know about the precautions and the way motorcycle rides are performed as there are places with long and smooth roads, many places where a bike could be ridden without any tension or rush. But you need to maintain all safety features and wear the safety gear during motorcycle rides.

The World’s 10 Most Incredible Motorcycle Rides

Motorcycle Rides - alignthoughtsThere are many breathtaking and marvelous places in the world where bike rides can be made. Some of the places where motorcycle riders are performed are as follows-

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1. Los Caracoles Pass

Chile (it is a highway from Argentina town to the Andes which a stretch of 6916 meters, with beautiful landscapes) 

2. Hana Highway, Maui

It is the coastline of Hawaiian island with a stretch of 100 kilometers.

3. Italy’s Amalfi Coast

It is a long road stretch of 60 kilometers road especially made for bike rides, which expand from the southern Italian states of Sorrento and Salerno.

4. The Great Ocean Road

These are between the places of Lorne and Apollo Bay, which is specially made for bike riders.

5. Norway’s Troll Ladder

It is a short stretch of road with ninety-degree descent after every few miles, mainly made for bike riders to perform their stunts.

6. Norwegian Coast to Nordkapp

It is a stretch of 2300 kilometers of a road in the northern cape area of Europe.

7. USA Pacific Coast

It is on the US west coast in the LA to San Francisco area, with greenery all around the highway.

8. Trans Siberia

Placed in Russia, it is the biggest country in the whole world which has the longest road. It is famous for its beauty, its environment, and its calmness.

9. The Pan-Americana Highway

It is a road of 100 kilometers stretches from Panama to Colombia.

10. Bike Rides From Tibet to Everest

It is basically hiking for 14 nights and 5000 plus meters traveling towards Everest from the Tibet side.

top 10 motorcycle rides - alignthoughts

Bikes On Rent 

Some people cannot afford to buy bikes, and, in this regard, they can take bikes on rent. Thus, this idea of renting bikes came up for the benefit of the people. These bikes are given on rent on an hourly basis. The most beneficial thing about renting bike rides is that the bikes provided to the renter have been tested or being used a lot of times.

Thus it increases efficiency, which leads to a perfect motorcycle ride. Different kind of bikes has a different cost on an hourly basis. The cruiser has more cost than the normal road bike. The hourly cost of Harley Davison is the highest among all the other bikes. You can search for motorcycle rides online and choose the best rental packages according to your needs.

Other Benefits Of Motorcycle Rides

  • Bikes make a ride joyful and relaxing. It fulfills the entertainment factor that every individual wants from their particular asset.
  • Motorcycles rides are time savers due to their small size and excess speed. They can be taken from even smaller places. 
  • Motorcycle riders are also a game too. Contestants show their skills and different forms, which are usually street road entertainment acts.

Most people nowadays prefer bikes over cars because of their lost cost, excess speed and relaxing mind.  So, you can search for some motorbikes online and buy the best model according to your budget. Else you can search for a motorbike on rent for your short-term trip.

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