Women In Business: Using Everything To Your Advantage In Business

They say the more things change, the more they stay the same. There is some truth to this even in today’s modern technocracy. Even though technological innovations inundate our daily lives and have come to be a defining factor in the existence of most people, the fundamental aspects of human nature have remained the same.

For example, if you provide products or services at a great value to potential clients, they’re more likely to buy than if you over-charge for things. Here’s the difficulty: starting out, most people have to sell their wares at a markup simply because they’ve taken such a loss in the initial establishment of their business.

But if you can get around that loss, you can become competitive against other similarly-themed businesses in a way that ultimately yields success.

Two things are making this workaround possible today.

The first is technology, and the second is burgeoning social transitions.

Women today are reaching a point in the market where developed nations are actually seeing females draw salaries that are higher than men. Not all men, of course; and not all women—but there has been a change. From schools to corporations, women have taken a more central role in economic facilitation.

How Women In Business Can Leverage Technology To Grow?

Women In Business Using Everything To Your Advantage In Business-AlignThoughts

1. Catching The Pendulum In The Middle

The political pendulum is always swinging, meaning the current window of female entrepreneurship is only going to be open a little while. And, while women are more likely to find themselves eligible for higher-paying jobs when compared against historical trends, individually, there is still an issue of assets to consider.

However, because of the change in the winds pertaining to pro-female hiring procedures, women starting businesses today have a high chance of getting support from other women in positions of authority within a local community. The key to fully capitalizing on that support is rounding it out with technology. Consider cloud computing.

There are some amazing direct and indirect cloud computing applications that can totally revitalize your new business idea, cutting costs, and expanding your ability to succeed. A direct application would be something like DaaS, or Desktop as a Service.

Meanwhile, an indirect application would be something like BYOD or Bring Your Own Device.

A business before the cloud would need an on-site server array of some stripe in order to succeed. Today, the same utility can be outsourced through the web via the cloud, allowing for infrastructure at a fraction of the cost.

There are additional tech applications which a burgeoning entrepreneur could put to good use like IoT, or the Internet of Things. Basically, IoT is a hybrid of physical and abstract technology. A watch, car, thermostat, garage, fridge, or lighting fixture can be wirelessly controlled by sliding a bar on a smartphone. This is IoT tech, and it often utilizes the cloud.

2. Making Your Ideas A Reality

Now say you’ve got an idea for something unique; like selling unique challenge coins to small companies for promotional use.

You’ve got four or five other ladies who are very skilled in the beatification technique, and several vehicles you’ve embossed with exterior wraps to advertise your services whenever you drive.

It turns out you don’t need an office, so that saves you several thousand a month. You can use IoT and the cloud to interface with mobile employees using smartphones and laptops, which saves you a few thousand more. You’ve put wraps around your vehicles so that whenever you go somewhere, people see your business—that’s cost-effective marketing.

Next, you’re interfacing with high-powered women who have managed to transcend a market previously dominated by males, and so operate with an inhering soft spot for you and what you do. Now the only thing you need is a way of managing your remote employees as they go about doing on-site beatification delivery.

3. Facilitating Connectivity

This can be done through a timesheet application that monitors time. As an entrepreneur, you’re going to need a finger continuously on the pulse of your burgeoning business until it reaches a level of forwarding momentum that’s continuously sustainable. You can take a vacation, but you need to maintain your connection.

Clockspot points out that one way to stay connected during the vacation so that you’re not inundated when you return home is to use timekeeping solutions online.

They can clock-in from their smartphone the moment a job comes through from clients, drive in the company car—advertising naturally the whole way—and secure the client’s payment digitally as well through cloud applications. This leaves you free to source an increasing clientele base, and eventually build to the point where you must find a real office.

There are many entrepreneurial opportunities for women today, fully capitalizing on them just requires taking the time to do a little research, use the available tools, and take a few risks. Part of entrepreneurship is falling down and springing right back up again with new knowledge to maintain motivation. With perseverance, you can succeed.

Share your thoughts and ideas on how women can leverage technology and build successful businesses across the globe.

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