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Winter Hacks for Your Dry Skin

Winter season comes with lots of joy. But sadly it also comes with certain skin woes. Wondering how to take care of dry skin in winter? Alignthoughts presents the best skincare routine tips for the winter season.

Winter season brings with it a family get-together, Christmas, a promise of a fantastic new year and many fun activities things to do. Along with all the festive mood, you also get to experience delicious cakes and soups, gourmet food and the best of fashion.

But winters also bring parched skin and flaky lips. Most of us feel low, and because of the severe cold, our skin feels dry and dead. Many keep looking for winter skincare tips and routines.

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Seasonal dryness is bad for the skin’s health, while skin being the largest organ of the body. Are you wondering how to take care of dry skin in winter?

During the harsh winter months, all we wish to do is to crank up the heat and sit inside. But the dry air and the heaters inside actually rob you off of your natural moisture. When the skin is not adequately hydrated, you would feel itchy all day, and it quickens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Like many others, I hate looking at my hands during the winter season; they start looking older than the rest of the body. I do not guarantee that these tips for glowing skin in winters would be suitable for you, but once you go through these winter beauty hacks, you would love to try them out yourself.

Winter Hacks For Your Dry Skin

Try these winter skincare tips, and your skin would thank you tomorrow.


1. You Must Hydrate Yourself

The first thing for a winter skincare routine tip is to ‘Hydrate! Hydrate!’. Keep yourself Hydrated! It couldn’t be stressed more.

Our body generally required 7 to 8 glasses of water every day and more if you exercise regularly. Water is a great source to maintain your skin’s elasticity. Hydrating makes it soft, smooth and supple.

We often forget that during winter season our body requires more water due to dryness in the atmosphere.

Moving from cold outside to artificially heated rooms and back outside reduces the H2O level in our body, without asking us to feel thirsty.

So drink plenty of water even if you do not feel thirsty. Your body needs it. Drinking healthy soups is also a smart way to tackle dehydration during the winters. So check out these healthy soup recipes that can save you from the winter dryness and also aid in weight loss. Now, that’s a smart choice.

2. Exfoliate

The next on the winter skincare routine is exfoliation. Exfoliation is an essential step in your skincare routine and change in weather should not be the reason to skip this crucial step.

This is a ‘DO NOT MISS’ winter skincare tip. Exfoliation helps to remove the dead skin revealing the fresh one. It helps in absorbing the moisture better without making you look sticky.

Pay extra attention to your lips, hands, and heels. They tend to face the worst of climate change. Your make up would not look good with chapped lips or dull hands. Dry feet will only make walking tiresome, so you need to exfoliate and then add some moisture.

Try some homemade scrubs to get rid of dead skin gently.

Try a mixture of oatmeal and raw milk, sugar granules mixed in honey is not only tasty but is also great to make your lips silky soft.

I use the gram flour and curd scrub. Combining them to make a thick paste, you can apply all over the body and once dry wash it off with lukewarm water.

3. Say No to Long Hot Baths

A vital winter skincare tip is to avoid long hot baths. Though most of us do not like to take a shower during the winter season, some experts say it is all right to take a bath every alternative day. These experts say that how often you chose to take a bath make sure that the water is not scalding.

Hot boiling water steals away the moisture from your skin.

I learned it the hard way. I use to love taking hot showers, but it made my skin even drier. Now I switched to moderately heated water and did not exceed my bath for more than 15 minutes. Long showers are just as harmful. You naturally cannot hydrate by splashing water onto your skin.

Why Taking Care Of Your Body Is Way More Important Than You Think?

4. Moisturize Before and After Bath

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No! I am not crazy! If you are wondering how to take care of dry skin in winter, this is the best tip. Choose any oil to massage on your body before you take a bath. It nourishes your skin from within and locks in the moisture.

This is the best winter skincare tip. I usually use coconut oil or mustard seed oil before I make my bath and the best part is that it comes off quickly once you take the shower, yet the skin is already hydrated.

After the bath, while your body is still damp, you can apply a moisturizer of your choice.

Just like we like to layer our clothing during this season, building layers of moisture will also help your skin.

Do not overdo it; use a little bit, and it will keep your skin hydrated throughout the day.

5. Choose Your Beauty Products Wisely

One of the winter skincare tips is to think twice before purchasing a beauty product. Your skin changes during different seasons so your skincare products must change too.

My skin is usually oily during summers and very dry during the winter season, and thus I can’t use oil control face wash in winters and definitely can’t use crème in summers.

Summer season products will dry your skin further. So keep them separate. Read the components of the products that you are buying.

Make sure your skin products do not have alcoholic properties; they are a terrible choice during the winter season.

Tips to Choose Your Moisturizer:
  • If your moisturizer/crème comes in a tube or squeeze bottle, it may be good if you have mild dryness but to fight extreme dryness buy one that comes in a tub or a jar.
  • Moisturizers with thicker consistency, help in deep hydration and longer protection.
  • Wisely choose according to your skin type and requirements.

6. Use a Humidifier

Also, an important skincare tip is to use a humidifier during winter. Winter air is generally dry, and the artificial heat is not good either. Invest in a good humidifier.

It adds back moisture in the air so that the skin does not become dry.

Buy a small one that is portable and can be kept beside your bedroom table.

7. Eat a Nourishing Balanced Diet

Just like water is the trivial element for staying healthy, it is vital to eat fruits and vegetables that keeps you hydrated and nourished inside out. Here you can check all the seasonal winter fruits you must try.

Check out the easy ways to lose thigh fat.

Key Takeaways On Winter Skincare Tips

  • Winters bring parched skin and flaky lips.
  • Lack of skin hydration causes itchiness as well as the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Keep yourself hydrated more especially during winters! Your body can show signs that you are not drinking enough water. Observe these signs and act on them. It is also recommended to drink more water during the day than night.
  • Try some homemade scrubs to exfoliate and get rid of dead skin gently.
  • A vital winter skincare tip is to avoid long hot baths, instead opt for warm/cold baths.
  • Massage and moisturize your body before as well as after bath you take a bath.
  • Your skin changes during different seasons so your skincare products must change too.
  • Also, it is vital to eat healthy fruits and vegetable that keeps you healthy, hydrated and nourished inside out.
  • Lastly, an important skincare tip is to use a humidifier during winter. Buy a small one that is portable and can be kept beside your bedroom as well.

Your Thoughts On Winter Skincare Tips

I hope these winter skincare tips and hacks get you through this season and let you enjoy all it has to offer. If you have any other skincare tips for winter, let us know in the comments section below.

What are your hacks for dry skin in winter? How do you try to take care of dry skin in winter? What winter skincare routine do you follow? Share in the comments below. For more updates subscribe with us and stay tuned. You can also follow us on our social media channels mentioned below.

Preeti Bhandari
Preeti Bhandari
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