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Why You Must Hang Out With People Who Force You To Level Up?

You are who you surround yourself with! I’m now going to ask you some prime questions that can be life-changing. Think of all the people you spend your time with on a daily basis. Observe and even write down, what are you learning from the people you meet? Are you moving towards growth or being stagnant? How do you interact with each other? Are you learning any life skills? Are the people you hang out with supportive of your progress? Or do they pull you down? There are toxic people who can shatter your dreams, whereas success mindset people are inspired, organized, focused, and motivated to always do better in life.

you are who you hang out with-you are who you surround yourself with

Who you surround yourself with matters a lot. Remember the famous quote by Jim Rohn, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”?

All of us are affected by the people we surround ourselves, especially by the close inner circle – meaning your mentors, friends, colleagues, family members, etc. It is this set of people we keep company with regularly. They have the potential to create a better you or stop you from achieving your dreams.

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There are certain qualities of a mentor that you must seek for. Be sure to choose your friends wisely.

It is believed that if you have certain blind spots or a certain ambition in life, be with those who would like to fill out these gaps and whose intentions are to push you to do better along with their own success.

These are the kind of people you would want to be with. They are the ones who would teach you a lot more than what you can learn being with the right-minded people.

why hang out with people who are better than you-alignthoughts

Your progress depends on your circle of influence. Raise your standards by being around successful people who know how to turn their dreams into reality.

Read below and you would never question why you need to be around with those people who will not only bring their ‘A’ game but will also help you to level up.

Why You Must Hang Out With People Who Force You To Level Up?

1. To get a real-life experience

It is a known fact that real-life experiences are not taught in textbooks.

When you surround yourself with people who are smarter than you, you listen and observe them unintentionally.

These real experiences would give you the breakthrough you have been looking for.

You learn from their experiences that failures are a part of life and success will come only to those who have known failure. They teach you how to actually go through all those hoops in order to turn out victorious.

You can never have a route map to success, you would have to learn a lot more to fail and then win some, and to do so you need to be with people who think differently from you.

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2. To learn how to keep doing something

you are who you surround yourself with

The best thing you can learn from people who are better than you are to make proper use of your “me” time. Their mind is always working to do better, be more innovative and productive.

Being in their company, you would realize that they are able to find opportunities, even during a crisis situation. And they work beautifully under stress and critical conditions. You need to pay attention to how their mind works!

3. No idea is good or bad

Unsuccessful people project their own laziness over others, but if you hang out with people who know better, you would learn that success comes only after a string of failures. Mistakes are proof that you are heading a step closer to success.

No idea is good or bad, they all rather make up for great opportunities.

All thoughts are great until proven wrong. By surrounding yourself with smart people you learn to take actions and not just sit with ideas on top of your head.

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4. Help in increasing self-awareness

Being around people who think differently helps you start seeing things with a new perspective. You can learn from them and then look at a situation from their perspective, helping you think out of the box and bring solutions to every plausible problem.

Eventually, you end up learning about yourself better. People with a success mindset expose you to a different realm of curiosity.

5. Learn from each others’ talents

We all are good at something and are flawed in others. In other words, we have our fair share of strengths and weaknesses.

People with whom hangout must have different abilities. In such a group of people, someone may be good at analytical thinking, while can deal with stress easily, and others have good communication skills.

When you are around with such a mixed success-mindset group, some of these qualities might rub on you. In a highly functional group, you can help out each other and learn from each others’ talents.

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6. A better view of things

A given situation can be viewed from various angles. When a group of people with different perspectives hang out together, they are able to analyze a situation from each individual’s standpoint.

Hanging out with such people will help you make better decisions at any point in your life.

7. Doesn’t let you be monotonous

While in a company of like-minded people, you do the same thing over and over again. There doesn’t seem to be any challenge to your brain or body. It becomes boring!

When you hang out around people who are having a better lifestyle than your’s, you bring a new world of opportunities for yourself.

You get to know about many things that seem to be far from access to you. These things will also help you become a better person and achieve a good quality of life.

Ditch the monotony and embrace variety in life.

Concluding thoughts,

Stay connected to positive people to have a positive life. Life is meant to keep moving forward. No matter what you are doing, you must grow every single day. The most influencing factor to be a better person in your life is people who guide you. Remember to be yourself. Let the positive vibes and confidence help you, it would bring you to the right people. Good mentors are the ones who take you to the next level.

In life, never be angry or resentful. Be thankful and let go of all the bitterness and unhappiness. Surround yourself with good, positive people who give out the best vibes. Focus on progress, nothing else actually counts.

Do you agree on the thought – you are who you hang out with? Do you prefer hanging out with people who are better than you? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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