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Why Sports Should Be More Rewarding In Schools And Colleges?

Over the years, sporting events in schools and colleges have grown to be one of the most widely engaged activities, for both students and every growing community of sports lovers around the world.

However, despite the growing importance of these student-sporting activities. The debate over the participating athletes – who in this case are students – receiving rewards for their efforts in the game has failed to reach a positive end especially when it comes to student-athletes in colleges.

Alex, from the SBNation, broke down the facts and figures on how the NCAA recorded a massive $1.045 billion total revenue in 2017.

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A record that is bound to increase with television & marketing right deals and other sports sponsorship deals in place.

However, despite the huge amount recorded by the student-athletes governing body (NCAA), it’s appalling to report that the only recognized advantage for the very students who sacrifice their time and energy into these activities are mere scholarships awards which cover tuition, books, rooms, and a few other amenities.

With the staggering amount pocketed by the administrators and coaches, a figure which shows at least a 300% increase in coaching salaries from records dating between 2011 to 2017.

We see little why these young athletes who have committed and invested their time to the success of the program should not rightly be rewarded for their efforts and inputs.

In their defense, the NCAA states that paying college athletes will hurt their education and undermine their ability to earn quality degrees, which to some length is a valid point, but not entirely acceptable.

It is important to note that the stipulated rules guiding the activities of these proposed student-athletes are simply too stern to be quantified by scholarship awards and medical privileges which are only accustomed to injuries sustained during these sporting events.

With that being said, let’s take a quick glance at why students should be rewarded for their efforts, time, and sacrifices they have made in bringing the game thus far.

Why Sports Should Be More Rewarding In Schools And Colleges?

Why Sports Should Be More Rewarding

Scholarship and Tuition fees are only the tip of the iceberg compared to the massive sum generated by the organization over the years, which rightly should be acknowledged since it’s from the unquestionable efforts and time invested by these students.

According to stipulated rules from the NCAA, it prohibits student-athletes from working while their sports are in season, and can only be allowed to do so under special permissions.

The time invested by these students to better prepare themselves for these school sporting events, coupled with these strict rules, do not allow them the opportunity to have a part-time job.

All the more reasons they should be handsomely rewarded, having denied them ample opportunities to explore their very many options.

An average student-athlete commits at least 30 hours a week into training and practices, which equals that put in by most professional athletes, despite being students and having to also worry about studies and college grades like every other person.

It’s also a critical point to note that not all students have equal chances of progressing as a sportsperson. While strict law may favor several students who eventually go on to become professionals. The stats don’t seem to favor the rest.

Several of these students have nothing more to show for their involvement in these events, not to mention they would have to also engage in school curricular activities like the rest of the students. The big question, however, is, what happens to those who fail to make it beyond the college level and become professionals?

These students would have wasted their youth, battling to impress on the sporting stages, restricted from several social and work settings as stipulated in the rules and the bitter end gain nothing.

However, despite the rant on why sports should be more rewarding in schools, it doesn’t go to say that there are no reasons why it should be encouraged.

In fact, the benefits of school sports are so many that all schools should be mandated to ensure facilities are provided to encourage students to be better involved in these events.

The benefits of school sports go beyond just fame and personal motivation. It also spreads from medical benefits to psychological advantages, physical and health benefits, and much more.

Enough about the NCAA, and the debate on the student-athlete enigmatic situation for now. Let’s see why it is essential to encourage students to engage in various sporting events and its benefits.

Benefits of sports for students and why sports should be encouraged

  • The importance of Sports in schools cannot be emphasized more. First, according to research reports, it has been proved that students who engage in various sporting activities in their youth are usually more exuberant and active than the rest.
  • Research has also proved that a higher percentage of students who are generally inactive in school curricular activities and have a tendency to go obese are the ones who spend more time watching television rather than get physically involved during their leisure hours.
  • Aside from the obvious physical merits, these individuals have shown to be better disciplined, hardworking mostly, and generally better efficient with time management.
  • Also, for a reasonable fraction of these students who eventually take the long road of becoming professional athletes in the future.
  • Engaging in these activities from a young age helps them gain the necessary exposure needed to take the leap of faith later at crucial stages when making serious life decisions.
  • The importance of sports in school also entails the ability for such active individuals to better develop themselves to working in a team, a value which has in recent times become quite crucial in several areas of life.
  • These students also generally have high self-esteem and are rarely exposed to anti-social behaviors such as bullying, verbal threats, ostracization among students, and many more.
  • They are usually better organized, and less likely to be overwhelmed by the negative aspects of society and peer pressure today, not to mention the traumatic experiences of several teenagers.

The advantages of having students engage in various sporting activities in schools and colleges are not easily exhausted, and despite the current economic struggles and denial of several benefits (rewards), these students are entitled to. It doesn’t imply that sports in schools and colleges should be cut off from educational programs as this could be quite detrimental to students nationwide.

what are your thoughts about the benefits of sports events for students? Leave your opinions in the comments section below. 

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Gabriel Anthony
Gabriel Anthony
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