Why Being Organized is Good for You and How To Be More Organized?

Most of us will agree with the fact that being organized is a fantastic habit to incorporate into our lives to help us achieve a stable work-life balance. However, when it comes to the crunch of it, very few of us go on to put this intention into practice.

Well, this post will show you that becoming more organized is not that hard to achieve, and it’s really good for your health and well-being.

Why Is Being Organized Great For Our Well-Being?


1. A great self-esteem booster

As a mum with young toddlers, I find that I always feel better about myself when  I finish my chores with time to spare because I organized and planned. To see your family sit down on time for a healthy homemade dinner, completing your homework on time, making sure to take care of all bills before they are due, scheduling meetings, to name but a few. That feeling of accomplishment is one that I strive for and passionately promote.

2. Increased energy levels

Being disorganized can make you slump and drag throughout the day. However, taking 10 minutes to declutter your workspaces,  clean your car, tidy a room in your home, sort out paperwork, file emails, and so on will give you a slight boost in energy and set the tone for the rest of the working day.

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3. Promotes Creativity

A messy, cluttered workspace can stifle creativity because it takes a lot of brainpower to get your creative juices flowing. Decluttering your surroundings helps you think deeper and increase your work output.

4. Reduce your stress levels

Have you ever had days when you are rushing to a meeting, but you just can’t seem to find where you left the drafts for the project you are going to present on? Or you can’t find your keys or where you left a very urgent bill that needs paying?

This type of scenario can lead to a lot of stress in our lives, and stress is awful for our health and wellbeing. Becoming more organized, knowing where things are kept can lift our moods and also increase our overall happiness.

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5. Increase productivity

When we start getting organized, one important thing we’ll notice is just how productive we become, be it in the home front or at work.

For many of us, a little organization can mean freeing up time for us to tackle those things we’ve been putting off for a while, for example, writing a book, starting a blog, starting a fitness program, and so on. Ticking off little tasks on our to-do lists helps make space for us to tackle big life goals.

6. More family time

Being organized frees up time for you to enjoy more time with your family. There’s nothing more annoying than not being able to spend quality time with those you love because of little unfinished tasks.

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Tips on How to be More Organized


Here are some amazing tips on how to be more organized at work or any other place:

1. Do not rely on your memory. Write it down

Did you ever walk into a supermarket and think, ‘argh, can’t remember all the things I came to get.’ Or did you turn up at school, and your child is the only one not in fancy costume?

I know most of us will like to believe we have super brains and leave it to chance to remember events, birthdays, and other to-do items; please do yourself a favor, write it down.

You can use the traditional pen and paper method(most reliable in my opinion) or mobile phone or your computer. The most important thing is that you do. I mark birthdays, important events, and meetings on my calendar.

Post-it notes are also a great tool to use; however, make sure to discard them once the task is completed; otherwise, you might end up creating an eyesore of post-it notes everywhere which on its own can be quite disorganizing.

My preferred tool to use nowadays is a simple dry erase board. They are so effective for me because I just erase tasks on completing them.

2. Make Decluttering a regular habit

The first thing to have in mind when it comes to decluttering is having a set time. Decide on a day of the week that suits you best and commit to it. You can also decide to do a monthly declutter, especially for clothes, shoes, and kid’s toys, or a quarterly declutter.

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Whatever you decide, commit to it. The more stuff you own, the more clutter you have to deal with. Here are some guidelines to help you declutter!

Things to Consider To Stay More Organized?

Here are certain important things to consider to be more organized at work.

  • When did you use it the last time?

If it has been 6 months or over, chances are you probably won’t need it now, so get rid of it. If you come across it and think to yourself, ‘so that’s where you were,’ or if you didn’t even remember you had it, then get rid of it. Chances are, you won’t miss it.

Does it work?

If you check that it’s not working and think you can fix it to be used for later, follow through and do so. If not, get rid of it. Whatever you do, don’t leave it lying around unused.

  • Follow the 80/20 rule

Most of us only use 20% of items such as clothing, video games, toys, etc. During your scheduled decluttering sessions, scan through your possession and start getting rid of those things that you do not use 80% of the time. I often donate to charity, recycle, or have a garage sale.

  • Keep all flat surfaces clear

This is especially helpful in keeping our office desks organized. The fewer items you have on your desk, the more organized it looks. I also use this rule for my kitchen countertops and shelves. I only leave a few essential and frequently used appliances on my kitchen counter-top.

The key here is to create many simple, accessible storage spaces. Organize cupboards with dividers, small boxes, organizers, or baskets.

Put like things together; for example, you can put all your cleaning supplies in one space, your make-up in another, your toiletries, and so on. Also, labeling boxes or spaces is very helpful in not only decluttering but remembering too.

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3. Do not procrastinate

Being disorganized leads to low productivity. Hence, the faster you get organized, the faster you can become productive. Don’t leave it for someday. Instead, set a day and time and act upon it. Getting it done will certainly lift the burden off you and free up time for you to enjoy all the benefits that come with being organized.

Your Thoughts

Now that we’ve shared with you some of the amazing benefits that come with being organized, we want to wish you success as you make it a habit. Please share this article with your loved ones and share some of the tips you use to stay organized.

What are your tricks to be more organized at work? Do not hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments section below. Subscribe to us for our free newsletter.

Kamapala Chukwuka
Kamapala Chukwuka is a certified Life Coach based in the UK, specializing in Confidence building who empowers women by giving them the confidence they need to create the life they love and deserve. Changing lives through love and kindness is her passion in life.

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