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Benefits of Being Well-Rounded Person & 5 Ways to Become A Well-Rounded Person

Cultivating a well-rounded personality can help you stand out and be successful in life. Not only that, but a well-rounded individual is also seen as a classy person. The benefits of being a well-rounded person are enormous. Having a well-rounded personality can take you a long way both in your personal as well as professional lives. The quality of holding adequate knowledge in many fields is one of the key traits of being a well-rounded person. Read on to know the definition, examples, and how to be a well-rounded person in life.

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Why Is It Important To Be A Well-rounded Person?

Being a well-rounded professional promotes better performance, inspires you to keep growing, and most importantly helps flaunt confidence and gain new skills.

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According to data, the skilled workforce like naval and marine engineering, pharmaceutical sciences, and electrical engineering, earn six-figure salaries and face lower chances of unemployment with just 2%.

Whereas, the salaries of arts majors barely reached $40,000 with an increased unemployment rate of around 4.5%.

So it is important to be a well-rounded person with several interests for a successful, balanced, and content life.

The 3R’s Of A Well-Rounded Individual

The 3R’s of being a well-rounded person is:

  • Responsibility,
  • Resourcefulness,
  • and Resilience.

Mastering these traits of a well-rounded person can help you stand out from the crowd and stay ahead in the competition among your peers. You’ve probably heard people say that to become a truly well-rounded person, you need to “explore the world.”

While it’s true that traveling can broaden your horizons, it may also be inaccessible to you because of money or family constraints.

Before learning how to become a well-rounded person, let’s see what does it mean to be well-rounded and what are the benefits of being a well-rounded person.

Definition Of A Well-Rounded Person

The definition of a well-rounded person is someone who is an expert or has the ability to be well informed or well educated in a lot of different things or activities that cover several different genres or subjects.

Benefits of Being a Well-rounded Person

Being a well-rounded person makes you:

  1. Stand out of the crowd
  2. Helps you to connect to many people
  3. Helps you to have relatable knowledge in many fields
  4. More skills imply more opportunities
  5. Feel more content in life
  6. Improves your ability to learn new things

These benefits of being a well-rounded person can also eventually help you to be successful in life.

So becoming a well-rounded person can be a first step on the ladder of success. Here are five ways you can become a more well-rounded person without investing money in yourself.

Example of a Well-rounded Person

An example of a well-rounded person is someone:

  • who is an expert at his job at the office,
  • a well-rounded individual is a person who shows integrity in everyday matters,
  • who has good relationships with his colleagues, family members, and friends,
  • and is also good at a hobby like sports, writing, or painting, etc.

Characteristics of A Well-Rounded Person

Characteristics of a Well Rounded Person

What are the characteristics of a well-rounded person?

Below are some of the key characteristics of a well-rounded professional:

  • A well-rounded person is honest and shows integrity
  • They are committed to work
  • A well-rounded person strikes a balance between school/work and relationships.
  • They hold a strong sense of responsibility
  • A well-rounded person has a good time management skill
  • They show empathy and help others
  • Well rounded individuals most likely have successful friends, as they surround themselves with like-minded people
  • A well-rounded individual has interests in several genres
  • They handle conflicts smoothly

5 Ways to Become A Well-Rounded Person



1. Read Books By Authors From Different Background

For many, reading at all is an accomplishment. Between work, children, household chores, etc., reading just doesn’t rank high on our priority lists.

However, reading books is a great way to broaden your horizons on a budget.

For starters, try borrowing books from your local library. Library cards are almost always free. If they don’t have the book you’re looking for in their physical catalog, try their online service.

I know my local library uses Overdrive to access thousands of ebooks online that are not available on their shelves. You can also try going to the bookstore to read.

Some bookstores will allow you to read the books right there in the store without having to buy, but make sure you ask before you settle in. Finally, try your local coffee shop. Many have bookshelves with a “take a book, leave a book” policy.

Newspaper and magazine reading is also important, and many publishers make all or some of their articles available for free online. Numerous e-zines publish exclusively online, not to mention a variety of corporate and privately owned blogs.

There’s no limit to the amount of reading you can do online for free. Also, try out reading apps that provide free trials. Some give you access to magazines otherwise only available with a subscription.

Make Books Your Best Friends

To become truly well-rounded, however, you must read things written by people from a variety of backgrounds and experiences.

Reads books and articles by authors of different sexes, gender identities, ethnicities, races, nationalities, political affiliations, religious beliefs, sexual orientations, class alignments, ages, and abilities.

Even publishers can have ideological leanings that skew who can or will write for them. Be aware of who you’re reading and how their perspectives shape your own.

2. Engage In Local Culture And Leisure Activities

Yet another way of becoming a well-rounded person if to engage in your community. You may be surprised by how many local activities take place within a short walk, bike, or bus ride from where you live.

Events may be put on by municipal offices, museums, libraries, chambers of commerce, social clubs, and various nonprofit and for-profit organizations.

Some events will even be free, or only require a donation in exchange for entry, like a non-perishable food item for the local food bank.

You may also want to consider taking part in casual, unorganized activities such as going to the beach, people-watching at the local mall, or going to a drop-in center and just hanging out or even consider learning the local language.

These events, whether formal or informal, will allow you to learn more about your local culture or the history of the people in that area. You will also have ample opportunities to talk to people from a variety of backgrounds and experiences who you otherwise wouldn’t have spoken to.

3. Volunteer With People Unlike You

Volunteering is one of the most effective ways to be a well-rounded person. There’s no better way to see how other people experience the world than to experience it with them.

Volunteering with local organizations that support people unlike yourself can help you see first-hand the struggles and triumphs of others.

It’s also a great way to give back a little because unless you’re homeless, penniless, and lacking all skills, you’re likely more fortunate than someone else out there. The fact that you can read this is proof positive that you are.

Find an organization that’s looking for volunteers and sign up.

It can be for a one-time event or a more long-term commitment, that’s completely up to you. For an even more well-rounded experience, volunteer for multiple organizations with different mandates.

For example, you could volunteer with your local museum for an event on indigenous cultures, volunteer once a week reading to long-term care patients at the hospital, and sit on the board for your child’s school that only meets once-a-month.

This way, you spread out your commitments but also get a broader view of the community in which you live, which is a key characteristic of a well-rounded person.

4. Have More Meaningful Conversations

You’d think it goes without saying that when you meet people, you should listen to them and try not to judge them, but too many of us are surrounded by other people with whom we don’t even interact, let alone have meaningful, open exchanges of ideas.

So take the time to have important and impactful conversations. When you ask someone “how are you” or “what’s new”, don’t do it in a way that invites a cursory response like “fine” or “nothing much”.

Make sure they know you want to hear what they have to say. And prove it by listening intently, asking clarifying questions, and not judging them unjustly.

Such behavior can easily make you a well-rounded person.

5. Stand Up For Those Who Need Support

Yes, stand up for people who need to be stood up for.

There might be situations where a person is constantly been bullied by others or put on the spotlight for the wrong deeds. Sometimes the most vulnerable people end up being the easy targets.

One of the key characteristics of a well/rounded individual is to be caring for others.

By standing up for the right, you are showing courage and compassion, by setting an example and letting others know that you won’t be standing by the wrong side.

but always bear in mind that people are entitled to their opinions, even when they differ from the norm.

6. Reflect On A Daily Basis

One of the best ways of being a well-rounded person is to reflect on you and your surroundings. At the end of each day, after you’ve taken in new information and ideas from the books you’ve read, things you’ve seen, and people you’ve spoken to, it’s time to reflect.

Journalling is a great way to jot down everything you’ve learned. If you’re serious about becoming a more well-rounded person, however, journalling should never just be about regurgitation; it should be about thinking critically.

Of course, you can reflect without ever writing anything down.

On that note!

7. Ask Thought-Provoking Questions To Yourself

If you disagree with someone today, why did you disagree with them? What are your reasons for believing what you believe? What are their reasons for believing what they believe?

If you saw someone struggling today, why do you think they were struggling?

What physical, emotional, cultural, or social pressures might have been causing their struggle?

What can you do as an individual to help alleviate those pressures?

There’s no end to the number of questions you could ask yourself at the end of a day full of personal growth. You may find that you’re feeling exhausted but also strangely energized. That’s because you’ve just experienced a tough but satisfying workout for your brain!

And tomorrow, you get to do it all over again. These are a few ways of being a well-rounded person without spending so much money. Yet these five ways would help you reap the benefits of being well rounded.

Other Skills To Help You Being A Well-Rounded Professional

1. Show Empathy To Others

In these times, when living, studying, and even working in different countries is so accessible, it is essential to be empathetic to others.

For instance, your colleagues might have come from a different background. So having empathy will help you judge less and accept more.

Showing empathy means you are willing to listen to others, be in their shoes, and even befriend people with different thoughts and opinions.

Being empathetic means accepting someone for whom they are, and not judge them with your perspective.

On that note, learn to resolve conflicts smoothly!

2. Learn To Resolve Conflicts Smoothly

To be a well rounded professional means that you have good skills to handle conflicts and are able to resolve them smoothly.

It is okay to have a difference in opinion with others, but it is not okay to make a mess about it.

We are all different in the way we think, perceive, and act.

So the last thing a well-rounded professional would do is get in a fight with someone who doesn’t agree with them.

3. Be Openminded To Learn New Things

Cultivate the mindset of a life long learner. Educate yourself in whatever field you are in. In other words, be knowledgeable and the go-to person in your team.

This doesn’t mean you stack up on certifications.

If you are a well educated and well-rounded professional, you have the ability to solve real-life problems.

Concluding Thoughts on Being a Well-Rounded Person,

Learning is everywhere. It’s all up to you; how you utilize your time and resources can bring a massive change in you. For instance, you do not need an MBA degree to learn management. It is said that time is gold; so you could start right away from managing your time.

Hence, the benefit of being a well-rounded person is people look up to you for a piece of advice. For them, you are easily approachable. If there are any other characteristics to become a well-rounded person please do share in the comments section below.

Also, comment below what are the benefits of being a well-rounded person according to you.

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Key Takeaways On Being a Well-Rounded Professional

Is it good to be well rounded?

  • A well-rounded person has the experience and the knowledge of several different things essential to succeed in life.
  • It is in fact the most important skill to cultivate in school or college to better prepare students for the life ahead.

How do you develop a well-rounded personality?

  • Developing a well-rounded personality can be easily included in your daily life.
Here are some of the characteristics you need to develop a well-rounded personality:
  • Read books from authors of different backgrounds
  • Be openminded to learn new things
  • Show empathy to others
  • Get to know the local cultures of the places you visit
  • Hone your conflict-resolving skills
  • Learn to be the expert in your subjects
  • Have more meaningful conversations, and relationships
  • Be a classy individual

What does a well-rounded student mean?

Being a well-rounded student is important if you are looking to admit to good universities. In order to be a well-rounded student, it is essential to not only focus on your academic scores but also engage in other extracurricular activities.

For example, you can create a community in your school for a good cause, and take part in it. By doing such kind of activities, you can easily build a well-rounded personality for your future success.

Jessica Trudel
Jessica Trudel
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