Top Scientific Reasons That Proves Youngest Child Wins In Life

Time flies and life passes in a glimpse of an eye. When it comes to the youngest child in the family, you somehow grow up against all the odds. Yes, these odds are none other than your elder siblings.

Typically, the youngest kid in the family is always criticized by the elder ones. Elder kids poke them, annoy them, rule them, and what not. The poor young kid of the family somehow grows overruled by the elder ones.

Being the butt of the family jokes is something the youngest kid hates. This ambiance of unease turns out the last-born to be annoying, adamant, audacious and attention seekers.
Ultimately, the youngest kids aren’t that bad.

While we are all in the assumption that the youngest kids have no super skills, science conveys something unusual about these brats. Here are the surprising facts that prove that the younger baby of the family grows to be the best child of the parents.

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Scientific Reasons That Prove Youngest Child Wins In Life

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1. Youngest of the family grow to be more independent

Not only do the last-borns grow up to be financially sound and independent, but they also become more independent from parental support. At an early age, they learn to be mature enough to handle things even though they are always treated less-powerful by their parents.

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2. The Baby of the family turns out to be an adventurer

During childhood, the youngest of the family imitates every possible thing from their siblings just to prove themselves smarter. Unknowingly elder siblings become their role model, and they try to outsmart them day in and day out. But, things change as they grow up.

Youngest kids try to explore as much as possible, just to find their feet in life, and this makes them more adventurous and practical.

3. Last-borns have a good social life compared to other siblings

Babies of the bunch, tend to be attention seekers as a child. The reason behind this is the fact that parents are more relaxed and less bothered about the youngest kid. Parents have more experience in parenting the kids, by when they have the last child. They have experimented a lot of things with the other elder siblings. By now they are smart enough.

Parents stay calm even when the youngest kid eats the dog-food because they know the elder one survived to do so!

This parental trait for the youngest kid makes them easy going, relaxed and socially more active compared to the other elder kids. Added on to this is the fact is that parents are a bit lenient to the youngest kids, also for the same reasons.

4. They are more creative

In search of finding their passion, the youngest kid ends up with more creativity. They discover new paths and goals in life and strive to achieve them as well. Last-borns love what they do, and pursue creative careers as artists, designers, and writers, etc.

However, research says that the eldest kid has more IQ, and the younger ones gravitate more towards a out-of-box approach.

5. They learn valuable life lessons from elder siblings

The youngest kids act maturely even at an early phase of their lives. The credit naturally goes to the mistakes of the elder siblings. Last-borns smartly learn from these mistakes and take sensible decisions in life.

Deep in their hearts, are those things, which must not be done in life.

For example, consider the elder child gives up his/her career after marriage without any hesitation and later realizes that it was a mistake.

The last born implicitly learns a valuable life lesson not to do the same in his/her life.

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All those last-borns out there, raise your chin and be proud of yourself.

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