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3 Simple Ways To Stop Procrastinating

So, are you into this 9 to 5 job or a schedule where most of your time flies for the daily chores? And you are left with a day or two off from your routine, in which you end up being lazy or just having fun with your friends. On top of it, do you find yourself planning many things and end up doing none?? It means that you are procrastinating.

Does it pretty much sound like your life?

Procrastination by definition means that you are not doing your tasks on time and you keep delaying them until the deadline. If you often find yourself waiting for that “someday”; you have something to fix right now.

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We, humans, tend to procrastinate, assuming that we have more time in the future, or that the task in itself is very difficult or annoying and may not leave a good experience for you. There is no harm in all these illusions. The only harm is that it’s not the reality.

By the way, don’t be so hard on yourself, to be honest, I was also procrastinating to write this article for three days.

Procrastination = Setting goals and Not Achieving Them In A Given Span.

At least you are planning to do something, so kudos for that. So, let’s not procrastinate further and jump down to the tips on how to stop procrastinating and nail the art of getting things done.

how-to-stop-procrastinating-overcome procrastination

3 Simple Ways To Stop Procrastinating & Overcome Procrastination

1. Start Small

Be it working out, or maintaining a new healthy habit or even enhancing your skills. Whatever new decisions you make up for yourself, just start small. Show some kindness to yourself.

The first and foremost biggest mistake we humans do is to set high expectations. We set unrealistic goals for a short term and very often fail to achieve it thereby losing self-confidence. We want every bloody thing to be sorted in one shot and live a great life.

Unfortunately, life is no fairy tale. You have to nail the art of getting things done. And of course, to do that, you must NOT PROCRASTINATE.

To help you with that, here’s a strategy.

There’s this famous Japanese technique called ‘Kaizen – The One Minute Technique.’

Kai means ‘Change’ and Zen means ‘Wisdom’.

It says you should not change your life spontaneously, but slowly and wisely. The basic idea of this principle is to start doing a new challenge just for one minute every day.

You have to set short-term goals and try to adhere to them strictly. No matter what the situation is, you have to train your mind and give that shot for a minute. Doing so, you will feel confident and add an extra mile gradually. It may sound a very doubtful and inefficient way, but this technique works.

For example, if you have been procrastinating to start working out, just start doing yoga for one minute each day. Only 60 seconds, not more, not less.

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Remember, in here every single day means every single day. No excuses, no complaints, no other plans, you must make it happen.

When your mind is trained to do it every single day, you won’t find it mundane or confusing, instead, show commitment towards your goals. You will end up enjoying the experience. So isn’t it simple? Start small, take baby steps, show consistency, and you will crack it. Trust me; it’s not that difficult.

2. Cultivate the habit of making a To-Do List

The habit of making a to-do list sounds so cliche, but this will help you so much in the long run. If you are already not following this habit, it is for sure the most important thing you must endorse.

As a rule of thumb, you must start your day by planning it and making a to-do list. Personally what I have benefited from this habit is that I could vividly see how much progress do I make. I can quickly sense the level of commitment towards what I wanted to achieve every single day.

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As every other person even I procrastinate, and how a to-do list became a blessing in disguise is, by making me feel guilty.

As I mentioned earlier, I had been delaying to write down this article for three days from now, the fourth day when I looked at my to-list, I felt so sorry that I immediately started penning down this piece.

So make it a habit to have a to-do list on a daily basis. That will make yourself a pro at getting things done in an organized manner.

3. Set Your Priorities

In this era of increased social bonding, it is essential to draw a line and isolate yourself from things that setback your great deeds.

You have to learn the skill to manage, prioritize and be on the ball every time. It doesn’t mean you have to strangle yourself and go bizarre. It means that you must learn to say NO at the right time. Keep you and your goals before anything else that comes your way.

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Concluding thoughts,

After all, it is your life. You need to figure out what you are going to do with the time left.

But here is an untold truth, “If you do hard things now, your life will be easy. And if you do easy things, your life will be tough later.”

Waking up early in the morning can be hard. Not to eat your favorite dessert can be hard as well. To chuck, your friends on a Friday night party can be terrible. To work out every day and push that extra mile can be way harder. Most importantly to stay stagnant in life can be very EASY. You have a ‘CHOICE.’ Wanting to be successful and content in life is just not ENOUGH. ‘ACT’ and not just desire!

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Nihar B
Nihar B
With a decade of experience as a woman in tech, Nihar has worked with a range of companies from Fortune 500 corporations such as IBM, Accenture, Ericsson to H&M Group. Her diverse work-life enables her to share her knowledge to develop, grow, and succeed both professionally and personally in today's ever-changing world.

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