Things To Know Before Bringing A New Dog Into Your Family

Buying a dog, or any pet for that matter is a huge commitment. It is almost equivalent to having a baby. Amidst all the excitement of getting a puppy,  here are the real things to know before getting a dog to your home. If you’re anything like me, you love dogs. Sometimes I enjoy being around a dog more than I enjoy being around people, lol! I can constantly watch YouTube videos of puppies and never get bored. Dogs are great pets to have for the family or even a single person. Puppies are the most popular pet to adopt, especially in America.

According to ASPCA, approximately1.6 million shelter dogs are adopted each year.

Yes, you read that correctly. More and more families are getting themselves a K-9 member to add to the family.

Benefits of Having a Dog/Pet in The Family

Having a dog comes with a lot of benefits. Growing pets and kids together can be a great idea. Pets help kids learn responsibility.

There are more, but I’m sure you get the gist of the wonder that is dog ownership.

How Dоgѕ Саn Help Rеduсе Hеаlth Аnd Wellness Рrоblеmѕ?

Now, ask yourself before you go racing to adopt a dog!

Is bringing a dog into your life going to better it’s life or worsen it? People write article after article talking about the benefits of having a pet for themselves, or their family will have, but dogs are living creatures as well.

Dogs are out in a gone with creatures utterly different than them and aren’t allowed to come and go as they please like we are. Wild animals have a lot more freedom and say so in how they behave, but domestic animals like dogs and cats are often limited by fences, doors, or even cages. Yet, we still act like adopting dogs is somehow a favor you show to them.

Adopting a pet can be an incredible experience for both you and the dog.

However, it is vital while preparing to adopt, that you take the dog’s happiness also a priority before you bring one into your home.

So, if you want to know what are the things you need to know before having a happy and healthy dog, keep reading!

Everything You Need To Know Before Getting A Dog


1. Dogs Cost A Lot Of Money

Just like any other pet, dogs need food, shelter, and regular check-ups at the vet.

Having a dog is like having a child in many ways. They’ll need to be taken care of, and a lot of that can cost money. The veterinarian by itself can cause hundreds of dollars for just one visit. If you can’t afford to keep a dog fed on a regular basis, then I think it’s safe to say you can’t afford a dog.

See this: Easy Pet Food That You Can Prepare At Home

2. Dogs Need You To Spend Time With Them

To be adequately prepared to get a dog, you need to have the time to spend with it. A big mistake a lot of people make is adopting a dog and then completely ignoring it. Then you see those same people upset because the dog is pooping in their favorite pair of shoes.

If you work 14 hours a day and live alone, your dog will become emotionally starved and lash out, stop eating, and in extreme cases, die from neglect.


Dogs do have emotions, and they need care beyond just food and water. They can become depressed just like people can, and that can affect their health. They need love and attention as if they were babies.

3. Mentally Prepare Yourself to Adjust

Getting a dog is a beautiful experience, but it also is a very different kind of experience. It can get difficult to get used to its needs at the beginning, especially if you have no clue about being responsible for another creature.

A new puppy makes noise and always wants care and attention. So mentally prepare yourself and adjust your daily routine accordingly.

You may have to wake up earlier to take it for a walk. Or even be willing for a walk after dinner each evening.

If you adopt a puppy or a dog that isn’t trained already, you’ll be picking up poop and wiping up pee in different parts of your house. I’m sure if that’s the case, your nose will also have to do its bit of adjusting for a while.

You’ll see bits of fur all over now, and as the dog is adjusting to new indoor environments, you may end up finding some of your items chewed up. Over time, a lot of this will go away with training, but it definitely will take its time.

4. Puppy Proof Your Home Before Buying A Dog

Your pet should feel comfortable at your home. You’ll want to puppy-proof your house, of course. However, you don’t want to take away your dog’s ability to move freely. As I said before, dogs can get sad and depressed, and something like a lack of mobility can be a cause of it.

Get your pet a doggy bed, some chew toys, and a free area where it can roam around comfortably.

It’s not fair to a dog to be forced into a cage where it can hardly turn around in a complete circle. You can use baby gates to keep your dog out of critical areas, but leave ample space for it to move around. Be sure to sort out how you’re going to set up your space before getting yourself a dog.

Things To Know Before Getting A Dog – Tips For Buying A Pet-AlignThoughts

This infographic was contributed to us by FiveBarks, the ultimate guide for dog lovers.

Concluding thoughts,

To have a dog or just any pet is super exciting. I jumped for joy up and down the first game I got a dog. But I also had to change up a lot of things in my house before I could get one because I wanted my dog to love me and enjoy being with me as much as I enjoyed being with it.

You want to make sure your house, finances, and mindset are all prepared before you welcome any pet into your life.

What kind of dog do you have or are planning to get? Do you think your house is ready for a pet? What other things do you think need to be sorted out before getting a dog? Comment your thoughts below!

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