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What A Man Needs In A Relationship – Things Guys Want From Their Girlfriends But Won’t Ask For

To be a woman in a happy relationship can itself be a big deal. But you can easily crack the solution to a successful relationship by just understanding men and what they want in a relationship from a woman. Being around boys all my life (the only girl in a big family), I thought I know what men crave the most (apart from the obvious). I was in for a shock when I questioned them about what are the things guys want but won’t ask for it. Let me tell you a little secret- it is not all that different from what all women want. Read on to know the things guys secretly love about a relationship with a woman.

The patriarchal society deems men to be tough. Any sign of showing womanly emotions is categorized as weak. Women are often termed as complicated, and men are simple while expressing their feelings. But did you know that men are not that different, they feel the same and go through a similar range of emotions?

In fact, research conducted by the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health found that men are not commitment-phobic and 83% of men report being committed and see a future with their partner.

Their problem lies in the way they have been raised. They get irritated and start acting out whenever they are not able to handle their emotions. It is the social conditioning that men face difficulty while communicating their intimate feelings especially when it comes to sharing them with their partner.

Contrary to the popular beliefs men want a lot more than just sex in a relationship with a woman!

Here are a few things that they crave from their girlfriend, what a man needs in a relationship.

Things Men Want In A Relationship With Their Partners But Won’t Ask For


1. He Should Be Your Priority

Guys never say it, but all of them want to be the first one on your mind, before any friend, children, or family. Men are actually quite emotional. Their main problem is that they can’t show their sensitive side easily. It takes men a great deal of courage and deep touch with their emotions to make them more expressive. Thus men want their partners to understand their needs and make it a priority.

According to a study conducted by the Department of Psychology of UCL, Dr. John Barry says that men are actually okay being emotionally vulnerable.

So, woman, you know what you need to do when you are with your man. Keep everything on the back burner and devote your time and emotions to the guy in front of you. They want your feelings, emotional support more than you would want it from them.

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2. Let Me Desire you

Most of us are in the habit of misunderstanding our partners. So when he asks you to spend time doing whatever you want, in no way is he trying to let you go! They merely mean that your man wants you. He wishes to put some distance, not because he wants space. Instead, he wants space to grow. He desires his partner.

So, when you would meet after an interval, there would be more passion. More love. More need. Let them miss you! I agree all this sounds crazy, and a bit twisted. You must have heard of this saying, “distances make hearts grow fonder.”

So spend time with your friends, do some other activity, simply do not hog your man’s time; let him enjoy his poker night while you have a girl’s night out.

Loving each other does not mean you have to be in each other’s face all the time.

3. Share The Responsibility

I recently watched a mockup of Rapunzel, where the roles were reversed. Without getting into the details, the moral of it all was why do girls need to be rescued when guys do not need a woman in shining armor? Similarly, why do women expect the guys to do all the heavy lifting? Share that responsibility gal!

Just like we expect our man to contribute to the household chores, why can’t we help out the guys in the outside work?

The times are changing we are no longer conservative, we know how to drive, we know how to earn our livelihood and how to balance work and personal life. Why can’t we lend a hand to our man?

Next time pick up the dry cleaning yourself and the wine too. Help lay down the tiles or the fence. Agreed that women have a lot to do in the house but men wish they knew how to handle a screwdriver and a wrench too.

In a study published in Springer’s Journal – Sex Roles, women still do more chores than their male partners irrespective of their career and income.

But it is now time for changing these stereotypes. Share the responsibility both inside and outside. They might not ask for it, even say that a woman might hurt their sexuality by taking over their work but the hearts of hearts they would want you to share the responsibility in all activities.

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4. Please Stop Nagging

One of the most significant flaws a woman has is the capability to nag and crib!

  • “Am I too fat?”,
  • “I am not getting enough work!”
  • “I have too much work!”
  • or we ask too many questions from our partner- “where is the money?”
  • “What did you do with all the food?”
  • “Why can’t you give me more time?”
  • “Please do not act like a baby!”

We sometimes tend to think only from our perspective.

Just imagine if we had someone breathing down our neck all day long! Asking questions and making comments on everything we do! Trust me, this is definitely something guys do not want from their girlfriends.

Moreover, how would you feel? We don’t need to hover over the guy! Trust them to do the right thing for themselves and let him take the lead!

They are capable, so we need to stop mothering them. Grow in the relationship as partners and as individuals, so the bond becomes stronger. Because, under stress, even the elastic breaks!

5. Men Want A Women With Goals – Follow Your Passion Sweetheart!

Men have loved strong women for a long time and that is by far something they want in a relationship, a woman with passion or drive to chase her dreams.

They love women who do not put their dreams on hold. They desire you more when you are out doing what you love. If growing in your career is your passion, don’t hold back have faith in your guy! When you are following your love for your work, your man will respect you even more.

Passion for your own life and dreams will increase the desire not only to ignite the spark in the relationship but also the desire in the bedroom!

Go out in the world and then come back to your man! It is incredible for both partners. Psst…. You won’t nag him when you are out strutting your thing!

6. He Wants Love, Care, and Understanding Just As You Do

To handle a man in a relationship is almost similar to handling yourself.

Just like women, men also crave love, care, and attention.

But it is their social upbringing that doesn’t let them express it. These intangible things are what guys secretly love. Women all over the world, across different religions, different cultures dream that their men love them unconditionally.

Men, on the other hand, want the same. They want you to love them unconditionally and care for their needs, understand their situations, and just give them your support. Lead them in the bedroom and take control. Love your man the way you want to be loved.

Women, take note! Men are not from Mars, and we are definitely not from Venus. We all belong to the planet Earth. We all have similar emotions and needs, just a different way of expressing it. Just give them what you want and see how your relationship nurtures and blossoms.

Men are indeed emotional beings, and when they are not able to handle it, they generally get irritated. Shower them with the gift of love and respect them, your man will never ask for anything more.

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Preeti Bhandari
Preeti B lives in Canada with her two boys, who keep her on her toes. Content writing and paper quilling are two art forms that she is passionate about. She loves to express herself through these two mediums. Apart from these, listening to music and reading books are the hobbies that take her to a different zone.

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