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These Candid Answers Will Melt Your Heart Down This Mother’s Day

Mother is the truest of friend you can ever have. When trials massive and sudden fall upon you; when adversity takes the place of prosperity when best of your friends desert you, your partner ditches you, and when trouble thickens around, still will she cling to you. She is indeed one of a kind. She is MOM….. also when looked upside down, she is WOW….!!!

Today’s hectic day-to-day’s lifestyle, we sometimes miss the chance to sit back and give time and attention to the most beautiful creations in this world. One such invention is your mother. No matter how much you fight with her, no matter how less you talk to her, no matter how much she holds you back not to take the steep path. No matter how far you stay away from her, and no matter how much you make fun of her, the love for your mom is always sincere and unique.

To make this mother’s day special, call her and tell this beautiful poem and make your mom feel special.  We asked people about what they missed and loved the most about their moms, and these candid replies will melt your heart down.

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These Candid Answers Will Melt Your Heart Down This Mother’s Day


1)  My mother teaches me the life’s most significant lessons in the simplest way possible. I love her for that!

alignthoughts-mother's-day-quotes-Mother's love is eternal1

2) My mom is sweet and caring. She takes care of me so much that I miss her when I fall sick.

alignthoughts-mother's-day-quotes-Mother's love is eternal

3) My mom defends me from my dad when I am caught for something. She is my best friend and a great companion to hang out with. alignthoughts-mother's-day-quotes-Mother's love is eternal (22)

4) My mom is my best fashion and style critique. I miss her the most while shopping.alignthoughts-mother's-day-quotes-Mother's love is eternal (21)

5) I don’t miss my mom now; I think I have matured out of that feeling. But yes, I like being around her and the fact that she can do anything and everything for me without complaining.alignthoughts-mother's-day-quotes-Mother's love is eternal (20)

6) The princess way I’m treated at home. That’s what I miss. I don’t think about cleaning or washing clothes, instead, allocate time for skin and hair care. alignthoughts-mother's-day-quotes-Mother's love is eternal (19)

7) My mother goes way cranky when I’m into the mobile, and she scolds me the most for it. That’s what I miss the most. Her unconditional love for me.alignthoughts-mother's-day-quotes-Mother's love is eternal (18)

8) My mother prepares yummy food, and that’s what I miss a lot, staying away from her.alignthoughts-mother's-day-quotes-Mother's love is eternal (17)


9) The most beautiful part I miss about my childhood is the fact that, my mother told me bedtime stories every night. I wish I were still young. Miss you mom.alignthoughts-mother's-day-quotes-Mother's love is eternal (16)

10) What I miss the most about my mom are her love and care. Every morning hot cup of tea with my mom’s awakening voice means a lot! Moving out of my hometown for work, I miss the days being with my mom.alignthoughts-mother's-day-quotes-Mother's love is eternal (15)

11) My mom is either an endless fun or a continuous irritation. Infinite fun when she lets me live my dreams. And constant irritation when she asks me to stop it and get married. But I love her the most in this world.alignthoughts-mother's-day-quotes-Mother's love is eternal (14)

12) I lost my mom when I was in high school. What I miss the most about her is the incredible sense of humor she had. I have never met anyone with such great sense of humor as my mom until now. And that’s what makes me miss her more. Happy Mother’s Day all. alignthoughts-mother's-day-quotes-Mother's love is eternal (13)

13) She makes everybody in the family do what they love to do, and she supports us with unconditional love. That’s the most beautiful part of my mom.alignthoughts-mother's-day-quotes-Mother's love is eternal (12)

14) My mother is way more passionate than me. If someone asks her to do something or if she wants something in life, she will go out her way and work hard to make it possible. She is a SUPER MOM. alignthoughts-mother's-day-quotes-Mother's love is eternal (11)

15) I love the way she cooks recipes for me because she loves me the way I am and does not complain about it.

alignthoughts-mothers-day-message-Mother's love is eternal

16) She is easy going, super kind and independent. My mom is everything to me.alignthoughts-mother's-day-quotes-Mother's love is eternal (8)

17) When things go wrong, she is the first person I call. My mom is always there for me. No matter what.alignthoughts-mother's-day-quotes-Mother's love is eternal (7)

18) No matter what I do, whether she likes it, loves it or hates it, my mom supports me. She is my savior in disguise.alignthoughts-mother's-day-quotes-Mother's love is eternal (2)


Giving birth to you must be the most difficult and the awaiting thing for her in her life, so reward your mother for it. Be kind to her and make her feel proud of yourself. Happy Mother’s Day to all of you.

Comment below and share with your mom! Make her feel special because she deserves it!

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