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How PRP Can Become The Magic Elixir For Hair Loss Treatments

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy abbreviated as PRP Therapy is a revolutionary treatment that has provided tremendous results to people who were suffering from hair loss. This treatment has been exclusively designed for hair loss of any stage – whether your hairs have just started going thin or you are at a stage of hair transplant. The reason, why this method is suitable for all, lies within this procedure fundamentals.

Basically, in this procedure, blood will be drawn from the body and then will be passed through several standard procedures to get growth cell & platelet-rich plasma. This plasma is then injected into the target scalp.

These growth cells concentrated plasma repairs the damaged tissues and promote new cell growth that in turn result in healthy, long, and thick hairs. Till now, several studies & researches have been conducted on PRP. And most of them have tagged PRP treatment as effective, reliable, and safe.

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The human body is extremely complex, and although several ailments could affect it, some of the simplest solutions also lie within our bodies. For instance, when you have a bad cough, spitting out the phlegm is one solution. Similarly, your own blood is the greatest medicine for a range of your problems, including skincare and hair restoration. There are references in ancient texts that women used to apply blood, mixed with herbs and potent potions to their face, making it look and feel better. This same method, as gruesome as it might sound to some, is still being used.

However, the method has been modernized now. Known as the vampire facial, blood that is extracted from the body, infused with a potent serum, and then injected back into the body, mainly the face. The platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy strengthens and revives the scalp from within, making it a good choice for hair loss treatments.

It’s time to heal the skin from inside the body.

However, the same concept can be used for the hair too – a similar formula has been created to help restore and rejuvenate hair follicles and ensure better hair growth. Known as PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma therapy, this procedure works on the same tenets as a vampire facial, but the only difference is that this procedure is designed exclusively for the hair.

Why PRP Therapy Is Good For Hair Loss Treatments?

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Here is how the procedure works?

The procedure is actually simple, although it needs to be done with extreme care and precaution. In a standard procedure, blood will be drawn from the arm, and this blood will be removed into a test tube. This test tube will then be placed into a centrifuge, which will spin at immense speed. The speed and the action of the machine will separate out the red blood cells from the plasma. This plasma, which is extremely rich in platelets is then injected into the scalp.

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In certain clinics, this platelet is treated with a nourishing serum, which makes it more potent, and then it is injected. The injections can be administered with or without anesthesia as this is something that depends on the level of pain tolerance of the patient.

However, for all patients, the injections will be administered at about a half-inch gap across the scalp, concentrating on those parts of the scalp, where the hair loss or loss of density is the most prominent.

This is why the procedure works

There are those who will question why platelet-rich plasma PRP for hair loss treatment is a good idea; the fact is that this procedure has shown tremendous results in almost all the cases and there is solid evidence to back the same. Human blood contains mainly two components – red blood cells and plasma.

It is the plasma that contains white blood cells and platelets, which are abundant in growth factors.

Growth factors, as the name suggests, are the body’s method of ‘growing’ – these are the envoys of the body, that signal the skin cells to do the task they are meant to. So, in the field of hair restoration, these growth factors will signal the hair follicles to jump into action and hence lead to new hair growth.

Several studies have shown that the procedure is effective because there is evidence that after the completion of the procedure, there is an increase in hair count, overall density, and thickness.

There is also a positive change in the growth phase of the normal hair cycle. And because the procedure is minimally invasive, a growing number of people are now opting for it.

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Studies have also shown that when PRP therapy is done in tandem with a hair transplant, it shows even better results.

When you undergo a hair transplant, new hair follicles have been implanted, and these need help and support for growth. Several doctors will prescribe topical solutions and medications to help with hair growth, but experts will probably suggest a PRP session for enhanced hair growth.

When the platelet-rich plasma is injected into the scalp, it is able to directly target the newly implanted hair follicles and enable them to not only take hold faster but also grow faster.

What is interesting to note is that the procedure will work for anyone who is facing hair loss. And there is no stage of hair loss, for which you need to wait before you consider a PRP therapy.

Whether you want increased density in your existing hair or you are suffering from conditions such as androgenetic alopecia, you can consider getting PRP. Similarly, the therapy is not gender-specific, which means that both men and women can get it done and there is also no age limitation.

Here are some of the other things you need to know about PRP

While you will be able to notice changes in your hair, after the very first procedure, you need to undergo a few more procedures, before you can see proper results. Your doctor will be able to advise how many more sessions you will need and how they need to be spaced out.

Typically, you will need sessions once a month.

For the first few months and after perhaps the fourth month, the sessions will be spaced once every four to six months. If you are following the therapy plan charted out by your doctor, then you should start noticing a decline in the loss of hair and an increase in the current density as well as the length.

There will be people who will be worried by the needles, but the fact is that there are almost no risks involved with the procedure. Because it is your own blood that is being used, there is next to no chances of any infections or allergies, and because it’s your own blood, your will body will be able to accept it with ease.

There could be a little bruising or bleeding at the site of the injections, but this is completely normal and should disappear in a matter of hours. You might be asked to keep an ice pack on the site to relieve the discomfort, and you might also be prescribed some painkillers.

Dr. Kapil Dua
Dr. Kapil Dua
Dr. Kapil Dua, Co-Founder & Chairman at AK Clinics has over fourteen years of clinical and teaching experience in the fields of Otolaryngology & Hair Transplant.

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