Tuesday, September 14, 2021
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The Downsides of Perfectionism and How to Overcome It?

Perfectionism, when followed religiously, can easily become a weakness rather than a strength. Most organizations set organizational/personal goals and targets each year and drive their employees to deliver beyond expectations in order to earn an incentive or bonus on top of the regular salary....

How To Know And Deal With Haters Around You?

When striving for success, coming across haters on your path is quite common. After all, it's a sign of jealousy such haters show towards your constructive growth in life and may also leave no stones unturned in pulling you down. Oftentimes, the reason behind...

How To Choose The Right Accommodation For A Remote Work Lifestyle?

An increasing number of people are interested in extending remote work. For some, this working style has become the new definition of work-life integration. Due to all these factors, it's not surprising to witness the drastically rising demand for hotel office spaces. More than...

Benefits of AI: Why Companies Can Embrace AI, Instead of Being Threatened?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) refers to the learning and problem-solving ability in modern-day technology and machines similar to the human mind. Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer the technology we get to see in Sci-fi movies. Chances are, if you have a recent model of...

Why Not Complain To Your Boss – Here’s What To Do Instead?

Delivering a difficult message especially to your boss can seem challenging. But when done right, it can form a trusting relationship with your manager. Complaining directly to the immediate supervisor can sometimes backfire and lead to termination. Hence, finding the correct approach to complain...


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The Pink Dress – Romantic Short Story

Abstract: Nikita’s world shattered when she discovered the pink dress in her husband’s wardrobe and unearthed a secret affair. She took an unusual step to save the family and then…. Nikita swallowed the tablet and...