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Here’s How Not To Complain About Your Life And Bring Positivity Around You!

If you stop complaining about your life, you will enjoy life more than before, form better relationships, and have a problem-solving mindset. Most importantly, you will be happy inside out. Moaning is very common especially among people with an attitude of not taking responsibility. By complaining about your life, you don’t own your problems. You don’t seek solutions to solve these problems, and this sadly means you may never grow in life. For all these reasons, it is essential you develop a positive attitude towards life and stop complaining. In fact, take a mini-challenge to stop complaining for the next 30 days.

  • ‘Oops, I am so busy this week.’
  • ‘Why do I always have to do overtime?’
  • ‘I hate my job, I can’t even take a day off.’
  • ‘Why do I have to clean the house?’
  • ‘I don’t look beautiful’
  • ‘Why do you make a mess every time?’

A bit of complaining now, and a bit of cribbing then! And there you go self-demeaning yourself with every possible what, why me, and oh-no.

Have you ever given a thought about the amount of time and energy you put into complaining or whining? By continually cribbing about the things you don’t like, you are spending an extra amount of energy venting it out on somebody.

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Well, don’t waste time thinking an extra hour about it, it is merely not worth it.

Your time is precious, your energy is expensive, and most importantly, your life is precious and that my friend, you need to nurture it with happiness quotient instead of tagging along with a box full of complaint.

Stop Complaining About Your Life: Complain Less And Do More

Here are the steps on how not to complain about your life and bring the best out of it.

1. Start Your Day With A Purpose

Starting your day with a purpose is primitive to stop complaining about your daily life. Set goals or actions to achieve during the day.

They can be as simple as hitting the gym at least 3 days a week or consuming less sugar during that particular day. Start with small actions, and achieve them without making excuses.

By fulfilling these goals, you will feel a sense of achievement and work more towards such goals to improve yourself.

Here are more tips on how you can start your day with a purpose!

2. Motivate Yourself

Staying motivated is one of the best ways to stop complaining about your life. It not uncommon that every one of us can feel low occasionally.

It is during these times, you need to fight back your thoughts and try to come back with a mindset to show gratitude for what you have in life.

3. Find Solutions To Your Problems

  • Do you complain a lot about your work?
  • Complaining about your relationship?
  • Or do you often complain about your finances or life, in general?

Whatever could be the problem, but the ideal way to stop complaining in relationships, or job, is to figure out the root cause and solve it.

Is it your annoying boss, talk to them and handle it smartly. Are there compatibility issues with your partner, find out how you can fix them together in the relationship.

Every one of us has problems.

At the end of the day, the only difference between happy people and complaining people is the way how they deal with problems.

4. Respect Yourself

When you start respecting yourself, others follow suit. Reports say that a whopping 85 percent of people lack self-esteem and don’t respect themselves.

There are a lot of changes that come along when you start practicing self-respect. By respecting yourself you tend to surround yourself with positive-minded people who grow in life and look for opportunities, rather than complains.

5. Often Do Things That You Enjoy

We all have our favorite things to do, that we enjoy. These are the things that make you happy, no matter how bad or tough your life is.

Figure out what is that you do more often with your friends or even by yourself in your me-time. Try to find ways to cultivate these habits regularly and bring more fulfillment to your life.

By doing these things that you enjoy, you feel more content and stop complaining about your life eventually.

Do you see a happy man cry about his life?

6. Don’t Judge – Instead respect others’ imperfections too!

Being critical for the right reasons do make sense, and it is fine as long as you point out what’s appropriate and correct. But being judgemental doesn’t do any good.

Just as you are not perfect, so are others. And at the end of the day, we are humans.

Don’t fret over the traffic police; you have no idea how long he has been standing there in the heat and cold managing heavy traffic.

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Don’t complain about your maid for not cleaning the house properly. She gets tired too after running errands the whole day just like you. Someday a little bit of dust is fine, a few unwashed utensils are manageable. Don’t criticize; rather, help her improve her work.

After all, we are not robots, and all of us do have a bad day, a wrong chapter, a lousy phase sometimes.

Don’t judge them, because you haven’t been in their shoes, you haven’t traversed their path, and you have absolutely no idea about the bumps and blocks in their journey.

So why judge the book by its cover. Actually, why even bother to judge.

7. Embrace your imperfections, for you are unique!

Why do you complain of not being the topper, not being the sportsman of the year, of not being the star employee of the month? Why do you want to be anybody when you have the free choice of being you.

My all-time favorite life lesson is to love the skin you are in. Why always be cautious about how the world perceives you? Or even try to match the standards the society sets for you?

It’s okay to be imperfect in your approaches; it is okay to be average as long as you are YOU, as long as you are absolutely in love with being yourself.

You cannot make your life a rule-book where every rule has to be followed.

In fact, rules like promises are sometimes meant to be broken. Your imperfection makes you real. And in the world full of deceptive social media flattery, your imperfections are sunshine.

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So don’t bother being the star employee, just enjoy the work you do, acknowledgments will follow suit.

  • Be a true sportsman, and practice compassion, not complaints.
  • Be your competition; you will automatically excel in life.
  • You don’t have to be perfect; just be natural.

8. Be Responsible – For your self

Why do we always have to pick on someone or something to blame. Because either we are too self-centered to accept that we could be on the wrong side or too timid to take full responsibility for actually making a mess.

You just have to realize that whatever happens in your life, You and only You are responsible for it. The day this self-realization hits you on the spot, your complaints will disappear.

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“You complain about an unsatisfied job – Be patient, right decisions should be made with a calm mind. Your constant complains and cribbing will only make you resent your work and cloud your thoughts of future vision”. So relax!

Only two options are available, either you fix the problem or figure out that nothing can be done right away, so why bother yourself with mindless complaints. And in either case, you take up the responsibility.

Don’t be a complaint box; be a solution magnet.

9. Walk Away from Negative Thoughts

Yoga, Gym, Pilates, Breathing techniques. Umm, I would suggest just take a walk. Not difficult, Right!

Walk away from the place, the people, and the crowd, which triggers your complaining mindset. Choose to stay away from negative thoughts, concentrate on the music your ears are plugged into.

Look out for the sidewalks; you probably missed out looking at many things right from the new tea-stall to the brand new boutique opening hoarding (P.S- Don’t miss the mega-sale) or even the puppy looking at you innocently.

Smile when passers-by look at you. Instead of worries, let’s spread some viral cheers.

Life is sorted in just three words’ MIND OVER MATTER’ If it doesn’t matter, why do you mind? If it matters, why do you complain? Just go for it.

If negativity triggers your complaining aura, learn to walk away from that place; don’t stay rooted like a banyan tree.

Concluding Thoughts,

Life is simple, we humans have got used to enjoying it with a dose of complication, and when it does get a bit twisted, we complain. So don’t be a complain box; be grateful for what you have. In order to get a better life, create a better YOU.

Do you often complain about your life? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

Dr. Vidhisha Vijaykumar
Dr. Vidhisha Vijaykumar
Vidhisha is an academic researcher with a focus on climate change and sustainability. She is a Ph.D. professor by profession and a writer from the heart. Writing has been her passion that started as journal writing and eventually found a new path. She is also a mentor promoting critical thinking and truly believes words have the power to weave magic and can paint a picture of imagination.

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