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Sometimes The Most Productive Work You Can Do Is ‘Relax’

Haven’t we all reached a point where not doing anything is almost impossible? Sitting idle with our thoughts or not engaging in any activity like scrolling our socials, can be a nightmare. Research suggests that people even stress about relaxing and how to do it. The process of learning to relax can be a bit tricky in the beginning since we live in a world that promotes a hustle culture. Although staying productive and pushing towards moving out of the comfort zone is necessary for growth in life, occasionally reversing this concept and taking time to relax is also equally important to stay sane. Unfortunately, in the always-online digital environment, disconnecting ourselves and relaxing our minds has become increasingly difficult.

Eat, work, hustle, sleep, and repeat. This is what life has turned out in the modern world. We all have been so caught up in the ever-increasing competition and rat race that we hardly have time to pause, even if it’s for a minute, and reflect. Burnout has become the center of our lives, and it is taking a toll on our health.

According to the American Institute of Stress, 77% of people experience stressful thoughts that impact their physical health negatively. This is highly distressing because stress could manifest into health disorders and affect different aspects of life. That’s why finding tools and strategies that help calm the mind ease intrusive thoughts, and relax your mental stress is essential in today’s busy world.

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We spend most of our young life at work. In the urge to earn more, we don’t mind straining ourselves and working overtime. Due to this, we end up harming our physical, mental as well as emotional health.

Recently in Japan, a woman passed away from overworking at work because of the toxic Japanese work culture. This incident makes us think that overworking is only making our lives more challenging and more complicated overall.

Too much work is more destructive than productive, and the quality of work can also be compromised. Things get out of focus, and you’re struggling to concentrate as your interest levels drop. Hence, it is necessary to take a break and rest for some time.

What Are The Benefits of Relaxing Your Mind?


Regular relaxation is essential for long life and personal effectiveness. Here are few reasons why taking a break from your busy schedule and giving your mind the space to calm down can be the most productive thing you can actually do.

1. Recharge Yourself

When you allow yourself to rest, you are recharging yourself from all the daily exhaustion. In addition, relaxing your mind ensures your muscle is relaxed and enables it to gear up to handle more pressure.

Easing your stressful thoughts recharges not only your body but also your mind and soul.

You can do the following to reset your mind from disturbing thoughts:

  • Spend some time meditating while listening to calm music.
  • Focus your complete concentration on the music and your breathing.

2. Rekindle Your Interest

Resting and relaxing can rekindle your interest in your work. However, research has proven that prolonged work can lead you to feel burnt out in what you do and affect your work quality.

Feeling burnt out in life can affect areas where you enjoy the most. As a result, when you do something that you don’t like or have no interest in, you tend to feel stressed and pressured. But relaxing can help you regain that lost interest in your work and help you come back stronger.

3. Improves Your Performance

Relaxing your mind can improve your performance. According to research, integrating mindfulness techniques in daily routine lowers stress, diminishes signs of anxiety, and induces lasting physical changes in the brain, beneficial for overall productivity.

Additionally, it can make you work effectively and efficiently, and these little breaks and relaxation sessions can transform you in the long run. You become a better problem solver and find solutions to even tasks that are hard to crack.

A fresh mind can generate so many beautiful ideas and help you succeed in your career.

4. Relaxing Mind Benefits Your Health

Most importantly, relaxing can save your health. Studies show too much work can affect your heart health, muscles, and mind. In addition, work overload can make you prone to sickness even in the later stages of life. Thus, it is necessary to rest to provide your mind with the space to heal from the toxicity and stressful emotions.

11 Easy Ways To Relax And Calm Mind


There are a handful of resources that aids in calming the bustling mind. Let’s see what they are.

1. Relax Mind With Good Sleep 

Poor sleeping habits can lead to adverse health outcomes if not tackled well. It is imperative to sleep for enough time to help your brain flush out toxins.

According to Harvard Medical School, sleep is closely linked to mental health, and nearly about 50% to 80% of the US population struggles with chronic sleep disorders.

Before bedtime, make sure you don’t have anything that will distract your sleep, like continuous notifications from your phone.

If you are unable to get enough sleep, take short power naps during the day. Power naps are also said to improve memory, focus, and concentration throughout the day.

Bedtime routine you can follow every day for a good night sleep:

  • Drink chamomile tea.
  • Refrain from consuming caffeine drinks six hours before bedtime.
  • Put a few drops of lavender essential oil on the pillow.
  • Turn off all the lights and sleep in a dark room.
  • Practice gratitude before hitting the bed at night.

2. Take A Vacation

Vacation is an excellent way to unwind your mind from all the hustle and bustle. So go on an adventure as it can replenish your mind and soul.

As per a joint study from U.S. Travel Association and Global Commission on Aging & Transamerica Center For Retirement Studies, women who travel twice a year show a prominent lowered risk of heart disease than those who traveled years ago. Unfortunately, the same is for men who don’t travel; 20% show a higher possibility of death and 30% increased heart disease risks.

This is why spending time in nature and wildlife is essential. Go on a hike and disconnect yourself from the tech world and connect yourself to the real world. If you can’t afford travel expenses, you can still go for budget-friendly travel destinations enthralling in their scenic beauty.

Since a change is as good as rest, going for a nice long walk is a beautiful way to relax emotionally and mentally.

3. Spend Time With Your Loved Ones

Family and friends can be a significant source of relaxation. Spend time talking to them. Share a laugh with them.

Another excellent relaxation companion can be your pet. CDC reports claim that having a close bond with pets can improve fitness, lower stress, and increase happiness. Hence, having a pet can relax your mind and calm down your negative thoughts, no matter how stressed you are.

4. Play Some Music


Playing soothing music at the end of a busy day can relieve you from muscle tension and aids in promoting calming effects to the mind. In fact, studies also claim that listening to music effectively reduces stress levels and lowers cortisol (stress hormone) concentrations.

5. Pick A Hobby

Hobbies are simply anything you do that’s for fun. Having a hobby is a great way to relieve stress, a creative outlet, and a way to meet new people. So do some web searches, visit the library, don’t be afraid to try new things, and soon you’ll have a hobby that provides you with a lot of fun and stress relief, too.

6. Meditation Practice

There are innumerable reasons why meditation is a must, especially in today’s world. We are constantly bombarded with thoughts that act as a stressor. Practicing meditation curbs all those discomforting thoughts and helps the mind remain relaxed.

Even multiple studies reflect that those who regularly meditate experience increased happiness levels in a personal relationship and self-compassion towards others.

Here are some apps that help you meditate:

7. Spend Time With Yourself

Most importantly, pamper yourself. Spending time with yourself can be a transformational journey. This also allows you to bring close to spirituality which helps in healing your mental and physical stress.

These are some activities you can do to pamper yourself:

  • Go to a spa day.
  • Have a relaxing bath.
  • Dance and sing your heart out.
  • Eat something you love.

8. Gratitude Practice

Embracing the attitude of gratitude has a profound effect on psychological well-being. Ever since the pandemic, life has become more stressful now. And practicing gratitude can help one overcome these challenging times.

Expressing daily gratitude helps your brain release the feel-good hormones, i.e., Dopamine and Serotonin. These two hormones regulate the way we feel from within. The release of these hormones eases your mind from unwanted thoughts and helps you feel content.

9. Dance

Like any other form of cardiac exercise, Dancing appears to improve one’s mood and help people relax. Dancing increases the production of endorphins, which are natural painkillers produced by the brain. It also improves sleep quality, which reduces stress.

Dancing also has some health benefits such as:


  • Increase aerobic fitness
  • Improves the condition of hearts and lungs
  • Dancing can also help in reducing weight
  • Dancing can also result in better flexibility and stronger bones.

10. Cook Something Nice For You

Cooking can reactivate memories because it activates our senses. For example, a dish’s aroma may transport you to your grandmother’s house, a favorite restaurant, or a trip. Allowing yourself to be involved in these memories while cooking is a relaxing and uplifting experience.

Cook something you like, it could be pasta, pizza or even baking a cake. Lose yourself in the process of creating a dish and see the way it helps you relax.

11. Watch Stand-Up Comedy & LOL

It is a pleasant, unwinded sensation. Calm the nerves. Additionally, laughter can help relieve some of the physical symptoms of stress by stimulating circulation and aiding muscle relaxation. Laughter is thought to lower levels of cortisol, a stress hormone that slows metabolism and deposits fat in the midsection. Laughter has a natural effect on your metabolism, causing your body to burn more calories and lose weight.

Concluding Thoughts,

Even though everyone is immersed in a busy lifestyle, taking time from everyday routine to relax your mind from intrusive thoughts is crucial. Otherwise, it’s impossible to concentrate on your daily tasks without complete focus.

Following these tips can make it easier for anyone to deal with negative emotions and ease their mind from everyday toxicity.

Remember to invest in the rest. “Each person deserves a day away in which no problems are confronted and no solutions searched for. Each of us needs to withdraw from the cares which will no withdraw from us.” — Maya Angelou.

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Key Takeaways On How To Relax Your Mind


  • Stress is an ongoing concern in the modern age, and leaving it untreated can negatively affect physical and psychological well-being.
  • Apparently, 77% of people experience stressful thoughts that hurt their physical health.
  • However, with proper tools, it’s feasible to deal with disturbing thoughts.
  • Also, relaxing your mind is a must as it helps you recharge from the daily exhaustion.
  • Not taking a break from your work can make you feel burnt out, which can drive you away from activities you enjoy doing.
  • But, using the proper mindfulness techniques can fight these problems effectively.
  • Additionally, giving your mind the space to relax and calm down will improve your daily performance levels.
  • A good sleeping pattern is closely associated with improved mental health. Even taking power naps throughout the day is beneficial in improving memory power, focus, and concentration.
  • Going on a vacation is also found to relieve you from mental stress and replenish the mind, body, and soul.
  • You can also spend time with family and friends as they can support you in calming down whenever you’re tense.
  • Also, get a pet if you can, as studies show having a pet significantly improves happiness levels.
  • Meditation practice is exceptionally fruitful in battling anxious thoughts. Several apps provide guide meditation.
  • For instance, Calm, Headspace, The Mindfulness, MyLife Meditation are some of the online apps for meditation practice.
  • Spend time in self-care activities and play soothing music at the end of a busy day.
  • Lastly, embracing gratitude is a proven method that can help you turn negative thoughts into positive ones and ease your mind.

How Can I Relax My Mind From Stressful Thoughts?

These are some strategic ways you can relax your mind from stressful thoughts:

  • Exercise deep breathing techniques.
  • Practice meditation.
  • Maintain a proper sleep schedule.
  • Practice gratitude journal.

How Can I Eliminate Unwanted Thoughts From My Mind?

To remove unwanted thoughts from your mind, it’s essential to write them down in a notebook and rewrite them into positive ones. Also, practice positive self-talk whenever you come across displeasing thoughts.

Felicia Nazareth
Felicia Nazareth
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