Scientifically Proven Ways To Raise Smarter Kids

Do you know how to raise an intelligent child? Parents have always been competitive about how well their child score in the higher classes and which graduate school they got accepted in. While doing so, parents eventually tend to forget how to raise smart kids. The focus now is strangely shifting on how to guide the toddlers to become smarter from the very tender age.

Parents want to raise kids who are all rounded; those who do not only perform exceptionally well in their academics but also sports and other extracurricular. The child should be able to build a great interpersonal relationship. In other words ‘Successful’!

Parenting is a tough job and we try to look for ways on how to raise smart kids, there are many suggestions. Science says we can give a boost to our child’s intelligence right from the beginning. The first ten years of a child are crucial for their development so you must follow these ways to make your child smarter. Start younger, and it will affect him throughout his life.

Here are 9 proven ways how to raise smart kids right from a young age. Read on!

Scientifically Proven Ways To Raise Smarter Kids

Proven Ways To Raise Smarter Kids - alignthoughts

1. Encourage Them To Participate In Sports

One of the effective ways to raise an intelligent child is to enroll your child in a sport.

Great body encourages better development of mind. According to German research held in 2007, people learned new words 20% faster after exercising.

This is conveyed from the book Spark: The revolutionary new science of exercise and the brain. There is an old saying- “All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.”

In another study, a small group of volunteers was put on a 3-month exercise regimen. The findings were great when pictures of their brain were taken. There was increased blood flow to that part of the brain that focused on memory and learning. Make your children participate in a team sport where they learn to cooperate and play together.

2. Enroll Them In Music Classes

Music can make kids intelligent right from a young age. Musical training gives the students a learning advantage over those who do not. Research has found that children who attend music lessons have exhibited a higher IQ. It is believed that learning music not only helps the younger children but can affect the youngsters and elders too. It can slow the ill effects of aging.

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3. Inculcate Reading Habit

One of the effective ways to make your kid smarter is by inculcating reading habits. When our kids are small, we usually show them picture books for them to be able to recognize things around. But when they grow up, we must inculcate them to read on their own. Letting kids read on their own is better than parents reading out to them. This way they try to learn themselves. Sit together and read together. It helps build the vocabulary and general know-how.

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4. Adequate Sleep Is a Must

Researchers say that sleep deprivation makes kids dumber. Disruption of sleep or when the kid sleeps for even one hour less than usual, it affects cognitive maturation and development. There is a correlation between grades and the amount of sleep.

In the study conducted by Avi Sadeh (Tel Aviv University) on students who received most A’s slept for 15 more minutes on an average. When the child does not get enough sleep, his brain is not able to replenish and rejuvenate. Sleeping less has been linked to Alzheimer’s in adults. So let the kids get some sleep to be able to make them sharp.

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5. Teach Them To Be Self-Disciplined

One of the easy ways to learn how to raise an intelligent child is to cultivate self-discipline.

Success is not only linked with IQ but will power and self-discipline. Charles Duhigg in his book The Power of Habit: Why we do what we do in life and business says that most willpower is the single habit for the success of any individual.

Students who have full control of their will power are more likely to earn higher grades in their academics. The self-disciplined adolescent outperforms impulsive classmates. Perseverance and passion are essential things that make the child succeed in life.

6. Let Learning Be Active and Not Passive

Learning is an ongoing process. Training games, rhymes, and apps do not work. Studies have shown that children understood fewer words than those kids who did not watch such videos.

The kid’s brain will be benefitted if they spend 30% of the time reading a passage and 70% of the time testing what they have learned. Continuously practicing their learning makes it stronger and thus more beneficial.

7. Happy Kids Are More Accomplished and Successful

Children who are happy are prone to learn better and be more successful. To make the kids successful, you do not give them all the materialistic things. Shower them with love and hugs and your wisdom.

Deal with differences with your partner with respect and love. Be a happy parent and thus making them happier. Happy parents raise happy children who are in turn more successful. They get prestigious jobs and are happy in their jobs as well as marriage.

8. Believe In Your Child

The best thing any parent can do for their child is to believe in their child. Your belief makes them try harder. Rosenhal and Lenore Jacobson in 1968 did a study where they picked random students and told the teacher that these kids were  “Academic Sputters” and by the end of the session, 30% of these students gained 10 IQ points.

No special treatment was given apart from a strong belief in these students. As a parent, do not hover over your child. Let them learn from their own mistakes.

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9. Expose Them to Various Culture and Environment

Travel together as a family. Traveling is a brilliant teacher. When the child learns about different cultures, religion, and a varied environment, they develop knowledge. They don’t cater to any prejudice or discrimination against anyone or anything that they find unfamiliar. They are more open to accept challenges and new things. If a child is exposed to more than two languages as a toddler, he can grasp it more conveniently than a young adult would.

Final Thoughts,

Do not make your child run blindly behind success. Teach them ethics and values. Intelligence is not everything. Empathy will make them soft-hearted and not turn them into stupid or silly little things. Let them find their own identity and explore their interests and choices So that they find their path.

Never restrict or bind them in what you expect from them. Applaud on their abilities as well as their efforts. Keep their curiosity alive. Every child is different so encourage their different learning patterns. Your love and support are what make your child successful.

What are your thoughts concerning how to raise smart kids right from a young age? Are you an intelligent kid yourself? Let us know if you know more about how to raise an intelligent child. Comment down below.

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