What Are The Scientific Reasons Behind Disliking Mondays?

Monday is the most dreaded day of the week. Have you ever wondered, ‘Why I hate Mondays?’. Looking for some Monday morning motivation? Read to know how you can beat Monday blues and Monday depression.

Rare are the people who wake up excited on Mondays. Mondays are known to be as the worst days. However, some people favor it like any other day of the week. I guess it all depends on the person’s perception.

That’s because some people are just excited to wake up and start the day.  These kinds of people are either passionate about their jobs or they are just early birds. So for them the day Monday could be also the beginning of new possibilities and opportunities.

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It could be an opportunity for getting a new job, getting a promotion or other positive surprises. So, why there is a stigma of believing that Monday is the most disliking day of the week.

Are you commonly facing the Monday blues? Then pitch in to find out the reasons science tells us. Have a look at the scientific reasons behind disliking Mondays and how you can beat the Monday blues.

What are the scientific reasons behind disliking Mondays?

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1. The Sleeping Patterns

We often try to change our sleeping patterns during the weekends, especially when we don’t get enough sleep during the week. However, sleeping in for just an hour or two can influence the proper function of our body clock.

So according to scientists those hours we compensate during the weekends can make us feel more tired at the start of the week.
It can confuse the body clock up to 45 minutes, thinking we need more sleep.

So, this makes it even harder for us to wake up on Monday even though we think we had rested during the weekend. As a result, we hate Mondays.

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2. The Sudden Change

Based on people’s emotional reactions scientists have discovered that people consider Monday to be as stressful as Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

But when they were asked to remember which day is the worst they told it was Monday.
This is because most people feel an intense emotional reaction as Sunday starts to sink in. 

A reminder that your fun and resting time for the week is over. Mondays, on the other hand, are known to be as the day that officially starts the working week.  So, no matter what Monday will always be seen as the worst day of the week.

3. You Feel Less Healthy

Another reason to hate Mondays is poor health. When our weekend involves drinking and eating more than normal, then our physical health suffers and we are feeling and becoming less healthy.

According to a study American women of all ages feel less attractive on Mondays and people who try to maintain their weight end up gaining more weight on Monday.

Also, heart attacks and strokes are very common on Mondays. This is because the blood pressure is higher due to stress. As a result, the chance of getting sick is proportionally higher.


4. You Don’t Like Your job

According to a survey, 70 % of people don’t like their job or they are completely dissatisfied with their work.

This means that most of these people suffer from the syndrome called “Mondays Blues”, which is adopted by many psychiatrists and career coaches.

This syndrome is accompanied by feelings of depression and anxiety that often leads to having an unproductive Monday.

Also, this is why 37% of job applications are submitted on Tuesdays because some people can’t wait to leave the job they actually hate working for.


5. You Feel Worse About Yourself

Our weekend involves so much fun and freedom to do things that you wish to do. Going back to a 9 to 5 routine makes you feel worse about yourself. You may also end up questioning your purpose and passion on a Monday morning.

However, on the other side, many people find motivation on Monday mornings. It is the best day to change something positively and start something new like a diet or quit smoking. So in the end, Mondays can be either the days for feeling sorry for ourselves or it could the days for restarting a fresh new life.

Tips to make yourself feel better and beat Monday blues:

  1. Do not oversleep on weekends
  2. Try to follow the same sleep pattern as on weekdays
  3. Make it a habit to start something new on Monday
  4. Go out for a dinner date on a Monday
  5. Watch a movie on a Monday
  6. Try to break the routine

Concluding Thoughts on the Science Behind Disliking Mondays,

Monday isn’t necessarily the worst day ever. We can try to change our perspective and just see Monday like any other day because, in the end, it is only a day.

The emotional meaning and context we give into this day can be also changed in a more positive outlook. Look for motivations and start your Monday mornings with a goal set in mind for the week.

The truth is that everything we see in the world is already shaped as good and bad in our minds. So with a little effort, Monday can be perceived as the day for new beginnings or the day we finally decide to change something about ourselves.

Either way, it will help us to see this day in a more optimistic view for starting something new and exciting or getting on a journey of making a better version of ourselves.

Key Takeaways On Monday Blues

  • It is very common for people to hate Mondays and feel Monday blues just before heading to work.
  • People consider Monday to be more stressful than the rest of the week.
  • Feeling the hangover after a Sunday night party can make you grumpy on Mondays.
  • Heart attacks and strokes are common on Mondays.
  • Beat Monday blues by planning something positive for the week.
  • Additionally, Monday is the perfect day for a fresh start.
  • Start your Monday mornings with great enthusiasm and motivation for the week.

Let us not be bitter to a Monday and show some kindness to it. Be it Friday or Monday, do things differently. At the end of the day, it is all in the mindset. And, as you’d like, it is infinitely adjustable.

Do you hate Mondays? What are your thoughts about Mondays? How can we stop feeling Monday blues? What is your secret to beat Monday blues? Drop-in your comments below to help each other.

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