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Science-Backed Health Benefits of Almond Milk

Almond milk has many health benefits, especially for the skin. But which is better, almond milk vs cow milk? Read on to also learn how to prepare almond milk at home.

My granny like everyone else’s said that almonds are a powerhouse pack of vitamins and minerals essential for healing. Almonds are full of health benefits, and now science is backing it too.

Consuming almond milk is good for your body and mind. Maybe that is the reason why people are now swapping dairy milk with almond milk. With people becoming more aware of the health benefits of almond milk, the sale of soy, coconut, almond and rice milk is on the rise too.

According to Statistics Canada, consumption of cow’s milk has decreased by 21% from 1997 to 2016.

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Nielsen survey says that US consumers favor almond milk twice as much as all other types of milk combined because of the health benefits of almond milk.

Almond milk is nutritious and low in calories. And above all is easy to prepare it at home. Alongside it is also effortless to prepare almond milk on the go.

How to prepare almond milk at home?

Take 25 to 30 blanched almonds, grind them and mix it with water. You can add water according to the required consistency. Once a smooth paste is made, filter this to get almond milk.

It looks like cow’s milk but has a nutty taste. You can find many varieties in the supermarket, but the real health benefit of almond milk is derived from one that does not have any added preservatives or added minerals.

Nevertheless, the health benefits of almond milk are numerous.

Science-Backed Health Benefits of Almond Milk


1. Almond Milk Helps You Stay Young

Almonds are rich in Vitamin E. The benefits of almond milk for skin are far greater than we can imagine.

You can get approximately 37% of your Vitamin E requirement with the milk made from 1 ounce of almonds.

Vit-E maintains the elasticity of the skin. Many people take it as supplements to have healthy, supple and glowing skin. Antioxidants in Vit E are great to fight the free radicals and skin damage caused by aging and exposure to sun and pollution.

They help in clearing out age spots and smoothen out wrinkles. Continuous consumption of almond milk will help reduce the stress damage and reverse the aging process. You will be able to observe the changes as early as four weeks.

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2. Almond Milk Helps Brain to Remain Active and Healthy

We all know that almonds are usually consumed for improving brain activity! As essential Vit E is for skin, it is also great for keeping the brain young too. The free radicals harm the brain just as it damages the skin and thus making the brain age.

The stress is also responsible for neurological diseases like Dementia and Alzheimers. Regular consumption of almond milk helps improve the cognitive development of the brain keeping it healthy.

3. Almond Milk is Ideal for Weight Loss

Almonds are more filling and thus better than any fried snacks. Do not get confused by the high-calorie content of almonds. Almond milk, however, does not have as many calories as the whole nut. It is therefore great for those who are trying to lose weight.

There are about 30 to 50 calories in a cup of almond milk without added sugar. You can substitute your dairy milk with almond milk.

Almond Milk vs Cow Milk: Cow’s milk has approx. 146 calories in one cup of milk which is 80% more than the almond milk.

With the proper combination of diet and exercise regime, you would be able to be on the right track to reduce weight. Be cautious about the commercial variants available in the market.

Though they are almond milk, most of them have added sugar and preservatives along with Calcium and Riboflavin.

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4. Almond Milk is Great to Control Blood Sugar

Almond milk is low in carbohydrates and sugar (the one prepared at home) and is rich in protein. Due to this fact many doctors recommend it for those who are either diabetic or have some blood sugar issues.

Since almonds are rich in magnesium, it is retained in the milk form too. Magnesium can help to absorpt insulin in the blood.

Did you know 25% of people with diabetes have a magnesium deficiency and thus consuming almond milk help in reducing resistance to insulin?

5. Almond Milk Has Healing Powers

The antioxidants present in the almond milk help reduce inflammation. It prevents the oxidation of cholesterol thus lowering the LDL (bad cholesterol). Consuming almond milk daily can heal your body from the inside as well as clear the arteries.

6. Almond Milk is Lactose-Free

Many of us are lactose intolerant. It means that the sugar or lactose in dairy milk cannot be digested. The deficiency of the enzyme lactase is responsible for digesting lactose by breaking it up in simpler forms.

Approximately 75% of the world population cannot digest cow’s milk. Since almond milk does not have lactose, it is an excellent alternative to dairy.

7. Almond Milk is Completely Vegan

Almond milk is made from almond, a product of the plant. Thus people who follow a vegan diet have no issues while consuming almond milk. Veganism is a lifestyle choice where the person gives up on anything that is a byproduct of an animal.

Kindly note, since almond milk is low in protein, it is not advisable for infants and young children.

Do consult with your doctor before you include it in your kid’s diet.

You can use almond milk as you would use dairy. Us it as a refreshing drink or add it in your cereal or tea. You can also use it in baking and cooking too. The milk is tasty, refreshing and nutritious.

Most importantly it is free from hormones and proteins that may cause allergies. The taste and texture are a bit different. It can take time to get used to. But once you start, you would notice the improvement in your health.

Even though the benefits of almond milk for skin and others are great, consume it after proper consultation.

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