Researchers Explain What Your Habits Say about Your Personality


There are certain habits that a person has no control over it. Apart from the acquired habits that can change over the time, some ticks can neither be altered nor controlled. These unconscious habits are formed in the emotional center of the brain. Whereas the prefrontal cortex where our logic resides, help tackle the unwanted behavior.

Researchers believe that habits reflect our behavior and personality to some extent. These habits give a person a particular personality trait. An upright habit like biting the nail, a handshake reveals a lot more. Here is a list of a few practices that reveal a bit more about your personality.

What Do Your Habits Say About Your Personality?

What Your Habits Say about Your Personality-AlignThoughts

1. Hanging a Toilet Paper Roll

It’s funny to be featured first on the list but the way you hang the toilet paper roll reveal how assertive you are in your relationship. People who prefer the overhead method are more dominant. And the under head method reveals a more submissive personality.

2. Walking Style

Your gait can send a strong message about you. If you walk while balancing your weight forward; you might appear as if you are charging ahead like a bull. Thus you may seem to be ambitious and focused in your work as well as life. Many believe that such people are cold and therefore can’t be approached easily.

Those who walk looking at their toes are generally introvert. Since they avoid looking at others, they are shy and love to remain aloof. The sensitive ones have a smooth walk. They balance their weight and like to be team oriented. According to Patti Wood; a language expert, if you put your weight forward and walk quickly, you are incredibly productive and logical. Though you may look cold, people admire you for your competitive nature.

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3. The Way You Email

It may sound funny, but your emailing style can tell a lot about your personality. An email which does not have any typing errors or grammatical errors, the writer is most likely a perfectionist and maybe slightly obsessive.
Whereas a person who writes long, detailed emails is generally energetic or who is innately needy. Introverts usually write an email that is clipped and to the point, on the other hand, the extroverts would use playful words.

According to some text mining studies, narcissist loves to use words like “I” “mine” frequently. A poorly written mail means the sender is not interested in communication or is weak in academics.

4. How Punctual You Are

You do not need an expert to tell you that, if you are usually late, you can’t be dependent upon. Tardiness doesn’t attract a lot of confidence thus people who are not punctual are typically laid back. At the same time, those who would like to be early are a bit neurotic.

They want to make sure they are made aware of all the variables before they meet someone. Sometimes they do come across as nervous. While those who arrive on the dot are quite dependable ones! They are not anxious and are scrupulous. They are often comfortable in any situation and are usually well prepared and ready to take any challenges that come their way.

5. Eating Habits

Who knew personality could be revealed by the way you eat. If you gobble down the food, you are most likely impatient but goal centered and ambitious. People who eat slowly, cherishing every bite are usually more in control. They are confident and enjoy their life as it comes. The way you eat food shows a great deal about how you lead your life. If you come across a picky eater, it depicts anxiety. You are after all that you eat, so those who like to try out new dishes and explore different cuisines love to take risks.

6. Shopping Habits

Whether a person goes to the grocery store with a set list or picks whatever they think they need; you can find out your personality trait from it. If your shopping style is the former one, you are practical and knowing your budget makes you meticulous. People who go for window shopping and buy a whole lot more are impulsive. Sometimes they purchase things as it took their fancy and had no usefulness. People who love to read the entire ingredient list and then put the product in their shopping cart are detail oriented and sometimes act obsessively.

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7. Handwriting Style

Experts who study graphology say that physical characteristics and handwriting pattern can reveal a lot about the personality. Graphologists believe there is a deep connection and person’s writing style can explain at least 5000 traits. Like, if a person writes large letters, he wants to be noticed and somewhere feels he is misunderstood. Whereas writing in small letters reveal an extrovert personality.

A person who is emotional and reacts readily would write with a lot of pressure while those who do not put pressure have a playful personality. Methodical people usually have no slant while those who have a slight slant towards the right are friendly.

A person evolves over the time, and certain habits along with some personality traits change too. The behavior and personality of a person are complex and thus cannot be categorized under broad categories. These habits may reveal a side of you but are not a sure shot way of defining who you are. Be true to yourself!

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