5 Ways How Social Media Affects Your Real-Life Relationships

Change is one thing that takes time to sink in for anyone. But this one change that is seamlessly embedded into every one of us’ life is social media.

An amazing statistic from a recent survey says that 24% of people agree that they miss out on real-life events in their interest to document the same moment online. They do this to seek charming words from someone who actually does not give a damn about how happy they are.

We worry about getting the perfect picture for display rather than enjoying the moment. We feel happy when we upload a picture and get good comments on it, and gradually the happiness diminishes as we look at other’s pictures or posts.

How many of you agree with me on this?

why social media is bad for relationships-alignthoughts

When we Skype someone, we end up looking at ourselves in that little box. Sometimes, we are so engrossed that we end up making our picture window big so that people think that we are looking at them, but actually, we enjoy seeing ourselves.

And this is just for any normal event in our life. Relationships are dealt with more crazily. Relationship status is updated first online, then to the person concerned. We hear this argument a lot nowadays when someone is made fun of or commented wrong on their relationship updates that, “It is none of people’s business.” But hear me out: “It is people’s business the moment you made that profile of yours!”

Relationships face a lot of challenges from social networks like this. We cannot always blame either party as the actual intention may not be cheating, though; social media makes you vulnerable to many activities, which results in fights with your partner.

A new study suggests that the use of Facebook could be detrimental to your relationship.

5 Ways How Social Media Is Killing Your Real-Life Relationships

social media impacts on relationships-alignthoughts

1. Lots of Time Wasted Online

You end up chatting with a person online longer than you intended; things tend to get nasty if your partner gets to know this, even though there might not be anything wrong in the conversation.

2. You Befriend Strangers

You tend to be more flirtatious with random people as social media gives you the ability to portray yourself like whatever you are not and whatever you can.

3. No Meaningful Conversation With Your Spouse

You both sometimes get busy checking friends’ updates, that the valuable personal time is wasted. Recurring of these results in serious consequences as the base of any successful relationship is a conversation, not necessarily meaningful.

4. Privacy is A Myth

Nothing is private, as a small feud is updated online, resulting in friends commenting, taking sides later, where a simple fight that should have been handled by the two concerned is now fueled by a group of friends.

5. Unrealistic Expectations

Unrealistic or misleading expectations as relationship goals and body goals soar to unachievable heights.

This is just a glimpse of very few possible scenarios that lead from a small argument to a big end of relationship fights.

Anything that is more than intended is a poison to you. Stay private on your private affairs. There is nothing wrong with sharing as long as it is the mutual consent of both partners and both are sensible enough about what should be private and what can be not.

Happy Sharing!