Is Crying Good For You? Do People Who Cry Often Become Mentally Strong?

Since your childhood, you have been taught not to cry. And parents even teach their kids that crying makes them look ugly and weak. It’s not a sign of being heroic. Unfortunately, that is incorrect. We must welcome others to express feelings naturally, without judging the person. We, humans, are all gifted equally with different variations of emotions like happiness, anger, anxiety, and sadness. While most of us prefer to be happy, it is mainly the society and the culture that forces us to be only delighted but not express any other form of emotion.  Although being happy is good in its way, expressing sadness is also as essential as other emotions.

Will you not be on cloud nine, on scoring the best grades at the university exams? Won’t you be excited looking forward to the vacations you are taking during the new year eve? Will you not be eager to gaze at the squirrels hiding their nuts in the woods? Will you not scream loud watching the deadliest scenes of The Conjuring? Will you not show anger to one of the irritating coworkers at your workplace or even yell looking in the mirror when you are frustrated. Okay, let’s not count the last one. When we can do all this with so much ease, why not show some sadness as well.

Crying is something that comes out when you reach the at most of your brain’s capacity to hold stress and uncertainties. We all must have probably watched the Pixar movie, Inside Out. The film beautifully depicts how our brain handles emotions. What you take back from it is that, when young Riley is put into new struggles and hindrances of life, it is more important that she expresses sadness rather than pretending she is happy or holding disgust/anger out of it. Grief is not bad. And so is crying. It does not make you weak or small.

Here are the sensible reasons why crying makes you strong and the proven things that tell people who cry more often are mentally strong.

Incredible Reasons Why People Who Cry A Lot Are Mentally Strong


1. They don’t care  about gender roles

People who tend to cry more often seem to be less worried about the gender roles you have to sustain. For instance, men on this planet are considered to be unmanly if they cry. That’s bullshit. It is just the society framing norms on what defines you as a man or a woman. No matter what gender you belong to, all of us (men and women) have feelings and crying is just a way of expressing sadness. There is no harm in doing so.

2. They are least bothered about what other people say 

With that being said, people who cry often do not bother about the society and what others tell about them. What matters to them is how you feel at that moment, they go ahead and express it. They live life on their terms.

3. They are trustworthy and genuine friends

Recalling the introduction we discussed, humans tend to respond to every possible situation we face in our day-to-day lives. For instance, we will never hide our smile when we are overwhelmed, nor do we tend to hide our disgust when we encounter something annoying.

Apparently what makes us evident about this is that people who cry more often are genuine and do not hide their feelings with real friends. Once you build trust with them, they never break it. You continue to be BFF’s. Let’s say, life is so useful if you have one good weeping friend.

4. They know crying is as good as playing pranks with your dog

Perhaps not a good example. But the point to be noticed is that crying is as healthy as any other activity you do. Interestingly, that’s why few people start crying even before a crowd. And probably they are not attention seekers.

Also, crying holds a lot of health benefits like releasing stress, enhancing vision and it is good for the nervous system as well. Crying also lowers manganese levels in the body, a chemical when overexposed enrages the human body and mind. So it’s good to clean your eyes and soul by crying.

5. They promote others to be in their own skin

Don’t let others define what and who you are, rather define your own self. Express and live unconditionally. This is the hidden message all those who tend to cry a lot are spreading unintentionally. After all, crying is a sign of mindfulness and strength.

Are you the one weeping now and then, so are we. What we feel after crying is so beautiful and relaxed. It is indeed a feeling which is good to be perceived quite often. So keep crying and sharing our articles with friends and family. But please do not overdo it. We meant it for the crying part and not for the sharing. 😀

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