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5 Ideal Reasons Why Football Is One Of The Best Games In The World

Football unites people. It is the first love for many youths and is the best sport in the world. There are several benefits of playing football for youth. In addition to helping in physical development, playing football also helps students improve mental development. Sports lovers or followers have an interesting spirit of competition and always have a favorite. This favoritism is usually based on the area or community they belong to (like what is popular in their community) or due to bias for one particular player. By the end of this article, you will learn the benefits of football for students or youth, and the reasons to play football. After all, why Football is the best sport?

For many, football is just more than a sport. Football unites men, women, and children from different countries in the world. It is the one sport that the whole world loves. You’re probably either cringing at the use of “football” instead of soccer.

Soccer is also commonly known as football. But sometimes the name can be confused with the sports American Football. Soccer aka football is the most popular sport in the world in terms of player numbers.

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According to the FIFA Big Count, there were 265 million football players in the world, 270 million when referees and match officials were included.

To many, football is more than just a game. It is a source of escape from the chaos of our daily lives. Football or Soccer is indeed the best sports game ever and here is why.

Why Football Is One Of The Best Games In The World?


1. Football Involves Physical & Mental Stamina

The sport is time-based and usually lasts only for 90 minutes. The players must literally be on their toes and also use their minds to create the right strategy at the right time.

This involves a lot of physical and mental stamina. Running or jogging continuously for 90 minutes can consume a lot of energy from your body.

For students, playing football at a young age can improve both physical and mental stamina and help them cope with real-life challenges. This is one of the best reasons to play football.

2. Lots of Strategies To Win

Since the game is time-limited, the players must be innovative to bring new strategies to defeat the opponent team. It also involves team management and the art of coming up with new plans for new situations, which is really important in real-life as well.

With so many strategies involved in a football game, children can learn many skills from the sport.

Playing football or other sports must also be encouraged in schools and colleges.

3. Fun To Watch

According to sources, there are 3.5 Billion estimated fans of Football.

It is uncertain what, how, or when a goal can be achieved. The game is full of suspense and fun to watch.

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4. Football Is A Easy Game 

The game is easy to learn and can be played anywhere. Unlike, soccer, cricket, tennis, football rules are simple. It doesn’t take long to learn the basics of football rules.

Adding complexity to the game doesn’t necessarily add fun to it.

Although, some concepts may be a bit tougher for beginners with time and practice everything can be made possible. This is one of the reasons why students or young kids must play football.

As this article also highlights the benefits of football for students, let us know if there is any more of it in the comments section below!

5. Easy To Access And Stress-free

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Unlike other sports like cricket, tennis, volleyball, football is easy to access. Other sports require several types of equipment making it difficult to access for many people.

Apparently, football can be played with just a ball which makes it cheaper and easy to start with. Another benefit of playing football is that it can be played on streets or even indoors as opposed to other sports.

Basically, everyone including the rich and the poor has access to football. And that is why it is the best sport.

5. Footballers Make The Game Viral

With millions of fans across the world, the game is more viral and creates several businesses.

Everyone has a favorite footballer that they absolutely adore. Just like Messi and Zlatan, many of these top football players have led inspirational lives and are a source of motivation to students and youth.

Their determination acts as a role model for many people in the world, and people follow these players religiously.

Bonus point – These footballers are also cool to watch. This could be yet another reason to play football, you can gain global fame with just one goal!

6. Football Is Inexpensive

As discussed above, you don’t need much equipment if you are planning to play/learn football. To begin with, you just need a soccer ball, which isn’t that expensive at all.

Professional players may require professional studs, shin pads, etc but that too comes at a reasonable price.

All you need is a few players, a ball, a field, and some way to mark off a goal net.

7. The Game Has Global Interest

This is one such game that has made its mark in every corner of the world. From the Olympics to Clubs, football is popular globally and has an international fan-base. Players from different countries play from different clubs across borders.

Football can break boundaries and bring brotherhood even among people with different backgrounds.


8. The Game Makes Ton Of Money

With sponsorship deals, TV viewership rights, salary for players, and several other factors, the game makes a ton of money in a single match.

The drama and the rivalries in football are loved by everyone. Unfortunately, it is also based on and influenced by politics and various other factors. It’s often during these rival matches that legends are made. The mad passion of football fans is a haven for businessmen who make a ton of money with the game.

As this article also highlighted the benefits of football for students, let us know if there is any more of it!

Concluding thoughts,

Also, Football World Cup matches are a very big deal around the globe. The game in itself is very entertaining and keeps you on the edge of your seat. You never know who will score a goal and when.

The style in which a player scores a goal or a goalkeeper saves a goal is worth watching. The strategy and tricks used are extremely brilliant.

Put all this together and tell me why soccer isn’t the best sport in the world. What are your thoughts about the reasons to play football? Do you want more football articles for students? Share them in the comments below.

Felicia Nazareth
Felicia Nazareth
Felicia Nazareth is a full-time teacher and a writer with a keen interest in lifestyle and music. Watching her favorite sitcom 'Friends', and singing are the hobbies that she enjoys the most. Not to mention, she also loves writing and expressing her thoughts to the world around her.

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