Only Way To Do Great Work Is To Love What You Do

Your work is going to fill a large part of your life, and the only way to be truly satisfied is to do what you believe is great work. And only way to do great work is to love what you do Steve Jobs

We, the millennials are somehow never satisfied with our job. We do not love our work completely; some of us might like it, some tolerate it, but sadly not many love it.


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Though our jobs might support our lifestyle, it rarely supports our happiness. Perhaps we all are frustrated and desperately seeking for the perfect job.

Why limit ourselves to only the job we do, why not look at every aspect of our being. Every minute we are doing some kind of work, be it studying, cooking, until we love what we do, it is a cumbersome activity. Mostly all of us make our work jobs a burden.  If only we love what we do, we might increase the possibility of financial and social benefits. Every job will have some aspect that will be unpleasant and some that you will enjoy, but we must learn to differentiate between the job and the way you do it.

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If you are feeling, chained and unchallenged in your work, read to learn how to love your work in order to achieve great results.


As discussed above, it is not essential to love the job in its entire form; you can love some part of it.  For example, you can love making presentations for the meetings, but not the meetings itself.  Give your best shot at what you can do well.


You owe to your family, you owe it to your team but above all you owe it to yourself to do well. If a member of the team is unhappy, it is projected on the entire team. Show it to your kids, your team members, there is no harm in discovering your hidden talents.


Being content in job is very attractive. The glow that you would have on your face is similar to the glow you would have when you are in love. And when you combine these two, there is nothing more appealing than a person who is content and in love with their work.


You need to find out what is causing you discomfort. Weigh what is more doable- making changes or quitting? Adjusting and making some changes will help you stay focused and be a great alternative to quitting.

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Find out, if your current job is not your passion, what exactly is your true passion? What would make you happy?  What would you rather do even if you are not paid for it? Do not take this lightly! Give it some serious thought. Would you find happiness in the alternative? Contemplating these questions will help you see the truth.

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Never be knocked down by some excuse. Always expect what you deserve. Sometimes expectation might pull you down, but never be disheartened. Be more than what is expected of you.


Most importantly, never let the negativity tie you down. Always be positive. Think about the benefits and the positive side of taking the next step. It helps you to concentrate on the good work.  Keep your eyes on the prize. It can be promotion, better pay package or just a smile of your family members. Remember being positive is necessary and at the same time being pragmatic is the desired. So make it a habit to jot down both the up/downsides of a particular goal and work accordingly.

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If the boss does not appreciate you, you are underpaid, your company might not be ideal; all of it might be fine because you are the right evaluator of your life.  Be passionate about your life and family, have the right balance and things will fall into right place.  Passion and love makes way for great work and contentment. Loving what you do and great work are directly linked; make sure you love being you.

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